Deal alert / Lennon Signature box


Great deal at the moment for the 11CD John Lennon Signature box set over on Amazon Spain.

This includes the albums Plastic Ono Band, Imagine, Some Time In New York City (two disc version), Mind Games, Walls and Bridges, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Double Fantasy (one disc version) and Milk & Honey. It also comes with two bonus CDs of non-album singles and rare/previously unreleased material including studio outtakes and home recordings. These are exclusive to this set. A hard bound book with liner notes, essays, poems, photos etc. completes the package, along with a commemorative John Lennon print.

Hurry to pick this up for about £48 (€54)– less than £4.50 per disc. If this deal goes quickly then Amazon France is also great value at almost £30 less than UK price.



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Box is gonna be available the following week for currently about EUR 63 from Amazon Spain again, which, I suppose, is still a good price.

Dr Avalanche

Got my box delivered yesterday! Talk about fast!
Thanx for this SDE deal alert Paul.


LOL Kenny…
“Always wondered why “Live Peace In Toronto” was left off this set.”

Agree, although her contributions to Sometime In New York City are a little more palatable and I think by the time of Double Fantasy she was right on the money for the era..ie B52’s, Talking Heads etc.

But yeah..side 2 of Live Peace is a stinker! LOL.


John Blutarski

too late!

Mike Pendlebury

Bought! One interesting observation is that Amazon Spain charged me around 16 Euros to import this to the US. That made it very close to the price that Amazon France are charging (£55 as opposed to £58 to ship to the States).


Always wondered why “Live Peace In Toronto” was left off this set.

Mark McKendrick

Shame she’s on a few of them, tho’.


Who are you talking about as in she ?


The cat’s mother.


I paid three times the Spanish deal alert price for it in Liverpool. Suppose I was escatic looking forward to the tours of John & Pauls homes, so I can forgive myself. Great box and memories though!!


I paid for this box 140 EUR or so 5 years ago. This things hurts :-)

Le Baron

MP3: EUR 124,49
CD de audio: EUR 56,41

Physical music is killing the mp3 industry !! :) :)

Jesper Jensen


Alvy Singer

Lennon’s on sale again. :)

Grabbed it from Amazon Spain. €64 to my door.
Thanks for that.