Black Friday Music Deals on 24th Nov

So-called Black Friday is tomorrow 25 November. On the eve of this now well-established day for discounts, SDE brings you a round up of a dozen of the better deals available right now.


italyflag2  David Bowie / Who Can I Be Now 1974-1976 (12CD box) – £78



italyflag2  The Rolling Stones in Mono / 15 CD box set – £89


Do It Again / The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds 50th anniversary collector's edition box set

ukflag  The Beach Boys / Pet Sounds (50th anniversary super deluxe) – £40.99



italyflag2  Georgie Fame / The Whole World Is Shaking (5CD box set) – £28



italyflag2  Manic Street Preachers / Everything Must Go 20 (super deluxe edition) – £35



ukflag  Donna Summer / The Ultimate Collection (3CD) – £8.99




germanyflag  Taste / I’ll Remember (4CD box) – £17 (time sensitive deal)


ukflag  Pixies / Head Carrier (deluxe box set) – £43.99


Suede / Coming Up 20th anniversary super deluxe edition

ukflag  Suede / Coming Up (5-disc SDE with 10″) – £45.99


rave tapes

ukflag  Mogwai / Rave Tapes (vinyl box set) – £42.99



ukflag  Deacon Blue / Believers (vinyl) – £10.99


The Clash Sound System box set

 italyflag2  The Clash / Sound System (12-disc box set) – £88



ukflag  Norah Jones / Day Breaks (CD) – £4.99



ukflag  Roy Orbison / The Ultimate Collection (CD) – £6.99


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The Beatles’ Mono Box CD set is available right now at its cheapest price of 87.20 Euros over at Amazon.de:



The Bowie ‘Who Can I Be Now?” cd box is below
$100 on Amazon US
at least its heading in the right direction


Stefan Krix

R.E.M. Out Of Time (25th Anniversary)(3CD+Blu-Ray) just dropped below 40€ on Amazon.de.

Stefan Krix

The ‘Who Can I Be Now?’ Bowie box just dropped below 100€ on Amazon.de, too.

Simon Topping

Thanks for the tip-0ff re greatofferstore – great prices on vinyl box sets by R.E.M., Clapton, the Who, Genesis, Rod Stewart, Rainbow, Grace Jones…

elliott buckingham

the 2 ub40 dbl lp reissues are only £12.99 on amazon which I think is very reasonable

elliott buckingham

also the stones hot rocks dbl lp black vinyl is only £11.99 and feeders frontmans solo album on dbl white vinyl and signed is only £7.25 and it is a superb album and I’m not a feeder fan


Love the flags under each offer…
I really do think that the Bowie box will come down in price, there is far to much repeated stuff on it.


Ahh yes you are right lol, I am on my travels just now so online only on my mobile and iPad. But still they look good…


Bought The Clash box for old times sake. I was never sure what the point of the paraphernalia was.


Bowie actually comes out at £84 with postage .Is only £97 at normal uk price . Does anybody think it will come down?

David McCallum

I just got Bowie Who Can I Be Now? CD for 96.50 USD from Barnes and Noble with their 30% black Friday code BNBFRIDAY16


I just got the 4 cd deluxe version of PURE PAUL MCCARTNEY for about $28 the other day on Amazon. There might be still a couple left under $30 American.

Chris Mooar

Thanks for that Simple Minds SDE link.

Fingers crossed for a Friday deal on the Dylan 1966 box set.


Stones in Mono is now £101.46p on UK Amazon.


I just double checked my order, Paul. It looks like I did purchase it from Amazon EU for £42.39 plus an add’l £3.08 for shipping. I wonder if it was a slightly lower price (for some reason) due to me being in USA?

Happy to have it, for those that are on the fence about picking it up. It’s a really nice set.


Ahhh…got it, Paul. Makes sense.


The Black Friday deal for the Suede “Coming Up” boxset may be a better price than what it’s been selling for recently, but I grabbed the Amazon exclusive edition of it for £42.50 when it was first released. So, the Black Friday deal is in line with where it was 6 weeks ago.


For once there is absolutely nothing I am interested in, but finger crossed something may come along to tempt me.

Thanks for keeping us all updated.


Im tempted to go after the Stones Mono set
its a decent deal.
The Suede Coming Up- that deal isn’t much so far. I bought it when it came out
and if you have the previous 2 disc sets it may not be of much interest. I like the new set
and wish all their albums were done in this format .


