Deal alert / a-ha: Cast in Steel fan box


Fantastic price this morning for the metal ‘fanbox’ edition of a-ha‘s 2015 album Cast In Steel.

This set effectively consists of the two-CD deluxe in a metal tin with lanyard, a ‘Chromo cardboard printed photo’ of the band and an A2 poster. While the benefits of this above the standard deluxe are perhaps dubious, it’s certainly a collectible and this is a GREAT DEAL because I paid €35 for it back in the day and it’s now just under £13 in the UK!



01. Cast In Steel
02. Under The Makeup
03. The Wake
04. Forest Fire
05. Objects In The Mirror
06. Door Ajar
07. Living At The End Of The World
08. Mythomania
09. She’s Humming A Tune
10. Shadow Endeavors
11. Giving Up The Ghost
12. Goodbye Thompson

CD 2 (deluxe edition only)

01. The End Of The Affair
02. Mother Nature Goes To Heaven (Original Version)
03. Nothing Is Keeping You Here (Original Version)
04. Shadowside (Demo Version)
05. Start The Simulator (Stereophonic Mix)
06. Foot Of The Mountain (Mark Saunders Remix)

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My comment has nothing to do with ‘Cast In Steel’, but it is a-ha related:

Is it my imagination, or has anyone else spotted a slight ‘glitch’ in the ‘Hunting High And Low’ 30th DVD? Near the beginning of ‘Sun Always Shines…’ about 35-40 seconds in, there seems to be a very quick picture distortion. I don’t mean the bit where the camera zooms out and the picture ratio bizarrely changes. It’s just as he’s running off. When I freeze/pause it, there’s a green flicker in the top left corner. I’m not very good at explaining things, sorry.

I bought the deal alert re-pressing from last year – the one that seemed to take longer than they said it would.

TBH, I’m a bit so-so about the DVD – apart from the ‘Take On Me’ clip (the comic book version), I found the videos a bit dull – but I’d still be annoyed if what I bought wasn’t perfect.

Larry Davis

Yes the Russian release is a bootleg but what I call a legal one because Russia has no copyright laws…many of these Russian sets are great and sound awesome..the Ringo one is incredible…


I bought this when it first came out and it didn’t have the lanyard…I feel cheated!!!

william mckinley

I got this deluxe version cd with a live Cd (Brazil concert) for about $12 on Ebay. I think it is the Russian release. It wasn’t in the tin can or had a poster. If you are looking for this, or any other deluxe cds, I would try Ebay. Sometimes you can get a great price for Deluxe cds.

Larry Davis

Well, I bought a UK copy for $38 bucks…didn’t have the lanyard…am I willing to rebuy it just for a lanyard?? That price is gone but a 3rd party seller was selling it for like 11 pounds…not bad, but am I willing to buy it again for the lanyard?? Not sure, only if I can sell the one without it, and that’s a question mark…great album tho.


I think it was Momox’s secondhand copy on Marketplace that triggered it not an Amazon deal, so unless anyone wanted it secondhand, don’t think we missed out.


I desperately wish the Cast In Steel tour would be released on dvd/blu ray!

Other than the recent announcement, they have been too quiet.


Neil McL

Thanks Paul did manage to get it at the price must have been really lucky



Chris Squires

But thank you anyway Paul. I work from home and deal alerts always help relieve the boredom of a long working day. Amazon UK never seems to put any alerts in obvious places and have had VERY little of any interest for months now in their deals section.

Sad thing is I always seem to catch the ones I don’t want and miss the ones I do….


I think release-wise, a-ha (or better their record companies) have made a countless number of mistakes, and this is the latest example:

– No live album from the first era (1985-1994) when they were at their peak commercially-wise, while other big bands at that time released multi-million-selling live releases (DM 101 + Devotional, U2, Cure, INXS Live Baby Live, …)

– No full concert release yet – 32 years after Hunting high and low: Angel is missing on Valhall DVD, two songs are missing on the Ending on a high note release…

– No “new/exclusive” b-sides on the singles off East of the sun west of the moon

– Release of Angel in the snow in summer

– Recent vinyl re-releases of the first two albums only – which are available in every used record store for a pound, while albums 5 to 8 are either hard to get or were never released on vinyl

– No live tracks on the HHAL superdeluxe, alhough there are many bootlegs from 1986-1987 around

– No initial vinyl release of ME/MS, Lifelines and – even – Analogue!

– Where are releases of their two biggest concerts: Rio 1991 and Oslo 2005?

– Horrible cover photo of Cast in Steel, targeted at 40+ women only…

– No extra value of this Cast in Steel Deluxe Edition for the music fan

and and and….


damn! missed the deal £30+ on Amazon uk now.

Joe Mac Pherson

And I’ve done it, buying from the UK! It may help all of your International Music Shoppers to be aware of XE.com, literally, the world’s best Foreign Currency Conversion site. Every TWO MINUTES, the entire screen has a “sweeping” effect. There is nothing wrong with your computer. All systems are Go!, as the very latest global updates have just been posted, for every available foreign currency, and their most current value. Two minutes later, another sweep, another update and the money goes round and round.
From this site, if you want to know the best deal, or the value of your money before traveling to another country with different currency than yours (We in the States don’t have the superior value of the Euro), you can do the conversion, instantly.
That’s how I discovered, truly, the UK deal is The BEST. But Paul, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known this deal in the first place!
Joe Mac Pherson, North Hollywood, California


Missed it. Already back up to 31 quid……


the seller is momox co uk
not amazon

Hub Hamers

And now it’s £31.21….


Gone already!!


that lasted less than 9 minutes?!!!! shame – at 31.21 now, how very Princey!


Paul, when I click on the “5 new from 12.77” link, the cheapest thing that appears is Amazon’s own offer at 31.21. Am I too late? It can’t have gone *that* quickly, surely….


£35! I expect that you must receive more free box sets than bought ones due to this site?


Gone back to £31.21 within 20 minutes of receiving the email…! :(


Another great find cheers Paul! Although you cost me a fortune just after Xmas with the saw and Carlisle box sets!

Chris Squires

Shows up as £31 in my basket . UK prime member…