Deal alert / Elvis Presley: The Album Collection 60CD box set


Cheapest price so far in the UK for this Elvis Presley 60CD RCA Album Collection box set…

Legacy Recordings have promised fans “meticulously restored” original album packaging with details including gatefold/die cut sleeves, original RCA Victor inserts and stickers, CD labels replicating original ‘side 1′ labels and more. This collector’s box also includes a 300-page fully illustrated hard cover book.

This box which includes 57 RCA albums and three CDs of rarities, is now £60 cheaper than when first announced with a price tag of £160 – or less than £3 per disc. It’s out on 18 March 2016.

Note: If you’ve pre-ordered on Amazon UK already, you’ll get this new lower price, so you don’t need to cancel and re-order


Alternatively American SDE readers have informed me that the Amazon Germany Price is also a good bet for those in the US – close to $100 cheaper than the USA price.


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For UK buyers, UK based Speedyhen dot com- a great online shop, are currently selling this box for £143.60 with free UK delivery. I have ordered from them before and they are great.


Grooves-Inc currently has this for $237 USD using the 12% off coupon listed on their front site with shipping included worldwide.

Sometimes they have a 20% off coupon which will bring it down to $215.96 USD.

That is with shipping included worldwide.

So for myself current cheapest (since I live outside of Europe) in Australia is

1. Amazon.co.uk- £136.91 (Inc Shipping with VAT removed) $273AUD
2. Amazon.de- EUR 177.73 (Inc Shipping with VAT removed) $280AUD
3. Grooves-Inc $237 USD (Inc Shipping WorldWide w/12% coupon) $335AUD

If they have a 20% off coupon
4.Grooves-Inc $215 USD (Inc Shipping WorldWide w/20% coupon) $304AUD

So Amazon.co.uk is the cheapest for me as Pauls post recommends.

[…] Album Collection box is released on 18 March, and there is currently a good deal alert for the UK price, which is currently under £160. You can view the full track listing […]


Its showing at £160 today!!!! Amazon seems to drop the price to get interest started and then bumps the price back up :(


From an American perspective, you can’t lock in a price in dollars, or pay for it in dollars, until two weeks before the item ships, so while UK and German Amazon prices are close right now in dollars (using an online conversion site), that could change over the next month. I already pre-ordered from Germany in Euros, but I am going to check the sites again around the beginning of March and see whether I can lock in a price at one or the other, wherever it is cheaper, and also pay in dollars. It’s always easier to return something with a problem to Amazon.co.uk (unless you can read and write German, that is!).

Andy P

I suspect the reason for the Amazon price drop is a reaction to the HMV pre order price of £159.99, if anyone is looking for an alternative source.


Amazon UK just twisted my arm, so pre ordered always wanted the elvis back catalogue! Thanks sde!


Another nail in the coffin of the Amazon pre-order.


Vote Leave and we will have the joy of import and handling fees. I’m sure we all love those trips to the post office to pay £30-50 to pick up a package…

Simon F

Well said ATF.

William M

If that’s the price without VAT then I say we all vote to leave the EU!!!


William M – I’m not sure if your comment is altogether a serious one, but just in case…

If the UK left the EU then you might not pay Germany’s 19% rate, but you can be sure that Customs & Excise would hit you with the UK’s 20% rate – and then of course the Royal Mail (or courier) would hit you with a significant flat-rate charge for collecting the VAT from you.

No, on the whole importing German SEs is cheaper if we stay in the EU.

Lee Taylor

This about $100 cheaper than in the U.S. store at the moment.


As of now, to the US, the German site is still €9 cheaper including shipping.

DJ Control

Thanks once more SDE & Paul !

Dan Charleston

Just purchased and at checkout the price was 133.33!!!!

Dan Charleston

Makes sense….lucky me!!!

Normand Tremblay

See at amazon.de : (200 euro: £152=£2.53 per disc)

Michael Gershbein

That German deal will save a few bucks if you live in the US – after VAT is removed, the UK one comes out to $195 while the German one comes to $187. Not sure that I actually WANT this set, but apparently I’m buying it now!