Whoops (again) Bowie “Legacy” is only the 1 disc version, sorry (again)!

But the 2-disc is currently a tenner.


” the better deals available right now” – Is the “time sensitive” Taste book upcoming – or one that is past and gone? 29.97 eur currently…


don’t worry, will surely come up again – amazon.de had this already in the easter sale (for cheaper). Keep an eye out on the Website, it will come up again.
Same with the ABBA ‘The Albums’ set, has been up recently and in the last sale around easter (at least 4 EUR chepaer back then…). The sale Music-wise on amazon.de is just a joke this time around.

Phil Wilson

Bought quite a lot from greatofferstore, never any problems. Got my Sparkle In The Rain SDE from them for £14.99, plus other items


I’ve also been loading up from the excellent €10 ‘album vinyle’ deal on amazon.fr
Some really great titles there. Received 6 this morning : )


Whoops – I think that’s Prime only, sorry!


Not Amazon, but ‘PopSounds’ (GreatOfferStore) has Simple Minds “Once Upon A Time” deluxe at £26 (down from £41)


I’ve never bought from them, so I don’t know how good/bad they are.


I believe it’s one of the Universal Music sites.
Have used before and is recommended.


Is the ‘Coming Up’ 20th anniversary edition any deal at £45.99?


Wow, it was around £60?! I didn’t know, haven’t checked the price ever for this one. I think that, content-wise, it should be £10 cheaper than now. I’m a huge Suede fan but I guess I won’t be ever tempted to get this set unless Amazon show up with some kind of unbelievable bargain.


Is it me or are there less good deals this year?


Not much to tempt me and most of those deals have been better – not a criticism of you Paul, but no real Black Friday deals yet.

I`m after the Tom Petty vinyl 1994-2914 box, be good to get a Black Friday deal on that. I`ve managed to get the 1976-1991 box for £138 from Am, France a similar price for the other box would be good.

Amazon have just emailed, The Who – `Live At Leeds` 3xLP is on it`s way, now that is a Black Friday Deal; @ £12.99 ; ))


The Suede hasn’t come down enough for me to bite after the lacklustre Amazon reviews, and my recent Dead or Alive Edsel experience.

John Moore

Nothing appealing at all in the selection – so many good sets over the last month- worth waiting at this stage!


Picked up the Norah Jones for 4.99 yesterday evening. It’s already with me. It didn’t do that well (UK #9 then down to #37) but even so, surprised to see it so cheap so soon.


Amazon France had loads of vinyl for £10 (Euro) yesterday grabbed loads


Is there a way to search for cheap vinyl on Amazon?


Yeah, keep lookin` ; ))


Great titles indeed on Amazon France for €10 still available by the time of writing. However, prices are exclusive to Prime members which I am for Amazon Germany but not for France. Signing in with my German account also does not help – I am still prompted to start at least a trial Prime membership for France – with €49 being charged at the end of the trial period.

Are you holding separate Prime memberships for the various Amazon national platforms? The default fees are spoiling any occasional bargain offer. Or do I miss anything here?


I just got an email from Amazon France yesterday went on and there were shed loads for 10 euros didn’t log in as prime.


Still looking for a good price for The Ties That Bind :)

Mogwai has been on sale at roughtrade.com for £40.99 for the last couple of weeks (not sure what effect shipping would then have)


Thanks, Paul… I am holding out for a slight dip in the Stones Mono CD box if it comes along… that would be a happy Christmas.


Have you seen that The Rolling Stones In Mono-boxset on cd is already lowest price ever on Amazon Italy:

It’s price 105,86€ which is roughly £89.69.

Tempting, maybe have to get it.

Stan Butler

Nice to see the Donna set drop to £8.99 for us suckers who paid £12.99 for it last week!


Yeah, that killed me too. :(

Larry Davis

Well for some reason…when Americans like me order direct from Amazon UK…the price drops in accordance with the shipping cost and my price on the Donna Summer dropped from 12.99 to like 10 something when it shipped…no 8.99 but I’m not complaining…


@ Larry Davis: The listed prices include VAT (sales tax) – when non-UKers place an order, the VAT gets removed at checkout.


Are the deals for “Manic Street Preachers” or “Suede” good ones?
I haven’t followed the prices much lately..

Will be curious to see if any worthwhile high price sets come on sale tomorrow on any Amazon.
So, thanks for the wonderful page I will be looking around for the deals as they go live.