Deal alert / Kate Bush: Before The Dawn 4LP deluxe vinyl box set

Best price to date for the 4LP vinyl box set edition of Kate Bush‘s Before The Dawn on Amazon Italy right now.

Like Aerial and 50 Words For Snow, this is surely a future collectible on vinyl, so here is an opportunity not to miss out and at a cracking price of just £35 (€39 – as at 11am GMT, 5/7/17) which is around £22 cheaper than the UK price.

Kate Bush / Before The Dawn 4LP vinyl


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Kevin Barrett

FYI had one delivered for the recent £25 offer and it arrived today, very thin plastic ‘envelope’ with no other interior packaging, and not to the usually high standard of packaging from Amazon. I think its come by Amazon, but actually came from France.

So basically the corners were damaged. Not good enough. Got another one coming from Amazon UK, hope it’s better. Just a heads up.


Kate is full of crap. I heard this month of concerts was totally visual. And listening to the 4 LP set is stagnant. She isn’t the hot 20 year old anymore and is probably quite embarrassed why she was demanding like Robert Fripp to not video tape any of her shows and everyone obeyed her. Or she probably wouldn’t of done them. Then she says for who mostly in the entire world who couldn’t see the shows. She had a professional crew HD a few of the shows. And of course all of that was hype. Because obviously she’s not releasing a DVD. I like to forget this tour ever happened. There was no photos or videos. Just a lot of bootlegs and her official release.


Ah, the horrible sound quality … I really expected it to turn up sooner.

I am listening to the CD version right now (the Aerial section) and the quality ist pristine! You just have to turn up the volume. It has a lot of base though and this is something people are not used to. It is true though that some of the tracks on disc one sound a little muddled and mushy or rumbling. Running Up That Hill for example. I do wonder why there were mixed that way. But the rest???? Absolutely fabulous. Kate’s voice is mixed to the front and you can hear the slightest details. I do have large speakers though. I admit that you cannot listen to the album in low volume. The base is to prominent for that. And it does sound collapsed and horrible that way. And if you have a system that boosts the base on its own, you end up with a mess. I think they wanted it that way. It has more of a feeling being there. Concerts tend to have a lot of base and punch from the base drum. They wanted it to sound different from the usual studio sound.


the digital is less than sublime, for that you need the vinyl version on a decent system :)


Sound of this live album is horrible…


I take it back, of course preview clips are available. My bad.


As someone who didn’t get to the shows, I would appreciate this being available for less than the cost of an arm and a leg. One can’t even listen to any online previews/samples of the music (I understand) and Spotify is a no-go for her it seems for this recording. Very frustrating.


Did Kate ever work with PWL? 80’s was her era and PWL were a huge seller then too, they remixed all sorts of artists, always wondered how ‘Army Dreamers’ would sound remixed by them!!

Stan Butler

The Sensual World produced by PWL. The mind boggles. Mind you they did produce some songs for Judas Priest though they have never been released.


I think it would be a great album for a party, lol


Yes, its a serious enquiry, people knock PWL today, but they created some classic pop tracks and their team made some great remixes for the likes of Debbie Harry and Erasure

Hazell Dean Fan

Matt Pop did an awesome mix of ‘Running up that Hill’ – it was not an official release sadly but check it out on youtube, it gives the song a new lease of life!!


I listened to the Matt Pop mix and it is actually really good, surprisingly……

Friar Tucks

She needs to re-release This Womans Work with a disc of her videos and catalog of remixes…..


yes, more remixes please……similar package to the forthcoming Liza ‘results’ album with full remix packages!!

Pete Muscutt

As Alan Partridge would say: “Lovely stuff!” – funnily enough I was looking at this in Fopp Records in London the other week for £60, so thanks for the £20 saving there Paul!


Listening to the clips i can’t tell the difference between to original recordings and this ‘live’ recording. Was she miming or is she really that good a singer she can recreate the original sound years and years after first recording them. This is a serious question, I’m not having a go at KB so don’t have a go at me for asking!

David M

Things only become collectible if demand outweighs supply. That doesn’t seem to be the case for this vinyl set even though it is very nice.


Cheers Paul, ordered as investment cost £40 including P&P and exchange rate

Greens Pizza

I love me some Kate Bush

Nigel Massey

What about the much anticipated Blue-ray of the show – will it ever be released?

Greens Pizza

I believe it is due to be released this xmas

Tom of FIN

It is a fact, that there were video camera crew and stands in the shows, but maybe her majesty has scrapped the live video release plan or for her own use only.

Stan Butler

In the interview with the BBC to promote Before The Dawn audio release , Kate offered no likelihood that there would ever be a DVD/BR release. She even raved about how much better a live album is than the visual. I was lucky enough to be at one of the shows and would love to see it all again.