Deal alert / Black Sabbath: The Ten Year War / 8LP coloured vinyl mega-box

Best price to date right now on Black Sabbath‘s mega box set from 2017, The Ten Year War.

The package contains eight coloured vinyl LPs, a USB stick with hi-res audio, two seven-inch singles and masses of printed material, including a big hardcover book. It’s just £169 right now. US fans might note that this equates to around around $198 once VAT has been deducted. The price on Amazon US is about $400!!

Compare prices and pre-order

Black Sabbath

The Ten Year War - vinyl box set


Albums in the box

Coloured vinyl pressings of:

  • MASTER OF REALITY (including original fold-out colour poster)
  • VOL. 4


Two seven-inch singles

  • Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games With Me)/Black Sabbath (Japanese version)
  • Paranoid/The Wizard (Chilean version)


  • Crucifix shaped Black Sabbath USB stick, exclusive to this box set, with MQA high definition audio of the first eight Black Sabbath albums.
  • The Ten Year War brochure, reproduced from the original publication.
  • Hardback book, featuring accolades from the cream of rock royalty, coupled with official and candid iconic photography of the band during their 1970s tours, recording sessions and photo-shoots.
  • Tenth Anniversary World Tour 1978 Official Programme
  • Reprinted tour poster from the 1972 Seattle Centre Arena show.

Box set cover art has been created by globally renowned street artist Shepard Fairey

All box sets are individually numbered


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Ordered from Amazon UK for 131 Gbp on feb 8th but still awaiting delivery to Australia, had an email apologising for the delay and asking if I’d like to cancel . At 131 gbp I’ll sit tight and wait it out . Will report back .

Funky Meadows

I ordered on February 7 via Amazon UK for 133 GBP. Still no movement or explanation or “condolences”, etc. – Seems the available units for sale went to the ones who complained that their splatter-vinyl were warped/dished/scratched, and were traded for “better”.

The up-shot is I wasn’t charged for it, but still …



I just received mine from the UK yesterday after the last sale. I really like it! Great package!! Mine arrived in perfect shape (despite sort of poor packing) with only 2 minor complaints: 1) the first two albums had the beginnings of what some described as being too tight in the cover/busting out of the cover, but it’s barely noticeable. 2) The USB stick is great but I’m having to convert them from FLAC files to get them into iTunes for portability. Considering it was really half price of what it is at Amazon US, those are minor. Loved the book too….nice quotes from many famous fans!

Paul Wren

Unless a specific number of pressings is specified, it is almost always worth waiting 12 months or so for more expensive vinyl box sets over, say, £50 to fall in selling price. Clearly supply exceeds demand on this Sabbath box set. I’ve just picked up the 2011 eight vinyl disc Hendrix Winterland mint box set for £59 delivered (cheapest elsewhere c. £80+) and this was released in 2011.


I like many others paid close to full price, as it was advertised as
something that was a sure fire future collectable. Considering the size of Sabbath’s
fan base ,how is it still available and at a reduced price. It makes any point of getting in early farcical. The floyd box was the same. Are we now at the point where ltd edition
has no value or truth in it ? (some sour grapes going on here obviously)

Craig H

I ordered this from Amazon UK on 6 Feb. Just like Daniel posted on the 6th, mine was the same price at 133 GBP plus a small shipping charge. It shipped on Monday the 12th and just arrived here in California about an hour ago. Probably the quickest I’ve ever received anything from the UK! Opened the cardboard box but haven’t removed “shrink wrap”, but it appears to be in perfect shape. Mine is 6230-6500. I’ll probably keep mine sealed.


Got this over the weekend, cheers for the heads up.
I have to admit I love the box set, both the quality and sound are all good to me.
So far I have played the first six albums and all sound fantastic on my set up. The first four more so but find that SBS volume a little lower and Sabotage sounds similar to past albums I have.
The first four albums do to my ears sound way better than anything I have. I did find all had cracks and pops but a clean and anti static gun they sound really nice now.
One thing I love is the USB cross, it is made with metal and comes with a chain. Just a nice box all around.


Mine arrived late with NO USB! Will be taking Amazon to task on this later, not played any of the albums yet however I have the same issue with poor packaging on MOR. Out box had been opened as sticker had been torn. Not overly impressed and not the first poor item received from Amazon this year when it comes to boxsets.

Steven Cook

Received from Amazon on Friday just visually checked the discs, about half are warped/ dished to some degree, some of the the outer sleeves are to tight to get the discs back in easily, and the cover of masters of reality is way to flimsy.


Has anyone compared these pressings and remaster against the previous black and purple vinyl boxset?


These are the 2009 remasters, I believe black-purple “The Vinyl Collection” from 2012 are the new 2012 remasters..


Hi Paul Just purchased. I’ve read all the comments about Quality & Torn Sleeves but any problem Amazon will always refund. But it looks an amazing set & too good to miss. Many thanks.


@ Andrew. Also ordered on the 6th. Dispatched on the 7th and arrived today after 3pm.


Has anyone received this from Amazon yet they seem to be faffing about sending it out I ordered it on 6th and not even sent yet and I am a Prime member it was in stock at time of ordering.


With postage it is still nearly 200 Euro for delivery to Germany. So it’s 25 Euro for each album. I will wait for the seperate releases as I did with the Bowie albums. Limited they say, in much cheaper single items they will deliver later.

