Deal alert / Neil Young: The Visitor 2LP

Ludicrously cheap price right now for Neil Young‘s latest album The Visitor on double vinyl LP in the USA.

Young’s 39th album was only issued in December and was recorded with Promise Of The Real. This double vinyl is an incredible $8 at the moment, which is about £6. Shipped to the UK it’s about £11 (no taxes). By way of comparison, it’s £25 in Britain.

Track listing

1. Already Great
2. Fly By Night Deal
3. Almost Always
4. Stand Tall
5. Change of Heart
6. Carnival
7. Diggin’ a Hole
8. Children of Destiny
9. When Bad Got Good
10. Forever

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Peter Stanton

Arrived today excellently packaged.

Thanks again for the alert

J. Wasko

You guys are late. This LP is a running joke on the Reddit deals boards as to when it’s going to be free. It changes price daily and the lowest so far I think has been $7.99 the other day. Fantastic deal for a really good LP

David M

Acrually 1.5LPs (3 sided), I got it at this price (or slightly higher), side 2 had some damage on it, not sure how widespread that is.


Thanks Paul, I just ordered my copy from the U.S.

Much cheaper than buying it from the U.K. including shipping, what a great deal.


$10.65 in the US!
This is crazy! Thanks Paul!


And it’s only his “latest” album for another couple of weeks!! Thought that the movie Paradox was pretty terrible, I got the story and the point of it…but like most of Young’s movie projects exists purely for the music, which was great. Based on the music the album should be great

Wayne Olsen

Got it! Can’t wait… Thanks so much.

Wayne Olsen

Got it! Can’t wait… Thanks so much.

Peter Stanton

I just got stitched up, £11.86.

I have always liked Neil so this has got to be worth a go. I haven’t bought from Amazon US before, always wary of the tax, but this looks to be OK. There have been some good US deals which I should have gone for in the past.

CJ Feeney

Amazon US have a good arrangement for tax. As they add on estimated custom fees at checkout, it doesn’t get held by the carrier until you pay. If the customs charge is not levied, Amazon refund you after delivery.

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ _`_

RIP OFF!!! i paid bloody $11 for this, bloody Yankies. 8-))


I bought a copy when you flagged it up earlier. It’s a nice pressing, gatefold sleeve, lyric sheet and one side of vinyl etched in a pleasing fashion. I’m very pleased to own it

Mark W

Picked this up on the previous US offer, which wasn’t quite as cheap as this. Arrived in the UK in less than a week, and there were no taxes as Paul has stated.
If you’re a Neil Young fan don’t hesitate, it’s a great album.


I totally agree, it is a great album, full of interesting tunes. As for the lyrical content, well, it’s as socially and politically charged as anything NY has put out in recent times. His restlessness and creativity are admirable.

Peter Reeves

Got this last time around. Amazing deal. Thanks Paul


Cheers paul , at that price AND with postage too it still isn’t any where near enough to attract VAT and the dreaded P.O. handling charge ……..and I don’t even like Neil Young!

Jim Breeds

Brilliant price! Thanks Paul. I’ve bagged one. £11.33 inc. shipping.


Bought this on March 3rd under a previous deal alert (I think it had gone up to about $11, by the time I ordered). It was delivered in a week.

Amazing value when you consider the usual price of NY vinyl.


Did I just buy this LP for £11.27p??? Yup.

Cheers, Paul.

Justin (uk)

Cheers Paul- £11 incl shipping (o: now for massey hall to be reduced pls…