Deal alert / Elvis: The Album Collection

Good deal today for the Elvis Presley The Album Collection 60CD box set today.

This is part of Amazon’s PrimeDay, so you do have to be a UK prime member, however the price of just £99 is great and represents a discount of about £60-70.





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That was the worst Prime Day ever for SDE collectors :o/


I was thinking the same thing. The US store didn’t seem to offer any real SDE deals. Just some minor discounts on single-disc albums, which didn’t even really make them worth the “impulse buy.” I wound up picking up Season 2 of Grace and Frankie and a couple books, but I’ve never had a Prime Day before where I didn’t purchase any music.


I agree with Chris and CJ.

The 10% discount on box-sets was a bust – the item was either so cheap that the discount made very little difference, or so expensive that the discount made it still too expensive. (£70 – £80 for Showaddywaddy anyone?)

Bruce Nicholson

There is a good deal currently going for the John Coltrane mono vinyl box set on Amazon – 7 LPs down from £111.22 (strange price) to £43.99. Good pressings from all accounts. Deal though is only good if you are a Prime member.

Peter Stanton

That didn’t last long! I wonder how many they had?

Gary Clutterbuck

I was so tempted to grab this, but missed out in the end. Hope the price comes down again at some point in the future. These kind of temporary price drops always happen at the wrong time of the month!


A great set!
I payed double this price a year ago, but it’s absolutely worth it.

John Ireland

Just bagged this. I’ve been waiting a long time for this to come down in price. Thanks again Paul.