Deal alert: Bob Marley / Complete Island Recordings 12LP metal box


The normally ridiculously expensive metal ‘collectors edition’ version of Bob Marley and the Wailers‘s Complete Island Recordings 12LP vinyl box is very well priced on Amazon Italy right now.

The set is about £245 on the Italian site which is €290. Still a hefty investment of course, but to put things in perspective, the UK price is £400, so that’s a saving of over £150.

This set includes the nine studio albums (Catch A Fire to Confrontation) recorded for Island Records and two live releases (including the 2LP Babylon By Bus) all pressed on 180g vinyl. As well as being METAL the collectors’ edition comes with a download code voucher for high resolution download and it comes with the turntable slip mat and photos.



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Bob Marley & The Wailers

The Complete Island Recordings: Collector’s Edition [VINYL]



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Not a huge Marley fan but just had to say that aluminum box looks V-E-R-Y cool!

I realize it’s the marketing choice of the record company for this particular box set, but Amazon should offer these sort of aluminum boxes as a premium shipping option for any LP purchase (not just box sets), and personalize them with the name (or even logo, if they can license them) of the artist etched in (spine, top, bottom, or face) for an additional fee. Not only would they protect albums during shipping, but they’d continue to protect them from dust, fading, and rubbing during storage/display.

And can you imagine the sleek, clean look of several of these boxes lined up on your shelf? At 12-album widths they’re probably sturdy enough to obviate the need for shelf-sides or bookends, meaning you could store your LP collection in a freestanding space, like atop a console or credenza. And of course that allows for prior and successive purchases from the same artist to be stored together. For one-hit wonders and artists you only liked a brief period of, you could personalize with letters of the alphabet. If you don’t organize according to artist, you could opt to personalize with genre, year, or however else you may categorize.

I wonder how much of the cost of that set is the box, and whether it’s possible to get (without Marley’s name or indeed the albums) elsewhere.

elliott buckingham

I ordered a boxset from amazon de for £10 cheaper including postage than amazon uk . it was despatched from amazon uk peterborough


This is a common occurrence, I have had orders from all Amazon Euro sites sourced from the UK. Not always.

Funnily enough I have had Amazon UK orders sourced from other Amazon Euro sites, it depends whether or not items are in stock.


I have to add that I have ordered from Amazon Italy, France, Germany many times with no problem and will continue to do so.


The original vinyl box set is a much better purchase and roughly the same price.


Will never beat the US $ cost when Amazon US posted the cost for metal v cardboard the wrong way round, AND they honoured the deal.


How did you go on with import duty Paul, If you don`t mind me asking. Whenever I`ve ordered vinyl box sets from the USA I`ve been lumbered with import duties. I`ve been lucky with albums costing over the allowed £15 but box sets no luck.



I paid $292 direct to Amazon US.

Box turned up, no issues, few weeks later got mail from Amazon saying rebate of tax paid of $48, so all in all hot it for $248, which at exchange rate of the time was about £160. Bit more now tho.

I have ordered many items from US, Amazon, David Bowie Sore, Music on Vinyl and Friday Music, usually $40 / $60 worth and so far never been hit for tax.



It’s not just .it – I ordered the Bowie At The Beeb 4LP set new from Amazon Warehouse UK a couple of weeks ago and it arrived in its original shrinkwrap with just an address sticker slapped on the front. Like yours, it was amazingly pristine but not something I’d want to risk again.


I ordered a bowie set from amazon.fr , and instead of coming from amazon as stated, it arrived from a third party seller, damaged , sent in the flimiest and thinest envelope one could imagine. I did order the large bowie 12 cd set , on offer on amazon.fr and then cancelled it as I was too worried that the same thing would happen again!

Le Baron

I took the opportunity of a recent SDE Deal to buy this same 4LP David Bowie box set on Amazon.fr.
It arrived well wrapped and protected in Cardboard.
Pristine condition inside the box.
I would recommend.
Regards! ;)


Beware how Amazon Italy package your order!

Seriously, I ordered the cheaper version when Am. It. had it on offer for £85, I ordered the box and around 7-10 days later it arrived. There was no doubt it was the box because it came NAKED! No packaging whatsoever! The address label was stuck on the box as was a thick strip of tape keeping the top on plus various Amazon barcode labels! I phoned Am It. and once I got through to an English speaking customer rep. I explained what had happened, having to explain the concept of record collecting and the importance of pristine condition of the box. The albums were in pristine condition and the box despite it’s journey was in good condition, but I was’nt divulging that info. I was advised to have the box returned but without the box £85 was a good price for those albums so I explained returning the box was a lot of hassle how about a deal? After turning down 10%, 25% off I managed a reduction of 85%, 11 albums, one a double for £55, the box? I managed to get all labels and tape off without damaging it.

I do have pictures of the box on arrival.