Deal Alert / Kate Bush: Before The Dawn four-LP vinyl box set

Superb price for the 4LP vinyl box set edition of Kate Bush‘s Before The Dawn on Amazon Italy right now.

Kate Bush vinyl has a bad habit of going out-of-print rather quickly (see: Aerial and 50 Words For Snow) so here is an opportunity not to miss out and at a cracking price of just £37 (€44 – as at 3pm GMT, 28/4/17) which is around £23 cheaper than the UK price.

Kate Bush / Before The Dawn 4LP vinyl


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Jim Edwards

I seem to remember Paul referring to the so called “single” being a bit pointless that’s all.


Ordered this and don’t even have a record player and already have the cd but wanted it for my collection. Thanks Paul.


Got a copy at 44 euros at 18:00
Be quick !!!


French time !!!


Not a pointless and drab release after all Paul?
This release irritated you for some reason. Perhaps you were declined an interview / kudos / respect ?


Craig Smith

Got the despatch notification yesterday and have just had it delivered, less than 24 hours later.
As seems to be the case with most of the deals I’ve picked up recently on Amazon France & Italy this has actually come from the local Scottish Amazon depot which I’m sure, for logistical reasons, makes sense to Amazon?

Glad to see that it came in slightly better packaging than the recent Sting Studio Collection box set which was really poorly protected in a box which was way too big and contained no additional packing to stop it moving around inside the box.
The outter box was badly damaged on arrival but thankfully (and surprisingly) the actual box set inside was ok.
Sent a complaint to Amazon but have had no reply.

Anyway, the Kate Bush box set is lovely and sounds great!

Thanks again Paul!


Postage is on top of the £38 isn’t it? I paid £48.24 from Amazon Germany around the time of Black Friday, but that included postage.

Peter Muscutt

Have to agree with the comments on the CD version – sound seems very quiet and to experience to the full you really need to crank up the volume! Although that’s never a bad thing with a bit of Kate Bush…! May invest in the vinyl though, seems a nice set to have. We can keep hoping for the vinyl/CD/Bluray set in about ten years though!!!


I have the CD and I’m with Stephen on this – the volume of BTD is painfully low and the ‘mix’ sounds flat and muffled.

David White

Looking on the Italian site noticed that the evanescence vinyl box set is 84 euros , a saving over U.K.
Both Kate Bush and the above just ordered!

Niles Robard

bleugh – 25 euros for shipping to Canada. Used to cheap shipping from Amazon.

elliott buckingham

I have the cd and cant fault the sound at all absolutely no brickwalling and crystal clear


Got it for 50 Euros in the last black friday deal. Absolutely worth it price! So I can only encourage erveryone for this price.
@Stephen: I am really happy with the sound of the vinyl. So it’s more a “warm” than a “analytical” sound (the reason why I prefere vinyl). I think James Guthrie did a good job. But I can’t imagine, that the digital and the analogue mix are that different, so perhaps you have different expectations. In the end it is a live recording.

Chris Squires

Thanks Paul.

Bought one as a spare… always good to have a back-up.

Italy, showing the rest of Europe up!


Thank you, SDE ! Gotta love a spare copy

Stephen Braithwaite

If the sound is anything like the CD mix, I think I’ll pass. Was extremely disappointed with the dull sound of the CD. It sounded like I was listening through several blankets with a lack of higher frequencies – and that was through a decent hi-fi.

Craig Smith

Nice one Paul!

Been watching prices on this for a while now and have seen it listed on some sites for as much as £70!
Glad I waited :-)