Deal alert / Always: The Very Best of Erasure / three-CD deluxe

Superb price right now for celebratory 2015 triple CD edition of Always – The Best Of Erasure.

This edition is packaged as a hardcover book and gives you a disc of all the hits and adds two further CDs of rare and new remixes. This is just £6.50 at the time of writing in the UK. Bargain! (also cheap in France and Italy).

Disc: 1
1. Who Needs Love Like That
2. Oh L’amour
3. Sometimes
4. Victim Of Love
5. The Circus
6. Ship Of Fools
7. Chains Of Love
8. A Little Respect
9. Stop!
10. Drama!
11. Blue Savannah
12. Chorus
13. Love To Hate You
14. Take A Chance On Me
15. Always
16. Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day)
17. Breathe
18. Be With You
19. Elevation
20. Sometimes (2015 Mix)

Disc: 2
1. Who Needs Love Like That (Mexican Mix
2. Oh L’amour (PWL Funky Sisters Say ‘Ooh La La’)
3. The Circus (Eternal Eraser Mix )
4. A Little Respect (Big Train Remix)
5. Stop! (Vince Clarke Sync 82 Remix)
6. Blue Savannah (Der Deutsche Mix II)
7. Chorus (Vegan Mix)
8. Love To Hate You (LFO Modulated Filter Mix)
9. Always – Microbots Inside Your Brain Mix)
10. Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day) (Tin Tin Out Remix)
11. Breathe (GRN Remix)
12. Elevation (BT Remix)

Disc: 3
1. Victim Of Love (Vixen Vitesse Remix)
2. Chains Of Love (Vince Clarke Remix)
3. Drama! (Krucial Remix)
4. You Surround Me (Mark Saunders Remix)
5. Star (Interstella Mix)
6. Am I Right (The Grid Remix)
7. Run To The Sun (Beatmasters’ Galactic Remix)
8. In My Arms (BBE Remix)
9. Freedom (Mark Picchiotti Strumapella Remix)
10. Be With You (Starshapes Remix)
11. Sometimes (Erasure & Flood Mix)

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Super deal, thanks for the heads up, finally having some Erasure in my collection.
Listening back to Yazoo and other old Vince Clark stuff now, underrated guy, I must say ;)

elliott buckingham

pop the 1st 40 hits is a better comp this would have been great with period 12″ mixes granted some of these are but the remix of the circus on this sounds just awful


If released as just the remixes, like Depeche Mode did sometime back, I may have been interested but I do not want to spend money on a collection where I will have duplicates of all the singles again. We can not all afford to buy albums just for other tracks we do not have.

Mark Franklin

Thanks Paul – I had a £5 credit on my account so this just cost me over £1!!


While I enjoy my original singles box sets from 15+ years ago, I do recommend this recent compilation too.

The selection of remixes on discs two and three is truly a best of the remixes. The track listing flows well; there is no repetition. And the few new remixes are fresh additions are have their place amongst the classic ones.


Many Thanks For This Alert! I ordered from Amazon UK. Adding Postage and Minus the VAT it came to AU$16.17! A total bargain.


This compilation set is not for me! I will stick to the collection of singles boxsets that were released beccuse they are so much better than this 3CD set which is padded out with awful new remixes and not the orignals as featured on the 12inch singles.

Mark Bumgardner

Thanks for the heads-up. Ordered, and it came to US $11.38 including postage. Excellent deal.


Thanks Paul S, this is a great deal!

I hope Amazon actually honours this deal – they’ve been pissing me off lately with another deal. If you go to ‘Today’s Deals’ section, you will see a ‘2 CDs for £15’ offer running. It’s the same one that was running a few months ago – I add items to my cart, go to checkout, then nothing! No discount! I contacted them about it, asking if the offer is running or not and they say they can’t even see it! Idiots.

Nick Prokopis

Thanks for the heads up Paul : great deal !


Thanks Paul;much appreciated.


Ordered, cheers Paul


The master is the 2009 one, while the remixes cds is not said if they are remastered or not.


I don’t have this set so I can’t confirm, but there is a comment on Discogs suggesting that some of the remixes on this set are sourced from mp3’s. :(

Alessandro Duca

Ordered from Amazon.it, thank you Paul!

Working Class Hero

Thanks for the heads up. Pretty new here and having signed up for emails i can see this site is going to cost me a fortune!
Oh well…..it’s only money.

Gary Hunter

Thanks for this Paul, ordered!


Thanks for this, Paul. There were only a few remixes on this that were new to my collection, so I decided to wait until the price was right. Just over $11 shipped to the US will do it — cheers for the deal alert!


Great deal, just bought it from Amazon UK. Shipping from Amazon Italy to Australia is a ridiculous €15. Which makes twice the final price from the UK.

Pete in Australia

THANKS Paul, just gone over and ordered. THANKS. Managed to get it for a change. {Not your fault – time differences}.
Always wanted, so NOW, finally will be adding it to ky collection.


Nice one, thanks Paul.