Deal alert / Chicago: Quadio / surround sound blu-ray audio box set


Chicago‘s Quadio box set was issued back in June and took ages to be listed for sale in Europe. Now though, Amazon UK have the cheapest price to date.

The set contains nine blu-ray audio discs featuring hi-res stereo and original quadrophonic mixes of their first eight studio albums (1969-76) plus the 1975 greatest hits compilation. The packaging is very high quality with Japanese-style mini-LP CD replicas. It is just £65 on the UK site at the moment, which is a superb deal.


Compare prices and pre-order


Chicago Quadio Box


In the box:

  1. Chicago Transit Authority (1969)
  2. Chicago (1970)
  3. Chicago III (1971)
  4. Chicago V (1972)
  5. Chicago VI (1973)
  6. Chicago VII (1974)
  7. Chicago VIII (1975)
  8. Chicago IX: Chicago’s Greatest Hits (1975)
  9. Chicago X (1976)

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$97.49 total at Jet.com using a 15% off promo code with free shipping and fulfilled by DeepDiscount for those in the states.


Currently, all e-mails to Rhino are coming back as undeliverable….


Yikes!! Since I just purchased this today….


thanks Paul !!!


CHICAGO are one of my favourite groups but I am embarassed to admit that I am not sure what quadio surround means despite looking it up so am not sure whether to order it not. Do I need a special set up ? I have a stereo system with 2 speakers. I dont have a blu ray yet so I know that I wont be able to play the dvd but will the music sound just as great as it should with a traditional cd player with 2 speakers? Its quite a lot of money to pay if I cant listen to it in the way that one should. sorry if the answer is really obvious.

Jon-Erik Iversen

There was a funny advert or LP inlay explaining that you did not need four ears to listen to quad mixes, in the 70s. Also, Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music” was release in quad format :-).


It’s £14 cheaper again than when I thought £75 was a great price!
I’ll be furious if the Pink Floyd box does this as well after paying over £300 for that!


Dropped a bit further. £61.46 now. I bit :)
If you bought above guess you can re-order as it won’t be considered for pre-release price guarantee.


Its on back-order, not pre-release though so not covered by the guarantee


And thank you, JR, for bringing this up.



The bottom of this article states:

“Rhino is aware that Chicago (i.e., the second album) has an error on some of its supposed stereo tracks, which are in fact in mono. I’m in touch with Rhino, and they are instituting a disc replacement program. As soon as information is forthcoming, I’ll update this review (and will probably post a news item as well).

Update: Those wanting to arrange for a replacement disc are being asked to email: Dr.Rhino@Rhino.com.”

Thank you, Marvin McGee, for providing this information.


Never been to Chicago, is it still windy?


Not since Donald Trump built a wall. A big, big wall…


Wayne, the Amazon page says ‘In stock on August 24, 2016’ which could be a clue that the box is the one with the corrected discs. Here’s hoping!


Got it – thanks again, Paul!

Wayne Klein

I wonder if this is a”Blow it out” price for the set with the screwed up mono? That has happened on a number of occasions as well so buyer beware and listen complete to it completely to make sure you have the corrected version.


It has been acknowledged by Rhino that two of the discs used a mono sourced master instead of stereo and the label is fixing and replacing the titles.


which two discs are mono?


Now down to $78.25. Ordered!

Chris L

Ordered. Been waiting for this to drop to a ‘don’t need it but still want it’ price. Cheers Paul.


Well said, Chris. I agree and just ordered it at € 81.85 including postage. I didn’t think it would be available that quickly at that price. THANKS SO MUCH for the alert! This site is worth every penny (if I paid one) – not just for the deals, but the witty communication with other readers and the hints going back and forth!

DJ Control

I purchased from Amazon.com when first released. It’s a pretty good set though I think a booklet would’ve been a nice addition. Some customers have also reported that Chicago X’s quad mix is sourced from vinyl. I must admit it is not as impressive as the other albums. Apart from those two minor quibbles I’m a pretty happy Chicago fan.

Ben in Colorado

Thanks Paul. I Have been intrigued by this set since first announced. $105 with expidited delivery! Can’t wait to hear it!