Deal alert / Bon Jovi The Albums LP box

Released this Friday, the massive Bon Jovi The Albums vinyl box set is a CRAZY PRICE on Amazon Spain at the moment.

This 24LP collection (which includes the new album This House Is Not For Sale) is just £114 (€133) on the Spanish site right now (7.35 GMT, 7/2/17) which is hundreds of pounds or euros cheaper than anywhere else!

The price works out at just under £5 per vinyl record. Incidentally, the box has a new 2LP issue of New Jersey and includes both Jon Bon Jovi solo albums and a rarities ‘Extras’ LP.


In the box:

24xLP vinyl box set in 2-part rigid slipcase

1. Bon Jovi (1984) | 1xLP
2. 7800o Fahrenheit (1985) | 1xLP
3. Slippery When Wet (1986) | 1xLP
4. New Jersey (1988) | 2xLP **new double-LP format
5. Keep The Faith (1992) | 2xLP
6. These Days (1995) | 2xLP
7. Crush (2000) | 2xLP **previously unreleased on vinyl
8. Bounce (2002) | 1xLP **previously unreleased on vinyl
9. Have A Nice Day (2005) | 2xLP **previously unreleased on vinyl
10. Lost Highway (2007) | 1xLP **previously unreleased on vinyl
11. The Circle (2009) | 2xLP **previously unreleased on vinyl
12. What About Now (2013) | 2xLP **previously unreleased on vinyl
13. This House Is Not For Sale (2016) | 1xLP
14. Blaze Of Glory (1990) (Jon Bon Jovi)
15. Destination Anywhere (1997) (Jon Bon Jovi) **previously unreleased on vinyl
16. Extras | 1xLP – rarities disc comprised of bonus tracks from 2000-2007 **previously unreleased on vinyl

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Steven Lade

£135 on Amazon UK at this moment!

Steven Lade

Back to £275 by 5pm.

Still available for £132.00 at https://store.udiscovermusic.com/*/Summer-Sale/The-Albums/5C050I1A000

James A Gates

Mine has now shipped also – £168.84 landed to Oz :-)


Yes. Mine has now shipped & is on its journey to me :-) Thanks goes to Super Deluxe Edition for their initial post informing us that this box set was being released way back in October 2016. I placed a Pre-Order straight away.
Any chance you already have yours ? It would be nice to see a video opening the box set.

Michael J.

My credit card was charged with 198,15 GBP – I placed in October.
Many thanks Paul !!


My Bon Jovi vinyl box set is shipping today for 205£ sterling thanks Paul for informing us of this great price deal, cheers Bernard


Amazon tries to lure you in with great deals that they dont keep as soon as you ordered.
I bought the deluxe edition of Robbie Williams latest album, because they promised an exclusive code to buy front of stage tickets to go with the cd. Got the album but no code and all they did was writing a lame excuse, not even a refund. Tickets were sold out by then. I´d rather stick to Ebay. You have power sellers who offer new music for much less than amazon.


I too placed this on pre-order in the UK as soon as it was announced. Now I am waiting for it’s status to change to “Dispatching Soon” seeing as its release date is tomorrow.

James A Gates

Ok this is interesting – we’ll see if Amazon Uk honors the order I place d in October! I’m not too hopeful now but you never know.

Geert Diels

Ordered and got a cancellation as well. I contacted their support and just let’s see what happens. Normally they order their special pricing ( had it on a headphone recently at 40% compared to normal price) and they just ordered my order. So curious what they will come up this time. Normally they do something special in these case, if you just ask via chat.


Ya a bit of a pain thought I got bargain of the year glad I didn’t cancel my order from UK where I got the deal alert price 200£ thanks to Paul Sinclair, i guess when they dealing with thousands of items on Amazon these mistakes happen and a few times they’ve honoured the cheap price and sometimes not but over all I’ve saved a good bit 100 here 20 there so no point in getting too upset about it :-)


Ha ya for sure I got the Who 3 LP there recently 12£ I think but they probably could be a more apologetic on there letters when they do cancel orders they make you feel like they’ve caught you out that your a bad person :-) never an apology that they’ve messed up they should look after there customer and offer them a 10% discount on item if they still want to buy.

