Deal alert / Lazarus Cast Album 3LP set


CRAZY price for the triple black vinyl version of the cast album of David Bowie and Enda Walsh’s musical Lazarus, on Amazon Spain right now…

The 3LP set, which I’ve been loving recently (having been lucky enough to see the show last week) is just a little over £14 right now (or €17). This is less than HALF the UK price!


Compare prices and pre-order


Lazarus (Original Cast Recording) [VINYL]


3LP Edition

Side 1
1. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) – Ricky Nelson
2. Lazarus – Michael C. Hall and Original New York Cast of Lazarus
3. It’s No Game – Michael C. Hall, Lynn Craig, and Original New York Cast of Lazarus
4. This Is Not America – Sophia Anne Caruso and Original New York Cast of Lazarus
5. The Man Who Sold the World – Charlie Pollack

Side 2
1. No Plan – Sophia Anne Caruso
2. Love Is Lost – Michael Esper and Original New York Cast of Lazarus
3. Changes – Cristin Milioti and Original New York Cast of Lazarus
4. Where Are We Now? – Michael C. Hall and Original New York Cast of Lazarus

Side 3
1. Absolute Beginners – Michael C. Hall, Cristin Milioti, Michael Esper, Sophia Anne Caruso, Krystina Alabado, and Original New York Cast of Lazarus
2. Dirty Boys – Michael Esper
3. Killing a Little Time – Michael C. Hall
4. Life On Mars? – Sophia Anne Caruso
5. All the Young Dudes – Nicholas Christopher, Lynn Craig, Michael Esper, Sophia Anne Caruso, and Original New York Cast of Lazarus

Side 4
1. Sound And Vision – David Bowie
2. Always Crashing In The Same Car – Cristin Milioti
3. Valentine’s Day – Michael Esper and Original New York Cast of Lazarus
4. When I Met You – Michael C. Hall and Krystina Alabado
5. Heroes – Michael C. Hall, Sophia Anne Caruso, and Original New York Cast of Lazarus

Side 5
1. Lazarus – David Bowie
2. No Plan – David Bowie
3. Killing a Little Time – David Bowie
4. When I Met You – David Bowie

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Those of us old enough to remember album cut out bins will surely recollect seeing several David Bowie records in them…..


Do the prices in Spain, Germany, France etc suggest that this isn’t exactly flying off the shelves in Europe ?

David M

I would think so. The cynical idea of putting 3 unreleased Bowie tracks on an album that hardly anyone would otherwise buy seems not to be paying off.



Mr x

Hmmmm. Sounds OK but holding out for who can I be now vinyl going lower

(I can hope)

Steve W

Very good price but as I got the white vinyl AND bought the cd I’m good thanks. :)


I love this recording and I simply don’t understand the dismissal of it from many Bowie fans as simply a bunch of cover versions. Bowie was intimately involved in the arrangements of these songs and collaborated with Henry Hay in bringing them to the stage. He was involved every step of the way and was also largely responsible for the casting decisions. One must assume then, that this is exactly how he wanted these songs to sound. Anyone who saw Bowie on the Outside tour will recognise the arrangement on The Man Who Sold The World for starters.

The version of Heroes on this recording breaks my heart, particularly after seeing the play, where (SPOILERS) it is performed after the dialogue between Newton and the girl, which is clearly and unambiguously Bowie talking to his teenage daughter about his own mortality and his imminent death.


Just because Bowie was involved with this does not make it compulsory for his fans to enjoy it. I haven’t bought his and won’t buy it but a friend did make me suffer it (twice!) and it sounds like Bowie night on the X-Factor to be honest. I’m not knocking those who have bought it and enjoy listening to it, just responding to your reasoning.


No, it’s not compulsory to enjoy it, but I think that a lot of people who dismiss it have misunderstood his involvement. I’ve seen more than one online criticism from fans stating that Bowie would “turn in his grave” if he heard these versions of his songs. Well, not only had he heard them, he helped to arrange them and cast the actors singing them.

John Hirst

I’m just going to look at the white vinyl and go La La La with my fingers in my ears ;)


Good price, but frankly this music is awful.


Already gone up to 21.99 euros, so very good spot.




Got it for about 18.62 after taxes, shipping, but not sure if missed a trick re shipping cost as have prime.


Shipping to the US is 14 euros :-( It’s still $13 cheaper (inc taxes) than Amazon.com though.