Deal alert / Eels Live at the Royal Albert Hall / 3LP coloured vinyl + DVD

Excellent price for the Eels 2014 Royal Albert Hall triple coloured vinyl + DVD set in the UK at the moment…

The 30 June 2014 Royal Albert Hall performance was filmed by 12 cameras and the audio recorded and this set features three records pressed on 180g clear purple vinyl and comes with a DVD of the performance. Fantastic value for less than £18 on Amazon UK, although similarly cheap in other regions (see price comparison widget below)


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Royal Albert Hall [VINYL]



LP One

Side A

01 Where I’m At
02 When You Wish Upon A Star
03 The Morning
04 Parallels
05 Addressing The Royal Audience
06 Mansions Of Los Feliz

Side B

01 My Timing Is Off
02 A Line In The Dirt
03 Where I’m From
04 It’s A Motherfucker
05 Lockdown Hurricane

LP Two

Side C

01 A Daisy Through Concrete
02 Introducing The Band
03 Grace Kelly Blues
04 Fresh Feeling
05 I Like Birds

Side D

01 My Beloved Monster
02 Gentlemen’s Choice
03 Mistakes Of My Youth/Wonderful, Glorious
04 Where I’m Going

LP Three

Side E

01 I Like The Way This Is Going
02 Blinking Lights (For Me)
03 Last Stop: This Town
04 The Beginning

Side F

01 Can’t Help Falling In Love
02 Turn On Your Radio
03 Flyswatter
04 The Sound Of Fear

DVD Concert Film


01 Where I’m At
02 When You Wish Upon A Star
03 The Morning
04 Parallels
05 Addressing The Royal Audience
06 Mansions Of Los Feliz
07 My Timing Is Off
08 A Line In The Dirt
09 Where I’m From
10 It’s A Motherfucker
11 Lockdown Hurricane
12 A Daisy Through Concrete
13 Introducing The Band
14 Grace Kelly Blues
15 Fresh Feeling
16 I Like Birds
17 My Beloved Monster
18 Gentlemen’s Choice
19 Mistakes Of My Youth/Wonderful, Glorious
20 Where I’m Going

Encore 1

21 I Like The Way This Is Going
22 Blinking Lights (For Me)
23 Last Stop: This Town

Encore 2

24 The Beginning
25 Can’t Help Falling In Love
26 Turn On Your Radio

Phantom Encore

27 Flyswatter
28 The Sound Of Fear

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Scott T.

This just frosts fans like me. So, I paid $44 bucks to buy this from Mark OE so that he could make the most of a sale from his site vs. when his records sell at retail.

My discs are dark purple. And the rub here is… my copy doesn’t include a DVD.

While I can understand reissues or first issues that occur over decades vs. the past two years, I lose out. Sadly, my copy arrived with a severe crease across it, but when I tried to exchange it, Mark OE’s site no longer had any to sell/replace my copy. Nothing alienates me from supporting musicians who take advantage of their fans, and for those of us who supported and bought the vinyl version he offered up, are typically, big fans of his. But I will be listing all of his records on eBay and plan to never support him again. Ripping off your own true-blood fans gets you nowhere in my book. I have 14,000 other records that I will enjoy. As for the Eels? As Mr. Wonderful is apt to say on the t.v. show, “Shark Tank”: “You’re dead to me, Mark OE.”


For the price, I had to use a secondary seller on Am USA…but it’s new and after a $10 gift card, the total was $17.79 USD!! Excited to get this. Will miss out on the free download but it is streamed free (less one track) if you have Amazon Prime.

Paul Mac

Bought this on release, excellent album (the vinyl is very dark purple, though, you need to hold it up to the light, otherwise it looks black!)

Nick Roberts

I’m still waiting for my Eels vinyl boxset from Amazon Germany (deal from February). They never dispatched it and I suspect it never will get sent as they’re out of stock. Pity!


Mine eventually turned up 4 months later at the deal price so don’t cancel – you never know

Nicholas Dawson

Amazon uk, Germany, France all prices gone back up, UK is now £21.99.

Pete in Australia

Originally got this from Eels site, when released. Eels and purple vinyl, for me, was a great combination. Great deal Paul, so thanks as always for the alert.