Deal alert / Ocean Colour Scene: Marchin' Already super deluxe


Britpop favourites Ocean Colour Scene followed up Moseley Shoals in 1997 with the number one album Marchin’ Already which contains three top ten hits including Hundred Mile High City.

Last year’s super deluxe is a 3CD+DVD package which contains B-sides, radio sessions, Live at Manchester Apollo on CD and the DVD of Travellers Tunes: Live at Stirling Castle. You also get a book, poster, badges etc. This is normally priced around the £30 mark, but on Amazon Germany at the time of writing it is one third of that price!

Move quickly to grab this set for the incredible price of just €14 or about £10!


Track listing

Disc: 1

  • 1. Hundred Mile High City
  • 2. Better Day
  • 3. Travellers Tune
  • 4. Big Star
  • 5. Debris Road
  • 6. Besides Yourself
  • 7. Get Blown Away
  • 8. Tele He’s Not Talking
  • 9. Foxy’s Folk Faced
  • 10. All Up
  • 11. Spark And Cindy
  • 12. Half A Dream Away
  • 13. It’s A Beautiful Thing

Disc: 2

  • 1. Falling To The Floor
  • 2. The Face Smiles Back Easily
  • 3. Hello Monday
  • 4. Song For The Front Row
  • 5. On The Way Home
  • 6. All God’s Children Need Travelling Shoes
  • 7. The Best Bet On Chinaski
  • 8. On And On
  • 9. Mariners Way
  • 10. Going Nowhere For A While
  • 11. Expensive Chair
  • 12. Song Of A Baker

Radio Sessions

  • 13. Song For The Front Row (acoustic)
  • 14. Debris Road (acoustic)
  • 15. Travellers Tune (acoustic)
  • 16. Hundred Mile High City
  • 17. Travellers Tune
  • 18. Spark And Cindy


  • 19. Blown Away
  • 20. Hello Monday
  • 21. Expensive Chair
  • 22. It’s A Beautiful Thing

Disc 3: Live at Manchester Apollo 22/2/98

  • 1. Hundred Mile High City
  • 2. Better Day
  • 3. Travellers Tune – Ocean Colour Scene, P.P. Arnold
  • 4. Lining Your Pockets
  • 5. One For The Road
  • 6. The Circle
  • 7. You’ve Got It Bad
  • 8. 40 Past Midnight
  • 9. It’s My Shadow
  • 10. The Riverboat Song
  • 11. Get Blown Away
  • 12. Debris Road
  • 13. The Day We Caught The Train
  • 14. Get Away
  • 15. Foxy’s Folk Faced
  • 16. I Wanna Stay Alive With You
  • 17. It’s A Beautiful Thing – Ocean Colour Scene, P.P. Arnold
  • 18. Song Of A Baker – Ocean Colour Scene, P.P. Arnold

Disc 4: Travellers Tunes: Live at Stirling Castle (DVD)

  • 1. Hundred Mile High City
  • 2. Better Day
  • 3. Travellers Tune
  • 4. Blown Away
  • 5. The Circle
  • 6. Besides Yourself
  • 7. This Understanding
  • 8. The Riverboat Song
  • 9. Debris Road
  • 10. Lining Your Pockets
  • 11. The Day We Caught The Train
  • 12. One For The Road
  • 13. It’s My Shadow
  • 14. You’ve Got It Bad
  • 15. Get Away
  • 16. Robin Hood
  • 17. I Wanna Stay Alive With You
  • 18. Day Tripper

Ocean Colour Scene / "Marchin' Already" 3CD+DVD box set


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some dude has this on ebay for 19.99 plus 3 quid postage if anyone is interested

stephen gilmour

Missed this due to the time diff in Oz – Paul the fact you go to sleep and do not do 24 hour postings is doing your subscribers a dis-service ;)


Yes, thanks! Ordered yesterday morning and it totaled $19 USD posted to Florida. The live CD and DVD plus extra physical bonuses made me jump on this. Checking this site is a morning ritual for me. Love it!!


That deal did not last long – it was over before I have even read about it.

Chris Brown

Sort of relieved I missed this one, at least I don’t have to worry about finding shelf space for it. I reckon that price was less than I paid for the original album in 1997 though.


Thanks for the deal ! Just Made my order in the afternoon !

At time of writing there is also at CDon.eu a great deal for the Per Gessle 10CD+LP : 56€ instead of 90€! (The price I paid for it !!)

Just as Danny said, we’re always on the edge about these kind of boxes : Shall we pay for it before it’s out and be sure we get the box, or wait for a price drop and maybe, if the item is sold out, miss it?

Glenn Roger

Yes, this was indeed a great deal, but, unfortunately, since living in the US, by the time I got this email and hurried to the site, it was already up to 37 euros and once again for the upteenth time, I didnt get the deal. This happens everytime I get these emails and its like sex without the final finish.


Damn I really want this and it’s back to full price. Anyone buy multiples and want to work a sale or trade?


only if your postcode is S.E. based- then I will aim for an obscene amount as a quite deliberate attempt to re-distribute resources for a greater good. more added if job description is revealed and it is something that produces nothing tangible and is impossible to quantify by it’s title alone. generally, this does not apply to the good users of this site- just gullible more money than sense whoppers please. just part of the ‘difficult decisions’ one has to take in the current climate and under the present government…..

Barry Wenick

I got in, thanks Paul!!


Just missed it! Back at 34 euros now!


Nabbed thanks again Paul!


Thanks Paul – came to £13:67 delivered. Always gets the pulse racing when you check your email and have one titled ‘Deal Alert’. Keep up the good work.

Carl Williams

Thanks Paul for another great deal!


It’s a lottery isn’t it regarding whether to pre-order and pay high prices or wait for the potential big price drops, which may never come and then the item becomes rare and even more expensive on the well known trading sites.

Although most of us eagerly want new releases on the day of release I am thinking about streaming them until the box sets go down and if the price isn’t right then live without it in physical format. It’s not how I want to go but some prices are very restrictive considering the content.

I would like the Bowie box on release day but that too is overpriced considering what you get and I can see it dropping to £60-65 further down the line as similar sets have done.


end of the day- at some stage this will be deleted. that’s when the fun starts. made some predictions to finance other purchases really wanted- sometimes picking up multiples. all part of the game.



Paolo Meccano

Thanks for the heads-up, Paul.

Chris. L.

Sorry, that should have read ‘for less than £14 (inc p&p)’!

Simon F

A real shame that the far superior Mosely Shoals album did not get this SDE treatment. I had Marchin’ Already on vinyl and found it very dull. Far too many ballads, so I shall not be jumping on this one even at this giveaway price.

Chris. L.

Ordered. Haven’t heard that much OCS so, for less than 15€ (inc p&p), thought I’d take the plunge. Cheers Paul.


Thank you Paul!