Deal alert / League of Gentlemen ‘Vinyl Cuts’ 12LP coloured vinyl box set

The recently announced 12LP coloured vinyl box set of British comedy TV series The League of Gentlemen is now even cheaper!

This lavish vinyl box has been put together in collaboration with creators Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson and comes with a photo print SIGNED by them (along with four 12″ prints of the series artwork )

The audio features the original BBC radio series, and every episode of the first three TV series presented as four 3LP gatefold sets.This set is now just £96, down from £120.

It’s released on 2 November 2018.

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On The Town With The League Of Gentlemen

A guest At The Dentons
Death By Mau Mau

LP 2
Go To Joan Glover
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

LP 3
A Kind Of Loving
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

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Series One – A Local Shop For Local People

LP 4
Welcome To Royston Vasey
The Road To Royston Vasey

LP 5
Nightmare In Royston Vasey
The Beast Of Royston Vasey

LP 6
Love Comes To Royston Vasey
Escape From Royston Vasey

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Series Two – You’re My Wife Now

LP 7
Destination: Royston Vasey
Lust For Royston Vasey

LP 8
A Plague On Royston Vasey
Death In Royston Vasey

LP 9
Anarchy In Royston Vasey
Royston Vasey And The Monster From Hell

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Series Three – Do You Want A Bag With That?

LP 10
The Lesbian And The Monkey
The One Armed man Is King

LP 11
Turn Again Geoff Tipps
The Medusa Touch

LP 12
Beauty And The beast (Or Come Into My Parlour)
How The Elephant Got It’s Trunk

Exclusive one sided 7” single of Creme Brulee’s ‘Voodoo
Lady’ with etched B-side

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You bugger – you’re costing us a fortune but the Creme Brûlée 7” clinched it (and the price drop)!

Andrew Hapeman

Shoot!!! I thought it was Fripp!!!!!!


Ha! Me too. Oh, well.


I got excited this was Bob Fripp’s old new wave band


Ordered and got the price drop. I would love this on CD


Wonderful chance to see Barbara Dixon again God bless her x

Chris Squires

Phew and wow. It seems to have shot back up to £140.
So those of us that snagged the £95 price for the few hours it was up at that seem to have been extremely lucky. Thank you so much Paul.

Michael Sloanes

Great news already had my pre-order in so got the price drop


Sorry that it’s probably been asked many times before but if you buy pre-orders from Amazon, when is the money debited from your account – now or upon release date? And if the former, what about their lowest-price guarantee for people who pre-order?


When dispatched your card is debited. I pre ordered this a few weeks ago, I’ve just checked my account and it’s now showing I’ll be charged £95 not £125


You’re debited when it’s dispatched.


Thanks guys, you’re the best!

You know Dave ?

Is it Local ???
From a Local shop and made by Local people ?????

peter mckenna

Done…was going to buy this anyway, now it is a genuine bargain. Thanks yet again Paul!


Lots to listen to while you’re recuperating from the operation.
Don’t forget to stock up on snacks beforehand.

John 79

Thanks Paul,just ordered great value,
Happy days

Chris Squires

Who *really* needs two kidneys?

A brilliant 12 LP set for under £100 notes? Was going to have to give this a miss…until now.