Deal alert / George Harrison The Vinyl Collection: 18LP box set

Mega-deal right now in the UK for George Harrison‘s The Vinyl Collection 18LP box set.

This beautiful and comprehensive set is only £199.99, which is at least £100 cheaper than anything like the ‘normal’ price! This may not last long at all, so if you’re interested I’d advise you don’t hesitate!

In The Vinyl Collection box set:

  • Wonderwall Music (1968)
  • Electronic Sound (1969)
  • All Things Must Pass (3LP) (1970)
  • Living In The Material World (1973)
  • Dark Horse (1974)
  • Extra Texture (Read All About It) (1975)
  • Thirty Three & 1/3 (1976)
  • George Harrison (1979)
  • Somewhere In England (1981)
  • Gone Troppo (1982)
  • Cloud Nine (1987)
  • Live in Japan (2LP) (1992)
  • Brainwashed (2002)


  • Got My Mind Set On You (12-inch picture disc)
  • When We Was Fab (12-inch picture disc)

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Georgie F.

Im shocked!
I managed to order the boxset from Amazon.co.uk with that prime-deal (£199), I today received the item, but unfornately it was damaged.
For some really strange reason, the boxset didn’t have the extra packaging provided by the factory (the original outer protective cardboard packaging).
The boxset had only the slipcase sort of cardbox in it and guess what it ended just being severely damaged. The top of the box was almost loose.
I have received all the other sets from Amazon’s or any other store in original packaging but for this one, someone messed up and badly.
The boxset was completely destroyed, all the vinyl inside looked ok but almost all of them had seamsplits at the up end of the albums.
I spent almost hour talking to Amazon customer-service chat, they would only allow some discount to the price, so I had to send it back and get full refund instead.

Georgie F.

And of course I forgot to ask, if anybody knows if this will fit to Ikea Expedit-shelf?
If it is about the same size as The Beatles In Mono (or Stereo) or Queen Studio Collection-boxsets then Im safe with this one. Also how wide is this boxset?

Georgie F.

By the way, just have to inform you here that I was still able to order this with the £199 price from AmazonUK last saturday. It was deal offered for prime-members, never tried the prime so I started the free 30 day trial (which I cancelled a bit later on just to be sure for no additional yearly subscription) then put the gigantic George Harrison Vinyl-boxset in basket.
This is what the pages said about the item on saturday:
“Only 1 left in stock.
Dispatched and sold by Amazon in certified Frustration-Free Packaging exclusively for Prime members.” The number here is 1 but I think there were atleast 5-6 in stock back then, so I must have gotten one with that great price as they are preparing my order already and it should be shipped today.
That’s pretty good price for the set £199 (plus some postages) as these would cost much more if bought them individually.

Arthur O'Brien

FYI: “Dark Horse” was still an Apple release. George had his own company around this time, but he was still contractually obligated to release his own records on Apple/EMI through 1976.

Tony Orwell

just reading some of the comments so i thought i would get my box set to take another look, and i wonder is there a design flaw?
This is by far and away the heavyest box set i have ever ownedso I am not sure there is another way to do it but should there be something to grip onto to get the box out of the slip case? At the moment i have to turn it on its end and let the records slide out, i cant help but think this will damage the box and slip case in the end.
p.s. I still think it is the best presented box set i have seen and at £199 WOW!

Paul Spurgeon

Back in stock for £199 in hmv. Be quick!

I have….

John Ireland

Are these boxes sealed or is it just the albums that are sealed?
The reason I ask is that my box arrived from Amazon. The box exhibits what I would call “moderate shelfwear” and the paper wrap round is torn.
At £150 off it seems almost churlish to complain but it is supposed to be new and if I’d sold this myself via Amazon marketplace in this condition I’d no doubt have the customer complaint email quick as a flash.

John Ireland

Thanks for clarifying Paul.
I’ll be hanging onto this this one


HMV were still doing the set for £199 late last night.

Tony Orwell

its ok just watched an unboxing video and they are infact in they mastering tape box :-)

Tony Orwell

Thanks Paul, Mine arrived today, there is no sigfn of the picture discs though, does anyone know if they are in the sealed box that looks like a mastering tape? dont want to un-seal it if the picture discs are not in there?

Darren Vickers

back to 354 quid :(

Philip Cohen

Maybe it was good that they ended the offer, so that I wouldn’t be tempted. I’ve got all of the albums on CD, plus vinyl of “Wonderwall Music”, “Electronic Sound”, “All Things Must Pass” & “Living in The Material World”. That will suffice.
“tis better to spend money on King Crimson’s forthcoming CD/DVD/Blu-ray “Sailors Tales”, box which will give me some (concert) recordings which will be new to my collection.


Christmas and Birthday present ordered.
Thank you SO much for the info. You are a legend.


Wah!!! Literally just put it in my basket then Amazon pulled the offer…


No biggie – I bagged the U2, Cream, Doors deluxes based on your alert, plus Nick Cave’s Lovely Creatures (which is still only £6). Thanks Paul!


A true bargain, thanks for the info!

Electric Sydney

Thanks for the “heads up” Paul. Ordered.


Paul,thanks for costing me £200 this morning when I only logged on to check my emails!
Seriously though a fantastic item I have wanted for ages and could not resist at that price.
Many Thanks.


Thanks Paul
My sweet lord has grab one for me


Wow, thanks for the post, I’ve been waiting for this boxset to drop in price for a long time! Great!

eric slangen

And ordered, many thanks.

Neil McLaughlin

Brilliant Paul had my eye on this for some time. Saved me £150 (though my bank balance is suffering lol)

Bill Proe

Got it!!!

Mark Hart

Brilliant deal and the best contact I follow in twitter. Cheers Paul George Harrison now ordered after months of waiting for a decent price!


Thank you Paul. I ordered it too. It is the first time I bought sth. from Amazon in GB. Let’s see if everything will work fine. Shipping was just around 8£. Amazing! And the VAT in Switzerland is lower than in GB. So that makes it even more cheaper. It is – like always – a good step to wait and don’t buy a new Box/LP etc. immediately. So I hope there is just one more Box Set I have to buy this year: the new vinyl box set by The Cardigans.
Thanks again!

Paul H

Thanks Paul, ordered!

Chris Squires

I am kicking myself that I have to let this go… It’s right there still £199, a bargain, but I will never get through it and so many other things this month coming up.


Amazon.co.uk The Who – My Generation SDE is GBP 39.99


Ordered, thanks! Have been waiting for a deal on this one.

Steve gilmour

168 pounds to Australia no brainer…wanted this to compliment the cd boxesvthanks Paul!!


Thankyou! Ordered!

Keri Preston

Its a shame that there is no disc with the film and b side tracks but too good a price to miss. Ordered, thanks Paul.