Nick Preece

Just had my orders cancelled too! I’m FXXXXD off with all Amazon Sites!

I’m Still waiting for my Madonna Coloured Vinyls I pre ordered and paid for weeks ago – it’s strange they are listed as in stock on Amazon America, you think they’d arrange a copy to come from their…..
Amazon Should be held liable and be forced to honour their mistakes! More than half the items I order on Amazon.co,U.K. Fr or Now ES do not materialise – they are beyond a Joke.

Won’t be ordering from them again!

David Thorpe

just had my order cancelled


Just got me cancellation email through from Amazon.es, citing a ‘pricing error’. Oh well, definitely worth a try. Thanks for the heads up.

Phil Wilson

As at 10:34 – Order cancelled by Amazon Spain, apparently the price was wrong :-)


Just received a message from Amazon Spain, as follows :-


We contact you to inform you that the price of “The Albums [Vinyl]” (ASIN: B01HJRIHMO) was manifestly incorrect at the time you placed the order on Amazon.es, so we canceled it and we did not have it Charged the amount of the same.

If you still want to buy this product, you can place a new order. Once you are ready to ship, we will charge you the correct amount and we will send it to you.

Phil Wilson

I have a Halifax Clarity credit card for euro purchases as they are one of the only cards that don’t levy a fee, I’ve tested it by buying the same items in pounds and euros and the euros one always comes out slightly cheaper. It comes out top on moneysavingexpert.com as the exchange rate is nearly always better than the best exchange rate for cash. Plus, by having a separate card, if you so wish, you can keep the statement hidden from the wife (husband) who may not understand how essential super deluxe edition box sets are!


A second residence for the box sets is helpful, too ;-)

Paul Murphy

Make sure it’s got plenty of bedrooms, so you can put up a stream of husbands evicted by non-understanding wives (I will be along about 30 seconds after the wife finally notices the sofa is getting further and further away from the wall, and looks behind it to find out why…)


How are you ordering this – when I visit site it says not available?
Is it too late already?


Gone :(


… and sold out.


Just tried the spanish website and it is no longer available :(


Deal already gone :-(
I bought the new vinyl versions of my three favourite albums (Slippery when wet, New Yersey and These Days) individually. So I can live without the boxset. Already twice Amazon Spain had canceled orders of mine because of price errors. Otherwise it would be a fantastic deal.

stephen gilmour

is there no hardback or any book in this?

how can they justify 77 euros shipping when Scorpions box from Germany cost me $7 euros?


Shoot, middle of the night here in U.S.A. and deal shows unavailable now at any price. Thank you for the excitement though!

Nick Preece

I’ve Just Pre Ordered another Copy – Theyve Now Sold Out @ 08:10 …. be interesting to see if they arrive or not…… I’ve had no problems with Amazon Spain in the past….




Great deal. Ordered! Thanks


Hi, am very tempted but have never purchased anything from a European Amazon site, is it better to pay in Euros or GB Pounds?


OK thanks for the advice..

stephen gilmour

WTF shipping to Oz 77 euros!!!!! Almost the same price as the box after tax taken off….and no hardback book….wtf???

James A Gates

R u sure…I went through the order process and it came to $274.86 Au landed and that is very very cheap for this huge boxset


I think it’s price error, don’t believe in dispatch and delivery

Nick Preece

Thanks Paul – Just Ordered!

James A Gates

Sweet deal although only about $4Au less than my pre order from Amazon UK when it was first announced. You’d be a fool to pay the US price which is currently $300Au more!! It’s also currently listed as unavailable from Amazon UK with 3 days until release…