Deal alert / Paul Weller vinyl


Act fast to grab a great price on the two Paul Weller vinyl reissues (Paul Weller and Wild Wood) which are finally released at the end of this week.

Both of these vinyl reissues were due out in November and were pulled, only to reappear at a much higher price (around £30). However here’s an opportunity to grab both the 1992 debut and 1993’s excellent Wild Wood at something close to the original price – about £17.50 each (€20) by shopping on Amazon France.

grab2 (Paul Weller)



(Wild Wood)



Paul Weller

Uh Huh Oh Yeh
I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You
Round And Round
Remember How We Started
Above The Clouds
Into Tomorrow
Amongst Butterflies
The Strange Museum
Bitterness Rising

Wild Wood

1. Sunflower
2. Can you heal us (holy man)
3. Wild wood
4. Instrumental
5. All the pictures on the wall
6. Has my fire really gone out?
7. Country
8. Instrumental two
9. 5th season
10. The weaver
11. Instrumental
12. Foot of the mountain
13. Shadow of the sun
14. Holy man
15. Moon on your pyjamas

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Check northendhaarlem.nl … very reasonable price and they have these in stock NOW … I ordered them last week and they arrived last weekend in perfect condition.r


Got the wild wood LP today and all perfectly delivered – so big thumbs up to Amazon.Fr!

Now just need to find the best price deal on the next two re-issues!!! Any ideas anyone????


I got a despatch notice today for Wild Wood from amazon.fr. Delivery expected on Thursday 2nd apparently.


Similar experience to the other threads here, got the first album delivered but Wild Wood missing and various emails apologising for lack of delivery! Just translated the latest status – “Estimated delivery on Jan 29, Sending today” – Anyone else out there got the same status or has anyone actually received their copy?

James beresford-wylie

The price for these are shocking , and I don’t believe I’ve seen any single albums at this price point. I wouldn’t buy these on principle , and I haven’t seen anything from PW or his record company justifying the extortionate pricing


Not sure what is going on here, I paid £17.91 each for my copies of Paul Weller and Wild Wood but then again I did order them back when they were first announced in August last year.

Stanley Road is current showing at £34.99 but I am hoping that it will decrease to a similar price before shipping.

The reissued vinyl is lovely though – very faithful to the original as far as I can recall.

Peter Reason

Any ideas on what’s happening with amazon France Orders? Wild wood looks like it won’t arrive. £32 for U.K. Version is a rip off

Denis Woods

Amazon France have mine as not shipped yet. Looks like they will be shipped soon. Still a good price on the site. Saw them in a music chain in Ireland for 45 euro each. Still can’t understand the pricing. And also why didn’t they release the 1994 issue with the song Hung Up on it?.


My £17 pre orders arrived today – lovely as they are – I would be gutted to have paid £35 for them – can’t understand those price tags


I’m pleased to say I’ve received a despatch notice today for both LP’s at £17.91 per, honouring original pre-order price. Bargain!

Alan Wilson

Got Wild Wood today, Paul Weller due tomorrow. There’s certainly very little to justify the rise in the price tag to almost double.

The front cover opens like a book and the vinyl is tucked away inside with a free poster (advertised on the front with a sticker) and a card to claim a free download.

The inner sleeve has a very nice gloss finish to it and looks fantastic.

As for the sound itself on the record, I have to say it’s a bit disappointing, sounds muffled in places and lacks any great clarity, I was expecting a lot more from this if I’m been honest. Let’s see what the next one sounds like, maybe I’ve just got a dodgy copy.


Just received an email from Amazon UK confirming dispatch of Wild Wood vinyl that was ordered last year when the reissues were first announced. They honoured the 17.91 price as well. Don’t cancel your Amazon orders!!


First time i’ve had a go at one of these deals….managed to work my way through the French website with no experience of French…….got a confirmation, both ordered for a little over £40……..now just have to wait and see if they turn up

Alan Wilson

Both Wild Wood and Paul Weller are showing a delivery estimate of the 20th January now when I check my order, still at the original order price of £17.91, I echo Paul’s comment of don’t cancel your UK pre-orders, Amazon are good at honoring most prices/orders.

Simon F

I bought all of this Weller vinyl back in the day when it was first released so that’s a massive saving for me! Still have them all. All highly recommended but beware Heliocentric and beyond. That’s where Weller turns into Eric Clapton for the punk generation. He did regain his muse however on the excellent 22 Dreams.


Thanks Paul, Amazon uk just cancelled my preorder at end of last year so glad to pick these up for same price. Wasnt going to bother at 30+ quid

James C Cortez

this is messed up. have had the first two in my amazon us cart since november at 22.00$ still no shipping date, yet Amazon US listing now says WW 54.00$$ no date and nothing for first album listed any longer. Amazon FR and CA say ”no shipping to USA” on these titles. wtf? and release dates for SR and HS are all over the map.

Martin Bushell

Amazon UK showing delivery Jan 24-26 on the original Aug pre-order, still at £17.91 per! Fingers crossed. Could do with a price drop deal on Stanley Road and Heavy Soul, somehow missed those….

Martin Bushell

Each item was priced at £17.91 on my order confirmation Aug 26th. I guess I will have to wait and see…

Martin Bushell

Not a chance… :)


Hmmm not showing up on Amazon UK (which is where i placed my order back in August last year (!!!).

I hope do actually deliver them.

Chris Squires

Both ordered for £40.32 inclusive of postage.

Rob Deighton

That’s a good price – more of what i would expect them to be. Is there a reason why Amazon UK isn’t listing these at the moment?

Gavin Hilzbrich

Many thanks, Paul

I’ve had both of these on order from different retailers (first in November then again when they were re-posted) only for the orders to either be pulled or for the retailer to contact me and ask for an extra £28 for the two, due to the supplier increasing the costs.

Let’s hope these orders are fulfilled by Amazon France at this price. Very happy with £40, inclusive of postage.

Denis Woods

Thanks Paul

Steven Lade

Thanks for this one! Worth pointing out that today’s exchange rate puts them both closer to £18.50. With postage both cost me £40.00.


How do I get them on autorip if I order from France


I ordered mine from France and they only sent the 1st vinyl. Every 3 days they keep saying we will send wild wood out but they don’t. Amazon france are a joke or a con

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