Mark W

I bought one of the first batch ( 1 to 3500) from Music Glue. There was no problem with any of the sleeves, but two of the albums and one of the singles were scratched. I received replacements for both the albums, but was told that no more of the single was going to be pressed, so I was offered a 20% refund. Some of the albums did have pops and clicks when first playing them, but cleaning them resolved those issues. The quality of the vinyl seems pretty good to me.
To be honest, I’ve noticed recently that a fair number of new records I buy need a clean; I think that quality control has been reduced now that so much more vinyl is being produced.


My set does not have any vinyl issues. Though not dead-quiet, it is reasonably quiet and any noise is by no means intrusive. Sound quality is great, the colour pattern on the vinyl simply beautiful, and no torn covers.


I pre-ordered mine from Amazon France when it was 160 EUR. With the VAT removed and shipping the total was 205.73 USD so basically the same price. No issues with my vinyl.

Kevin S

I’m really tempted but the negative comments about sound quality and packaging are off putting. Even at a bargain price, a set that has torn LP sleeves, non-fill/lumps and bumps on the vinyl and list of other issues as given on the pledgemusic pages makes this a no.

Jean-Claude – is your copy repress from No. 3500 onwards?
Is it true that these are not numbered, just marked xxxx/6500 ?


No they are numbered alright. Mine is 5110/6500. Also the vinyl sounded ok to me (and looks awesome!). It’s just the way too small sleeves which came all split that let this box set down.


I agree Kevin but I would just get it and if it’s a dud return it…I’ve gotta say I pre ordered stuff from pledge their support is non existent if there’s an issue…also now u can’t use PayPal so for example, I received a vinyl that had a creased cover…..contacted support over a week ago naught back as yet..so luckily I got that order in before they ditched PayPal…so it’s just a matter of raising a case…but can I say it was a one off the other records I received were totally fine.


I have bought mine from FNAC in France in store (209€, still available in store at this price).
The box has no issue, all sleeves are pitch perfect. I have had to clean the vinyls that were not housed in a polylined sleeve because there was paper dust all over them. After that, the vinyl are quiet, not as quiet as a Peter Gabriel 45RPM reissue, but sound quality is good with my 2M Blue cartdrige.


Shouldn’t have but did!! After VAT was removed and shipping added, it was 133 GBP= $198 USD, $200 less than the Amazon US price!! 50% difference!
Thanks, Paul!!! And earlier today I spent $80 at Newbury Comics 20% off sale (got 6 signed CDs and a double colored vinyl w/free shipping!!). Broke but happy!! Lol!

Janice P

Daniel, as my dear departed Dad used to say – “Spend your money – there are no pockets in shrouds”. Enjoy your collection

elliott buckingham

i hope these sound better than the warners coloured reissues which sound great but the vinyl is pretty noisey

Benjamin Adams

Wow, my copies of the Rhino colored vinyl are all dead quiet.


Nice one, was just a bit too much to consider. But at this price, I’m happy to live off baked beans until pay day!

Tony Orwell

i bought this as part of the 3 for 2 deal from germany and in effect i got it for nothing, they are saying that I can return it and they will refund me the €201.00 euros + the £50 postage to send it back, not sure that sounds right to me so i think i will let this one slide, as always though a stunning bit of information from Paul and what a box set


Thanks Tony..it’s just looks fantastic… impossible to turn down at 158. Even if it’s a bit noisy it’s probably still on a par with most secondhand copies you might pick up around the place..


O- oh …….ker-ching! :-)


Hi guys..
Thanks Paul.
I really was into this as I have on paranoid on vinyl…so ordered…there a lot of reviews moaning about the condition of the vinyl…has anyone opened their copy and played through the viny

Neil McL

Just two words to say – Roxy Music

So this is £30 more expensive what would you rather have?

Dave b

Cheers Paul


Please be aware that there seems to be a quality issue with the second batch of this limited edition (#3500 to #6500). I received my box set from Amazon in its original outer cardboard box inside the Amazon shipping box. The Black Sabbath box itself was in pristine contdition, so no fault to Amazon. But on the inside every single record cover was torn. Just because the record covers were way too small. I don’t know who is responsible for that: BMG or the Czech pressing plant GZ Media, which has a long reputation for dubious quality. At least Amazon France refunded 30 percent of the price (199 Euro) after my e-mail complaint in English. BMG didn’t seem to care after my e-mail complaint. I’m very disappointed with the obvious disregard for appropriate quality in an expensive SDE-Box set either by the label or the manufacturer.
PS. Paul, if your interested in seeing the damage, I could send you pictures.


Thanks Jean..I’m just going to crack it open see what the story is…I noticed that there was some grumbling on the pledge site…


Could you upload those pics to to some site and share the link here, I would be very interested in seeing the pics. Or if you can’t upload, then you could send them to Paul as he could share them on the blog here.


If i was a Sabbath fan i’d buy ir for sure!


It’s GBP 161,00 (not GBP 159,00) in my case. Why?
In EUR i’ll pay 174,95. When the final amount is there, it is suddenly 195 euro. Very strange.


‘Tis a thing of beauty

Tony Sandell

I wish I was a Black Sabbath fan as this set looks amazing!
Just shows what can be done with a little imagination,take note Elton after last years boring reissues.


Wow even cheaper than the pre order price, and I thought £199 was fair. I did snag a gold edition though, although it’s nothing special over the ordinary version, just a different coloured box!


Thank you.. crazy low!..

Neil McL

Amazing Paul Cheers


Ordered! Thanks so much!



Carl Homes

Been waiting for this. Thanks Paul


Ordered even though I live in the U.S. Crazy low price especially when compared with Amazon USA price. A hearty thank you