Deal alert / Kurt Cobain / Montage of Heck: Home Recordings deluxe edition

So cheap is this deluxe soundtrack to last year’s Kurt Cobain documentary, that it’s not so much Montage of Heck, but rather ‘what the heck’…

This is the 31-track expanded audio companion to Brett Morgan’s film (which premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Festival) and it contains raw cassette recordings and early demos, including Cobain’s take on The Beatles’ And I Love Her.

There’s no point pretending the material within is all of the highest quality – some of it is, shall we say, ‘challenging’ – but it has its moments and is obviously interesting from a historical perspective. And it’s just £2.99.


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Kurt Cobain

Montage Of Heck - The Home Recordings


Track listing

  1. “The Yodel Song” – 3:37
  2. “Been a Son” (demo) – 1:21
  3. “What More Can I Say” – 3:09
  4. “1988 Capitol Lake Jam Commercial” – 1:27
  5. “The Happy Guitar” – 2:12
  6. “Montage of Kurt” – 2:12
  7. “Beans” – 1:22
  8. “Burn the Rain” – 1:17
  9. “Clean Up Before She Comes” (demo) – 2:35
  10. “Reverb Experiment” – 2:52
  11. “Montage of Kurt II” – 1:09
  12. “Rehash” – 2:35
  13. “You Can’t Change Me / Burn My Britches / Something in the Way” (demo) – 4:19
  14. “Scoff” (demo) – 0:37
  15. “Aberdeen” – 4:19
  16. “Bright Smile” – 1:56
  17. “Underground Celebritism” – 0:29
  18. “Retreat” – 2:13
  19. “Desire” – 2:27
  20. “And I Love Her” – 2:05
  21. “Sea Monkeys” – 0:55
  22. “Sappy” (demo) – 2:30
  23. “Letters to Frances” – 2:05
  24. “Scream” – 0:32
  25. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle” (demo) – 4:24
  26. “Kurt Ambiance” – 0:26
  27. “She Only Lies” – 2:47
  28. “Kurt Audio Collage” – 0:25
  29. “Poison’s Gone” – 2:12
  30. “Rhesus Monkey” – 0:44
  31. “Do Re Mi (Medley)” – 10:11



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Surprised so many people here are down on hearing the early versions of a song. Personally, I love hearing how a song evolved, so getting these scraps was great. I get the other side of it though. Maybe these songs would’ve been more ‘accepted’ if they were an extra disc on box set? There’s been some low-quality Nirvana stuff put out before, but tacked onto sets with the high-quality stuff, none of it had the same backlash as this soundtrack.


One thing the internet’s is undoubtedly good for: showing how many crazy people there are in the world…

Daniel Wylie

Expressing an honest opinion is not crazy. It beats sycophancy and bullshit hands down.


I would not be surprised if there are yet MORE unreleased Cobain recordings though mainly with Nirvana. I hope stuff like this happens more in the future but as special features to re-releases by artists!


…and in the meantime Geffen who was responsible for the advertising for the Democrats helped bring about Obama who was frankly similar to Michael Jackson. He met the publics perception of a safe black person. One who looked “Presidential and was beautiful”. No one will find Geffen on his city sized yacht (where ever on Earth) while others who were responsible for Obama and Obama Care coming about will laugh at the ease to which they got the American public to surrender their freedom and prosperity. As convincingly displayed here on Charlie Rose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pkqn6wsrUfs. No conspiracy. Just facts. All out in the open. And yes, relevent to Nirvana. Fucking crazy ass shit. Lay it on me! I’m not supposed to be pissed off with these people as someone who was a Michael Jackson die hard and someone hell bent to defend freedom and capitalism?! Shit.

Mad Earwig

Reading your very arrogant posts, makes me believe you are about 17-23 years old yet I have cheese that is more mature than you.

This site is not a hysteria fest for little boys who think they know it all, take yourself and your swearing back to YouTube where you obviously came from.


I laugh when Michael said the Jews betrayed him. No they did not per se. But his supposed two best friends Geffen and Spielberg did. The writing is on the wall. I won’t go into the fact that the father of the first accuser was Jewish because that is unnecessary and I think irrelevant for the most part. My point still being that while at least “all of the Jews” did not betray him there certainly were some and whom he considered his best friends.


The people who Nirvana appealed to didn’t suddenly stop religiously buying every release by Jackson – the majority would never have bought a single Jackson album.

Nirvana were undoubtedly boosted by MTV, but that was no different than every single big selling artist of the MTV era – Jackson himself being a major beneficiary. MTV was one of the major factors being the enormous sales figures for Thriller.

The only connection between the two was Nevermind happened to replace Dangerous at the top of the chart and it is a very rare moment that an absolute mega star with an enormous promotional budget loses the chart peak to an artist that 4 months prior was almost entirely unknown within the mainstream.

Nevermind was probably the first album that unified pretty much all fans of alternative music the world over, and then had a healthy additional sales kick from general music fans curiously about “this grunge thing”, and who liked Smells Like Teen Spirit, which next to the majority of the material on mainstream platforms sounded entirely unique at the time.


