Deal alert / Pink Floyd: The Early Years 1971 Reverber/ation three-disc set

Excellent price on Amazon Germany right now for the Pink Floyd Early Years three-disc set 1971: Reverber/ation.

This CD+blu-ray+DVD set includes the original quad mix of Echoes, concert footage and documentaries, Nothing Part 14 (Echoes work in progress) plus BBC radio sessions. You also get four items of replica memorabilia as part of the package. This set is just £23 right now (€26) a saving of around £12 on the UK price! (discs are NTSC, region )



  1. Nothing Part 14 (Echoes work in progress) † 7.01

BBC Radio Session, 30 September 1971:

  1. Fat Old Sun† 15.33
  2. One Of These Days† 7.19
  3. Embryo† 10.43
  4. Echoes† 26.25

Total: 67 mins 1 sec approx.


‘Aspekte’ feature                                                 9.51

  1. Interview + Atom Heart Mother (extracts) 

Hamburg, Germany, 25 February 1971
Brass & Choir conducted by Jeffrey Mitchell

  1. A Saucerful Of Secrets (extract) 

Offenbach, Germany, 26 February 1971

‘Cinq Grands Sur La Deux’                                                17.55

Abbaye de Royaumont, Asnierès-sur-Oise, France, 15 June 1971

  1. Set The Control For The Heart Of The Sun
  2. Cymbaline
  3. Atom Heart Mother (extract) 3.12

‘Musikforum Ossiachersee’, Ossiach, Austria, 1 July 1971
Brass & Choir conducted by Jeffrey Mitchell

‘Get To Know’                                                     6.23

Randwick Race Course, Sydney, Australia, 15 August 1971

  1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Band interview

’24 hours – Bootleg Records’, London, UK, 1971

  1. Documentary including Pink Floyd  and manager Steve O’Rourke 2.27

‘Review’, London, UK, 1971                                  3.37

  1. Storm Thorgerson & Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell interviewed re: record cover design
  1. One of These Days (‘French Windows’) 4.17

Ian Emes animation created July 1972, Birmingham, UK

  1. Atom Heart Mother (extract, in colour): 5.10

‘Musikforum Ossiachersee’, Ossiach, Austria, 1 July 1971
Brass & Choir conducted by Jeffrey Mitchell

  1. Atom Heart Mother: ’71 Hakone Aphrodite 15.11

Open Air Festival, Hakone, Japan, 6-7 August 1971

Total: 68 mins 3 secs approx..

Audio-only material:

  1. Echoes original 4.0 Quad mix 1971 23.35

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Glad these sets and Beatles have some MCH content. Very sad that recent U2, Prince, and Radiohead deluxe don’t have any 5.1 mixes. When done right it’s a revolutionary leap forward in sound quality and an incredible listening experience. Hard for me to listen to music any other way.

Rik K

OK, I bit. It’s still too expensive, but I am anxious to get my first set and see how I like it. This will help me determine how badly I want to get the other sets. And if I buy one set every couple months or so, it’s easier on my wallet.

Since I don’t see SDE every day, I missed out on the amazon.de deal. But the set is still available at a reduced price on the other amazon sites, so I got mine at amazon.ca.


1969 down to €25.99 on Amazon.de too.

Pete Muscutt

Aye, a decent enough deal for those buying the sets individually. Just need reductions on two more and I’ll be complete! (Well…apart from the Bonus Continuation set….bah).

Paul Mac

Good spot on the Rammstein Paris box set in the side bar, Paul, thanks for that one.

Marc I Federman

even shipping to the US, a deal, yes not as cheap as Tull

Martyn Alner

I was going to order that earlier in the week from the UK site, glad I waited! Just need 4 more for the set now…

Peter Anderson

Still expensive next to recent Jethro Tull purchases.