Deal alert / Pink Floyd: The Early Years 1965-1972 / 27-disc box set


UPDATE:  After looking like the low prices were a thing of the past, Amazon UK is back with a sub-£300 price-tag for the Pink Floyd The Early Years 1965-1972 box set…

This gargantuan 27-disc collection is ‘just’ £294. Should you have issues with blu-rays they can still be replaced.



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As laid up with a dodgy back I’ve loaded all the audio discs into my Sony mega 300 CD player and working thru from the start to end – what’s been lost here is the music is stunning in places – the BBC sessions shine – the gigs have serious power – and due to my pain killers feeling extra enhanced


The discount-price over at AmazonUK is over and now it’s back to the usual price of £329.61
So I think it’s better to wait or get the individual releases then…


Hey, alert for you SDE-readers as the price seems to be going down a bit at the moment.
Not sure what’s happening, but it’s definitely happening again over at AmazonUK.
It’s currently priced at £286.83, I wonder how low will it go.

I was almost going to buy or order the individual sets, but maybe I shall wait and see how the price goes around.


Based on the previous ‘bottom price’ of £218, anything sub £240 to £218 could be realistic again at some point in the future. The previous was late feb/early march, so not that long ago.

John Moore

I gave up on this and decided to pick the new Japanese vinyl LPs with all the extras- beautiful product and you cannot beat the originals! be sure to add these to your collection but there are and will not be any discounts on them!


I’m more worried about how the poor sales/complaints will affect the second box – will it still keep to format and the originl £400 ticket? Reading the comments on this site makes me think that the people that will want it may decide to play the waiting game en masse this time around and not preorder at all until it hits 50% discount.
I’d be very interested in hearing from both the casual PF buyers who want the not inconsiderable quality content and the die-hard PF fans who want everything and are now disappointed that the RSD 12″ wasn’t in the first box and really should have been.
My original opinion: I was perfectly happy with the box at the original price – it’s the dramatic discounts I felt cheated by – so, over to you SDE readers – i’m rather looking forward to plenty of dramatically different replies that seem to be at the heart of Paul’s labor of love…


I’m hoping this is temporary until after the individual box sets have been on sale a few weeks. No reason they won’t drop to £20, which should justify another drop on the complete set. I’d quite like the vinyl singles only available in the complete set, so fingers crossed for something in the £120-160 region…

Philip Cohen

And Now, on Amazon.co.uk, only third party sellers are offering “The Early Years”, with the lowest price being £436.

The question is whether Amazon.co.uk will ever offer “The Early Years” again, or whether it has already been deleted. Admittedly, the sound quality on the 11th CD(the 1967 BBC sessions CD that is not offered outside of the boxed set) has very poor sound quality; often worse than what had already been offered by bootleggers.


Having preordered at full £385 price and had to order replacement discs and then seen prices tumble to £225 – took the shine off this set for me – so had a little grumble to Amazon as a loyal longstanding customer who spends far too much etc – and they were amazing – had to order a new set at £225 – they then arranged for collection for free of old set and have refunded the full preorder price of £385 in full on receipt – whopping £160 saved (or free to spend on something else) – obviously made sure I kept the replaced discs as happy with my original set and sent back the new one unopened – Amazon uk amazing again ( I preordered in July and moaned in February!)
Worth a go to anyone else equally miffed

Nick Jackson

Glad they sorted it for you Gavin. The price has shot back up to £299 now. Yesterday it was £397! Bizarre price fluctuations!

Paul Thomson

Yup, seems to be steadily rising again. Wonder if they kept a couple for a lightning deal :-)

Should also say that the Endless River DVD package is only £4.95 delivered with Prime on Amazon UK just now. A 5.1 set for a fiver is not bad at all even though I’m not a great fan of the post-Waters Floyd.


Nick Jackson

Cheers Paul. Did you get early years box set?

Paul Thomson

I did Nick. Unbelievably Amazon sent me two copies that had obviously been returns and had split boxes (the first also missing the extra DVD and both either without the outer cardboard strip or with a ripped one stuffed inside the box). Ony when I insisted on a NEW copy did I get sent one in the manafacturers cardboard box with all contents intact. Delighted in the box now but genuinely livid at Amazons sharp practice. How are you getting on with yours?

