Deal alert / David Bowie: Changesonebowie vinyl

Cracking deal this morning for last year’s vinyl reissue of the classic David Bowie Changesonebowie compilation.

The 1976 ‘best of’ was reissued with 50 percent pressed on black vinyl and 50 percent on clear vinyl, so it’s (unfortunately) random what you will end up with. Either way, this is a great deal at just £9.99 on Amazon UK at the moment.

Side 1
Space Oddity
John, I’m Only Dancing
Ziggy Stardust
Suffragette City
The Jean Genie

Side 2
Diamond Dogs
Rebel Rebel
Young Americans
Golden Years

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Thanks to all those who answered my question about the “torch” test. The hunt now begins!

Auntie Sabrina

MikeW, you could always choose a quiet moment and ask if the staff know if any are the clear vinyl. They might open a couple for you…


I think I need a better torch on my phone! Tried the test at home on a Lene Lovich Australian clear vinyl, and you could see light fairly clearly through the coloured card picture inner sleeve and record, but through the much thicker card outer and record it was not visible. Certainly under shop lighting I wouldn’t be able to tell…..so maybe those 11 at Southampton HMV were not all black after all (hohum).

Paul Callaghan

Thanks for highlighting the deal. It arrived today and it was clear vinyl – I’m a happy chappie :-)


Sadly all 11 copies at HMV in Southampton ‘failed’ the torch test this morning (they were dotted around the store in 3 locations, so had hoped…). Does anyone know if Tesco Extra near Hamble junction M27 sells vinyl, as it would be great to get a clear vinyl copy?


Picked up my copy for £9.99 at HMV yesterday


Ordered ChangesOneBowie and arrived today. Clear Vinyl ! Cheers Paul.

Auntie Sabrina

Glen, HMV in the UK nearly went the same way a few years ago but now seem to be doing OK. Generally, their pricing seems very good and matches or sometimes is less than Amazon UKs.

Glen Buchanan

Hi Guys- I’m Canadian and didn’t understand the “torch test” until I realised that what you call a torch we call a flashlight. I’m a huge Bolan fan and have always had problems buying new releases from Demon Records because they don’t ship outside the UK. But for the last few RSDs Vertigo Records, my indie record store here in Ottawa, Canada has always come through. I don’t want to know how. I don’t want gold Electric Warriors but do want things on vinyl for the first time. This year it was T.Rex Live At The Rainbow and last year The Wembley Concerts. I’m not a completist for my vinyl collection, but it means so much to me to have these LPs. Did you know that HMV Canada has gone bankrupt and no longer exists?

Neil racher

Thank sde again. Got this first time when released and got clear vinyl


One of the deals going on sale next Saturday at HMV is The Clash ‘Give ‘Em Enough Rope’ in blue vinyl.


Not necessarily you will just need to keep looking at the shops that have stock of this item. I hadn’t heard of the torch trick before now but will definitely be giving that a go! Thanks!!


All black vinyl Bowie at hmv Telford after the torch test which was sad


Well at least you didn’t have to buy it then! Hope u find a clear copy soon

Auntie Sabrina

Could be all the copies are the black vinyl ones then as it!s been out other a year…


I carried an LED flashlight with me into the local f.y.e. store and shined it through the back cover. Out of all the copies they had (at the time) one was clear vinyl and it came home with me.

Auntie Sabrina

Geoff, you use the torch on your smartphone and it could/should be visible through the LP cover if it’s the clear version. You don’t half get some funny looks though, or is that just me…

Glen Buchanan

Who cares what looks you get? Davis loved all the looks he got- that’s for sure.


and it’s gone…


Sounds like a great price but I would buy from a shop if I could get the clear vinyl. What exactly is the “phone torch trst”?

Gareth Pugh

When in store, turn your cellphone LED light on, hold it against the back of the sleeve (not in the corners, obviously ;-0 ), and it you have a clear pressing in your hands, a dim dot of light should shine through.

Steve Rickard

Did the phone torch trick in Tesco, and to my surprise all 5 copies on the shelf were clear !

Gareth Pugh

Am wondering if there have been additional stocks pressed up for the HMV promotion – unless the phone light trick doesn’t work, then they’re all black vinyl in their Bond Street store.

Auntie Sabrina

I did contact you yesterday, HMV have a LP sale which does include the David Bowie LP at £9.99 – you’re widget has the wrong price.



Loads of vinyl on sale in HMV stores, most with ‘One per customer’ stickers on.


12.99 in HMV at the moment so you can do the phone torch test to see which vinyl ‘colour’ you are getting. A little more expensive than Amazon but if you are not a prime member you have to pay for £2 postage.

Dave H

HMV also have the same price in their shops.


HMV having a good vinyl sale too


New Order “Brotherhood” is available on Amazon for £9.99 today too (dropped overnight to that price from £14.99)