Deal alert / The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group 3CD+DVD

Amazon in the UK have gone ‘deal’ crazy, price matching a local competitor (HMV). Didn’t want to post *another* deal alert today, but felt obliged given that the notoriously expensive Human League anthology A Very British Synthesizer Group is less than £40 right now!

Yes, this set is £39.99 at the time of writing (17.25 GMT 22/3/2017). Still not a giveaway, but this is HALF the normal price!

Compare prices and pre-order

The Human League

Anthology - A Very British Synthesizer


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Auntie Sabrina

My local HMV has a copy in stock too


HMV now has this back in stock for £39.99, I thought these had all gone so I’m very pleased to be able to get this at a reasonable price!

Larry Davis

Was about to order from HMV (39 pounds) but they don’t ship to the US…if Amazon was that price, I’d be on it!!

Andy Vizor

Ok this maybe way too late on this thread for anyone to see -Paul, pls move it elsewhere if you feel appropriate- just received my Human League SDE CD/DVD set. Whilst not £80 worth, it IS WELL WORTH the £40 price point! It’s not, as I expected, a double fold, digipack. It’s actually in a lovely 12″ slipcase box, just like the vinyl. A lovely set, delighted & thank you Paul for alert :-)

James Lee

Got the Human League for £39.99 in HMV Hereford today even though sticker was £79.99. For once computer say yes!


I’ve been waiting for this to come down in price and was happy with that price reduction so managed to grab one from Amazon only for it to arrive today damaged thanks to poor Amazon packaging – so now it’s having to go back and I can’t get a replacement as it’s out of stock and only available from 3rd party sellers at the original price. Arrggghhhh!!!


Blink 182 Vinyl Collection Box Set reduced from £150 to £21.99 on Amazon now!

Neil Kelly

Ordered but someone states they recieved the CD version not vinyl. Think it’s too good to be true


It’s now changed to the CD box set when I clicked on my order so I’ve cancelled it, thought it was too good to be true, although HMV have it for £66 which is still a bargain, I’ve gone for that.


I ordered the blink set on Friday. Then on Friday evening I emailed Amazon asking them to confirm that it would be a vinyl set. The reply confirmed that it would be.

But, yesterday I decided to track the delivery status & when I clicked on the order summary, the format had changed to CD : \

So, I sent another email to Amazon. I pointed out that I had already received an email assuring me I would be getting vinyl. I also mentioned that Amazon had honoured mis-priced items in the past (Prince’s “Around The World in a Day” anybody?)

So, this morning Amazon have emailed me & told me they will be investigating this and that they will contact Me in the next 2 or 3 days

99% certain I won’t be getting it now : (

Anyway, great site Paul ! !


PIL “Album” SDE vinyl box set down to £84.99 on Amazon UK at moment.


Sold out at HMV now, looks like I’ve missed out on this.


Still £39.99 at HMV. Still too rich for my blood.


Back up to £84 but still £39.98 at HMV who don’t tend to be so volatile with prices.

Paul Herberts

Thanks Paul, I’ve been waiting for this.

Unfortunately by the time I logged on to Amazon the price was back up to £85 but checked HMV with you saying they were price matching and it was still £39.99.

Plus Man Who Fell To Earth soundtrack CD for £3.99.

Good work! Can you please hold off any more alerts now though until after RSD as I’m trying to save for the 4 Bowie items (LOL)


The printing error is hardly a big thing and they have replaced the book.I think if your new to the band it’s a great set at that price.

Eat Me

Hmm Amazon Canada is selling it for 90.50. For me it’s a better price.

So besides the printing error and the expensive MSPR, is this set worth owning? I only know a couple of their hits. Is this a decent anthology for a neophyte?


You would be better of buying The Very Best of The Human League CD+DVD from 2003 which you can pick up for next to nothing now as it has the proper singles on it rather than this mess.

Larry Davis

not that cheap anymore…the lowest was in the 80 dollar range…a tad too high


Thanks Paul, ordered. It looks like that nobody needs to worry anymore about the high price of this set – it appears to be gone for good, at least at the Amazon’s.


@ Kauwgompie – thanks for the tip off re. the R.E.M. ‘Out of Time’ deluxe set – I just picked it up for £21.99 delivered! That was £46.00 a few days ago!

Paul Muckartney

“Don’t You Want Me Baby”

Neil Kelly

‘Don’t you want me’ has been it’s name for 36 years. If i hear one more person accidentally refer to it as ‘Don’t you want me baby’ i’m going on a killing spree

Richard Dowling

And to add, great discounted spents on Amazon today thanks to SDE, Crowded House / PIL / REM.


It was still cheaper on amazon.it when you told us about it Peter, and when I snatched it up :)

Richard Dowling

Got my replacement book about a month ago.
Paid full whack from their site on pre-order, worth it for the signed promo poster and fair play to Universal superbly delivered. Shame the tour programme was nearly completely lifted from this compilations book.

Marc T

Not sure why my previous post didn’t make the cut…… But any info on any future Kingmaker deluxe edition(s) would be greatly received… Personally I would be willing to shell out £50 plus for a quality box set!


A bargain at this price it really is a beautiful package.

Marc T

Finally sucummed …. Hoping a Marc Almond reduction is imminent too!!

Also I appreciate this is a bit random but on the back of the recent excellent KOD box, be nice to see something similar for Kingmaker ( massively underrated 90’s indie)…if anyone is aware of anything in the pipeline…post here thanks

Steve W

It’s a much better price but, as others have said, still far too expensive.

Auntie Sabrina

It ought to have been £40 when first releassed…


Thanks Paul. Big fan so finally ordered. Original price was a joke.

If I remember correctly there was a fault with this boxset at launch. Obviously no idea what Amazon will send, but was the problem only with the listing on the back paper sleeve of box ? rather than CDs themselves ?

Erik van der Scheer

Beware of the printing error in the booklet and the outside back sheet. Universal had promised to replace the faulty booklets and sheets. But I still haven’t received mine (after two months).

Graeme Black

I got my replacements a couple of wks ago.


They are definitely sending them our as I got mine about a month or so ago…


Or surprised as massively overpriced and still £10 too much – bring it in at £3o and will bite


The R.E.M. Out Of Time Deluxe 4 Disc version for $27 including shipping to New York City, advertised in the top right widget (but not in an article) is at least as good of a deal if not better. I grabbed it immediately. Been waiting for that box to price-decrease to in the $30’s but $27??? No VAT also helps for Non-European shipping. Crazy deal!!! Thank you Paul, what a stealth wednesday afternoon this is. I also grabbed all the Crowded House deluxe’s. $8 for each of those. Crazy today!!!

Simon F

Even at this price it still remains a really disappointing set and I’m not at all tempted.


Yeah, still overpriced

Noel Fitzsimons

Cheers Paul

N Fitz


Thank you again Paul, two deals in one afternoon.

Matthew Jessee

Thanks, Paul! Ordered!


Tempting i must admit….but I’ll hold off in the hope the vinyl gets reduced


Vinyl is reduced on the hmv website at the moment I believe. Or it was last night – £40.


Well, this deluxe Edition must have been in demand like rotten eggs. I thought there were hardcore League fans who would buy all the copies within the first week. Seems that even the real fan base doesn’t buy everything. Nice to know.

Joseph Whitcher

Looks like that ended pretty quickly!

Noel Fitzsimons

No its still there on Amazon

eric slangen

Although indeed a massive discount it’s still too expensive I think.
Bring it down to 30 and I will buy it.