Deal alert / George Harrison: The Vinyl Collection 18LP box set


Very good price this morning for the newly announced George Harrison The Vinyl Collection box set…

This 18LP collection that brings together George’s entire solo studio output is ‘just’ £276 on Amazon Italy at the time of writing (9am GMT 20/1/17) a cool £180 saving over the current UK price!


George Harrison / The Complete Collection / 16LP vinyl box set

In The Vinyl Collection box set:

  • Wonderwall Music (1968)
  • Electronic Sound (1969)
  • All Things Must Pass (3LP) (1970)
  • Living In The Material World (1973)
  • Dark Horse (1974)
  • Extra Texture (Read All About It) (1975)
  • Thirty Three & 1/3 (1976)
  • George Harrison (1979)
  • Somewhere In England (1981)
  • Gone Troppo (1982)
  • Cloud Nine (1987)
  • Live in Japan (2LP) (1992)
  • Brainwashed (2002)


  • Got My Mind Set On You (12-inch picture disc)
  • When We Was Fab (12-inch picture disc)

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digital george,

no thx at any price


Thanks for the heads up Paul.

Interesting to see georgeharrsion.com is also offering a Geroge Harrison turntable – a Project Essential III (US $499 but 15% taken off for a first purchase) and an expanded version of his book “I, Me, Mine.”


if you put the code BIGTHANKS in the promo code section of amazon.co.uk today on any order over £50 you’ll get a nice £10 discount


BIGTHANKS to you William_M for that.


Thank you. Provisionally pre ordered with the option to cancel if I get cold feet… as long as I don’t forget like the preorder for the metal tin Bob Marley set from Canada. BTW, only four euros shipping charge to the UK.

Nicholas Dawson

Buyer beware, just had Amazon Fr cancel my Vangelis box set, which was half price as such at £46 as put on SDE a few months ago. Also still a bit steep for this box set, wait and price will come down.


True Nicholas, I was stung by Am. Fr., I`m waiting for a reply to the strongly worded email I sent. The thing is my French ain`t good so I may have thanked them for cancelling.

These reductions on the vinyl boxes are normally adhered to, Am. Fr. stuck to their offer for the Tom Petty Vol. 1 LP box at £138 which was a saving of £75 on the UK price.


This is great, but how about the price of standalone All Things Must Pass?
(I Can’t find the listing)


That’s a great price Paul! I don’t know how you do it. But for what is a patchy back catalogue it’s still a lot of money in what for so many are difficult times. It does, however, suggest that if Amazon can offer such a huge reduction within days of this set’s announcement it may well be repeated further down the line, especially if sales are poor.


I agree with you 100%


Anyone can do it Noel…just click on the today’s deals link at the top of the Amazon homepage, then tick the music box on the left hand side and the offers come up. Do this for a few different territories to see what’s available elsewhere. A bit time consuming, but not if you run a website promoting SDEs. Might even be possible to get e-mail alerts on these offers too, I haven’t checked. No need really, Paul does it all for us.

Paul lupton

Seriously tempted….