Paul Thomson

Sorry, not extra DVD, extra CD (OBC 2016 mix).

Nick Jackson

Well Paul, my box set is probably a return as the paper wrapper around the memorabilia must have been opened previously as the sticker was dislodged and stuck half way down the wrapper! The eclipse tour program was bent on the back page and now has a permanent crease down the back page!


It’s started to go back up .get it while you can

Nick Jackson

Got it. £219.53


9.55 Monday 27 February 2018: The price is dropping as I look, it`s now £219.21. Will it drop substantially from the current price or just pennies? I`m very, very tempted. Hmmm…..

Nick Jackson

I’m extremely tempted too….not sure whether to hang fire to see if anymore reductions or bite the bullet at £218 before it shoots back up to £350 ish!!!!

Paul Thomson

Succumbed at £230 today but is now at £228. Keeping an eye in case I need to cancel and reorder if it drops some more as these copies are now from Amazon EU so assuming this is last of the overstock being sold off.

Nick Jackson

Now it’s £226. Has dropped 6 times since last night. Sometimes by a few pence, then a few pounds. Bizarre price reductions

Paul Thomson

Just re-ordered at £224…will check to see if the downward trend continues tomorrow morning.

Nick Jackson

Very tempted to order it myself. Gutted I missed the £137 lightning deal in January

Paul Thomson

Just cancelled/reordered again at £219. Wish they would just have set a price in the first instance rather than play brinksmanship with the, what I assume are, last overstock copies. I imagine they’re running stocks down ahead of the individual sets being released as those will probably bottom out at the £20-25 mark after initial sales pricing of around £40.

Not completely sure about Paul’s editorial this week. Whilst I agree with the general jist of it, this jarred a little:

“One of life’s contradictions is that if you’re someone who likes to get in early – and by that I mean you are loyal to a brand or in this case, a band – there’s a distinct possibility someone less passionate than you will stroll along later and casually pick up the same product for a better price or a better product for the same price.”

The determining factor for me was not passion but pocket. Had I the means, I would have loved to get in early and have followed the price of this set since release in the hope the price would fall to something more reasonable. Even now I know I shouldn’t be spending such a large sum (to me) on it and am feeling distinctly doubtful as to my state of mind (I blame my passion for the band lol). I certainly haven’t just strolled along to casually pick up a copy.

Nick Jackson

£234 on amazon 25.02.17

Yani P


william mckinley

I’ll wait until it is under $100. I know people will laugh, but I got my U2 Super Deluxe Achtung Baby for under $50 brand new and Paul Mccartney Band on the Run Super deluxe set for under $20. I can wait and bide my time.

Mitchell Yawitz

Does anyone know whether currently shipping sets have corrected the problems reported for initial shipments? Any way to tell before ordering?


Amazon US has components at $42-$50 each right now. I plan on cherry picking the ones I want.

John Hirst

Does leave a bit of a bad taste in the mouth, but the content is superb.


I have preordered two of the individual sets but I’ll consider buying the big box if it drops to £150 or below. I’m in no rush and can set that happening in the next year or so.


Happy for whoever gets one at this price. But man, did they ever put the shoes to their hard-core fans who just had to have it on release day. I paid £300 shipped to USA which was low at the time. Hindsight is 20/20, I guess.


I’ll wait until it hits £100 : )

Malcolm Jackson

They are releasing the component sets as individual box sets at the end of March for around £30-£35 each so it actually works out cheaper!


Hope there is another amazon lightning deal at £137. I just missed it in January

Peter Anderson

Going down – Be patient. £150 is my trigger!

william mckinley

Needs to go waaaay down for me to consider to get it.

John Moore

Here we go again 270.00- will it hit 250.00- which is tempting but still high?

Pete Anderson

Yes maybe that was the ex-vat price but even so a great deal that I would have snapped up had I known about the alert so my question remains?

Peter Anderson

Sorry meant the £136 deal – even better!

Pete Anderson

Paul. Can you please explain how you get lightning alerts from Amazon. I am a UK prime member but do not get any emails alerting me to the shortlived deals such as the £154 price for the Floyd box set alluded to above. Any info much appreciated.