I don’t know. This seems like a fair price for what is little more than the result of crows picking at a corpse by the side of the road.

Jesus, what next?


Wow, seems the conspiracy theorists have found SDE!


Alexkk ? The sub pop momentum has been gaining ground since the late 80’s – I had a mate who had nirvana 1st lp on import in 1989 – teen spirit was a ground breaking single video whatever from a great lp – no conspiracy against Michael Jackson – post thriller his music declined and the era of 80’s mega stars also declined – look at prince and Madonna , even Springsteen – all started to struggle to repeat their huge success in the 90’s just as the sixties and seventies stars struggled in the 80’s – recent past always dates quicker before coming back into vogue and gets reassessed


Really? What’s next? A release of Kurt Cobain’s funeral music? I second the sentiment that Nevermind was good, Heart shaped box brilliant and Pearl Jam the much better band overall. Peace.


I went to see the film at the cinema. loved it. and was all set to get the cd after hearing the bits in the film. for me I think it was hearing them in context of the film that I loved. I think getting the cd and then hearing *not so good quality* recordings just on their own … just would bug me – and I probably wouldn’t listen to it very much after one listen. that said. love nirvana. had a ticket for the birmingham 94 gig (that would later end up being cancelled)


Soaked in Bleach, for anyone that missed this coming out at the same time: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3253624/


They were “game changers” only after they were used by MTV and those who hated Michael Jackson to disenfranchise his supporters. It only worked in the U.S. per se though. No “arrogance” on my part. Just the facts. I think “Dangerous” at the time sold at least as much as “Nevermind” at twenty five million worldwide. Yet you wouldn’t know that though from all of the Obama worship given to “get on our Nirvs-ana”. Yet somehow Michael Jackson was a “has been” and these nothing no bodies some how “stole the show”?! What a joke. I don’t recall them getting a billion dollar contract at any point. Jesus fucking Christ.

Charles Hodgson

I bought this today for £2.99 (thanks). Home demos don’t bother me. Jeez, I’d take anything from Van Morrison ’68, Alex Chilton ’75-’80, Arthur Lee ’66-’70, Skip Spence, Syd Barrett, etc. So why not Kurt?

I’m old enough to remember what a breath of fresh air they were in 1991 at the fag end of “Madchester”. I can vividly remember the big dance floor at the top of Potterrow in Edinburgh just erupting with everybody going crazy when “Teen Spirit” came on. They weren’t (morally) responsible for the dreadful grunge boom that followed, rather I remember them being in the vanguard of a whole host of great new bands from the States at that time; Slint, Pavement, Mercury Rev, Sebadoh, Superchunk, Archers Of Loaf etc. Music was exciting again and the people had spoken. Kurt was also a fan of so much great music and always gave props; Shonen Knife, Vaselines, Axemen, Breeders, Raincoats, etc all benefitted from his enthusiastic support.

Very few truly great groups make the kind of commercial impact that Nirvana did, and also use that mass popularity for good.

(Hilarious comment about Michael Jackson above though! Tin-foil hats!)


Nirvana were / are absolutely brilliant – blew away pretty much everything at their peak – one of the greatest losses to music when kurt died – would love to hear what he would be doing now – one of the true game changing bands that come along every now and again -IMO !

matt charles

so much judgement – let me hear your work?

chill out amigos….

this is a friendly place for people who love music – a wonderfully subjective thing – so don’t ruin it for everyone with your arrogance – or make me arrogant just trying to be calm // out

elliott buckingham

never understood they nirvana hype apart the singles from nevermind I didn’t rate the output at all. I wonder if he was alive today would he still be relevant or be a bob Dylan type artist and selling records on his past greatness

Le Baron

Today he would have replaced Axl Rose in AC/DC… :D

Daniel Wylie

I wouldn’t take this album for free. It’s a disgusting cash in using material he would never have approved of. There is absolutely nothing of worth on it and if anything, it damages his reputation by showing how utter crap most of his home demos were. Dreadful.


Nirvana were just a front for MTV and the haters to hurt Michael Jackson…


Mystery solved!


Rubbish…I wouldn’t want it if it was free…he couldn’t sing the band was so over rated.


I think this band is overrated too.


Yeah, £2.99 is very tempting (incidentally, it’s £5 in Fopp, for anyone who wants to buy it from an actual shop, or £3 for the non-deluxe) but do I really want to listen to this? I’m not sure I do.


£2.99 you say ?? Don’t mind if I do thanks


There’s a reason some things were never meant to be released to the public… This whole release is such a sad barrel-scraping exercise. At some point you (as someone compiling/trying to release this) have to wonder “would the deceased artist have ever let this come out?” before just “catering to the fans” (ie trying to make a quick buck) for such cynical releases.


Thanks Paul!

Phil Wilson

The japanese SHM deluxe version is only £3.88 on Amazon.co.uk

Dr Avalanche

Thanx! Ordered right away. :)


It may be Kurt but sadly it’s woefully bad. Even $5 wouldn’t tempt me
I have all the Nirvana CDs


Excellent – can’t argue with £2.99


Its Kurt…….history !