Deal alert / Carpenters: The Vinyl Collection: 12LP vinyl box

We’ve got time for one more deal alert before 2018, haven’t we? Thought so. Well here’s a rare deal from America, where Amazon have 12LP Carpenters Vinyl Collection box set for a superb price.

The set contains twelve albums – eleven studio long-players and the best selling compilation The Singles 1969 – 1973 – all pressed on 180g vinyl with “lovingly restored original packaging”. It’s just $107. For those in the UK that price *with shipping* equates to about £105… over £150 cheaper than on Universal’s uDiscoverMusic store and much cheaper than Amazon UK. Even if you get caught with import duty, it’s still a great deal!

Compare prices and pre-order


The Vinyl Collection


Albums in the box:

1 Ticket to Ride (1969)
2 Close to You (1970)
3 Carpenters (1971)
4 A Song for You (1972)
5 Now & Then (1973)
6 Horizon (1975)
7 A Kind of Hush (1976)
8 Passage (1977)
9 Made in America (1981)
10 Voice of the Heart (1983)
11 Lovelines (1989)
12 The Singles 1969 – 1973

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Benjamin Adams

Wasn’t this set riddled with pressing flaws? Off-center, etc?


How can you say do not buy, Surely it’s up to the individual to decide.
I bought it and have had no problems, I decide for myself regarding what I want to do and do not listen to reviews.
Yes I read them but at the end of the day I make my own mind up and if it’s the wrong decision deal with things as necessary.


Tony, I think the ‘DO NOT BUY’ comment is because it seems to be pot luck as to weather you get a decent copy or a ‘faulty’ copy. ‘Randy Metro’ is quite right to warn of the problems with this release. There are quite a few 1 star reviews of it on amazon usa. Yes it is the choice of the individual as to weather they purchase something or not, but don’t shoot the messenger for highlighting it is possible to get a faulty copy. I have (thought it, but) not criticized you for using that god awful saying you used, which is much more annoying than people advising others not to purchase something as they might get a ‘faulty’ item!

Randy Metro

Do not buy.

The problems have not been resolved as of 7:38 AM today according to the posters on the Carpenters forum. If anybody knows what is going on, they do. The return process itself is a nightmare. Some people are reporting no issues with the vinyl or sleeves, so maybe it is a crap shoot whether you get a good batch or a disaster – or a little bit of both.


I got mine from amazon.com and as I said it’s brilliant.

Chris Squires

Having done a lot of research. (Thanks for the link John) I am in a quandary. If this was UK or Europe, am.de or am.it for example I would risk it as returnwould be so easy, if I buy from the US and it is one of the useless ones what is to be done? Would they send a replacement in March when it is all repressed, do you get a refund? Does that include tax / import duties or would one be out of pocket for those? Some people report that some sets are fine and the sound is superb, particularly if one cleans the records first, which I would always do anyway. But you can’t clean away scratches and jumps if it is a bad pressing. If am.uk was doing this I would be in there, like yesterday, but am.US is too much of a leap into the unknown if things go wrong.
The next question is why, if there are known issues haven’t they all been recalled or are they hoping enough people will buy potentially duff sets and never complain?
Paul? Have you one of these sets? Anyone here got one and have something to help a confused mind?


My copy is perfect!
The sound on them all is very clear and at that price it’s a bargain not to be missed.
By the way happy new year to all.

Paul Mann

Beware though, the quality of these pressings is pretty rough: scuffs, too-small and off-centre spindle holes affecting the pitch, and in general some pretty unlistenable sound. Even with this deal, you’d be better off buying them one by one for a couple of quid each in your local charity shop. (Check out the Amazon reviews for more corroboration of this.)

Chris Squires

Much as I would love to get this, particularly at that price (USA to UK) the reviews scare the heck out of me. It would seem that the reviews of this make ANCIANT and all it’s issues (if you believe there are any beyond the main one) look like perfection.

Off centre spindles that are cut too small, loose wax, scuffed vinyl and massive surface noise. I am not usually one to succumb to negativity, if I want it I will get it, but this seems to have plenty of problems that don’t seem to have been fixed yet.

But look at that price!!!! aaaargh…..


…just when I promised I wouldn’t order anything online before next year…
(hopefully the deal will still be online tomorrow). ;)

Happy New Year, Paul!
Thanks for making this site our favorite !