I’m waiting until this drops below £150 again…it doesn’t seem to be selling very well if they keep dropping the price on a weekly basis!


I’ve seen dfs sofa prices go up and down less than the price of this boxset! I take it that, just like dfs sofas, the reduced price can be considered the “real” price

Kenneth Tilley

I knew i should’ve waited, this is dropping quite rapidly


Equates to over a tenner/ disc which is a joke – A box set should be half that !


I’m going to wait until they reissue it in thin cardboard sleeves in a flimsy cardboard box with no liner notes. For Euro 29,99. Euro 19.99 whenever there’s a sale on.
Once bitten, twice shy … and all of that.


got it for 249.17 GBP shipped to the US


The price fluctuations continue – back down to £299 on Amazon U.K.


Perhaps soon ordered this box set, Amazon will transfer the money to the customer’s plastic card in the amount of 400 pounds?


Ordered the box as yesterdays lightning
deal from Amazon uk for 140 GBP /170 € including
postage to Germany.
Will the price even drop further ?


Lightning Deal on Amazon UK £136.07 – be quick!


Lightning deal on Amazon UK – £137!!

Mark B. Hanson

Got my copy (ordered the 19th) today. Strangely, although I ordered from Amazon UK, it was shipped from Indianapolis in the U.S. Came with an extra disc (in a paper sleeve) on top of the box:

Pink Floyd
The Early Years

Obscured by Clouds
2016 Remix


From the US, at near the bottom of the curve, the cost was £223.24. (I realize that would not have been the cost for someone in the UK, but there you go.) I wasn’t even considering buying it until it got under US$300, so when it actually got below that threshold, I felt like it was a chance worth taking.

(One of the reasons I wanted to get it sooner rather than later was so that they would not have corrected the 1972 Blu-ray, possibly removing the hidden Meddle 5.1/2.0 2016 remix.)

Anyways, £223 (US$285) for 25 hours of mostly previously unreleased material in a decently-designed package seems quite reasonable to me. Generally, opinion seems split between people who have owned the bootlegs for decades (and are unhappy with more than a few of the audio sources) and those like me who haven’t (and are thrilled to able to buy and hear all of this stuff officially in one place, and are pretty happy overall with the box). I’d be very surprised if I felt cheated, but I’m going to reserve judgement until I’ve digested it all.


Now it’s back to it’s normal highness price again, £397.23.
I think the price going down and up is really joke and Im glad I never bought this overpriced set, even if Im a fan and got the money for it ready, I decided to wait and see if the price could have come down to more reasonable range £200 or so. I rather get some other new good albums instead, maybe if one day this set will be on true discount with lower than £200 I might get it. If not, it’s not the end of the world really, I don’t need all the material anyways and paying such a high price for material that I would probably listen/watch only couple times it does not really seem to be fair priced. I rather collect real bootlegs for free, and some of them have better sources than used for the boxset.
I feel bad for the people who thought that they got it with good price during the christmas days (some paid around £263-280), that’s still way too much money for this oversized and little in hurry made boxset with some little glitches and errors on discs.

Others here, how do you feel about this set?
Ever get the feeling you have been cheated? (with the voice of John Lydon)


Really, no one knew about discounts?


Really pissed me off this.


Well I gave up after watching for two days I am in at £265. Surely they are not going lower than that? But I agree the drip effect has been hard to guess, but I see it’s on the up again.


Keeps getting cheaper.

Are they still releasing them individually in 2017?? I have not yet heard anything to the contrary.

Simon C

I know right?! It’s worse than playing poker … This drip, drip of price decreasing …


Currently £266:83.


… £265.53 – I can’t remember this sort of price change (small incremental steps) over a period of weeks for any other boxset – And my wife has now offered to buy it! (she isn’t a fan).

Decisions, decisions…


Couldn’t balk at £265.53, but it turned into £267.89 in the cart. Bought it anyways. After removal of VAT and adding shipping, $288.53 to the US. Price now slowly going up, so it looks like I got it near the bottom of the curve this time. Under $300 seems quite reasonable for 25 hours of unreleased material in a nicely designed package.