Deal alert / Manic Street Preachers Postcards From A Young Man box set

Fantastic price right now, for the special ‘mementos’ deluxe box set edition of the Manic Street Preachers 2010 album Postcards From A Young Man….

This set features an amazing scrapbook designed by Nicky Wire, a CD, DVD and cassette tape (featuring all the demos) and more. We have a limited supply of brand new and sealed boxes on the SDE shop, ShopSuperDeluxe.com for just £39 – a massive saving over everywhere else (see below). These originally retailed for over £100!


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Bruce Hoffman

Postage to US was as much as the set ridiculous

Darren Sumner

Postage either way to the states is expensive, SDE can’t be blamed for that.

Larry Davis

I do have the complete 2009 Japanese “4 Real” series CDs (very expensive) and they don’t fit in my CD tower…too big…so they are in a box…will have to see about this set…for an extra demo on tape?? Hmmmm. What I’d rather have for a good price is a “Generation Terrorists” deluxe box…will eventually get the “Everything Must Go 20” box…in time…


Received this package today. Thanks! It is a nice box, especially the scrapbook ….. although one wonders why the box has to be so big … At least it can hold all other Manics CDs … and the National Treasures set, and and if I remove the elevation carton …. my shoes. Oh wait was that the idea? Postcards in a shoebox?

Darren Sumner

Just ordered


just got reply from Paul – I totally understand Paul, don’t stress..

“Hi Graeme,

As you have noted the item has already shipped. Apologies, but your email wasn’t picked up because we’ve been working flat out shipping all the orders today!

Best thing is to not open it and simply return the box – using second class post (should be £2.85) – to:

PO Box 68477,
London N16 1EN

I’ll make sure you get reimbursed for postage etc.


From my side I just had something come up that i forgot about (motorbike insurance) and panicked!! will have to use other card but this is NOT any fault of Paul OR SDE etc.

cheers Paul, I KNOW “YOU” are not an AMAZON style outfit. G.


I ordered and then had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances at
“8 Feb at 7:46 PM”

i then advised via email and link to the store – as of 17.05pm today i have had no reply to my cancellation request . i have just received email saying “Your order is on the way to you. Track your shipment to see the delivery status.” This item was cancelled prior to shipping by me so will need returned. I dont know why there is no “cancel” on the store itself. Do i refuse delivery or return, i assume postage costs will be reimbursed as i have advised not to send. There is also no option to “change payment method”.


So over packaged for what little content is in the very extremely large box! Apart from the album there is nothing else in this deluxe edition I would want and certainly not a cassette tape I can not even listen to as no tape player these days.

Mike Gray

Believe the demos are just on tape despite being on the 2CD book version of the album, it’s why I never bought this box at the time.


so are the demos also on CD or just on the tape? is there a download code?

Larry Davis

I never bought this set in the first place because the demos are on tape not cd…i bought the 2cd bookbox instead for the demos cd and it has a replica of the scrapbook in the booklet so im good…


Agreed. I’m a huge Manics fan, but the 2cd set was enough for me on this one. The £100 original pricepoint was ridiculous.


great stuff Paul, Purchased maintenant!!!!


such a good “shout” man, Cheers from Dundee. read the site several times daily!!!!