Deal alert / Queen: News of the World five-disc super deluxe edition

Best price to date for last year’s Queen News of the World super deluxe edition box set on Amazon Spain today.

In addition to the album, the five-disc package includes outtakes and a ‘Raw Sessions’ disc with alternate, previously unreleased versions of every track on the record. The DVD features Queen: The American Dream a new documentary culled from Bob Harris’ failed attempt to make a film on Queen’s 1977  News of the World American tour! Finally, you also get a “pure analogue” vinyl re-cut of the original “direct from the unmastered analogue master mix tapes” and a 60-page book. This is just £58 or (or €64) right now, which is a very good price. Use the Google Chrome browser for automatic translation, if you’re not confident navigating the Spanish site.

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News of the World - 40th anniversary box set


VINYL LP: The Original News of the World Album – new Pure Analogue Cut.

Side One
1. We Will Rock You (May) 2:01
2. We Are The Champions (Mercury) 2:59
3. Sheer Heart Attack (Taylor) 3:26
4. All Dead, All Dead (May) 3:10
5. Spread Your Wings (Deacon) 4:34
6. Fight From The Inside (Taylor) 3:03

Side Two
1. Get Down, Make Love (Mercury) 3:51
2. Sleeping On The Sidewalk (May) 3:06
3. Who Needs You (Deacon) 3:05
4. It’s Late (May) 6.26
5. My Melancholy Blues (Mercury) 3:29

CD 1: The Original Album (Bob Ludwig 2011 master)
1. We Will Rock You (May) 2:01
2. We Are The Champions (Mercury) 2:59
3. Sheer Heart Attack (Taylor) 3:26
4. All Dead, All Dead (May) 3:10
5. Spread Your Wings (Deacon) 4:34
6. Fight From The Inside (Taylor) 3:03
7. Get Down, Make Love (Mercury) 3:51
8. Sleeping On The Sidewalk (May) 3:06
9. Who Needs You (Deacon) 3:05
10. It’s Late (May) 6.26
11. My Melancholy Blues (Mercury) 3:29

1. We Will Rock You (Alternative Version) 2:29
2. We Are The Champions (Alternative Version) 4:33
3. Sheer Heart Attack (Original Rough Mix) 4:17
4. All Dead, All Dead (Original Rough Mix) 3:08
5. Spread Your Wings (Alternative Take) 4:56
6. Fight From The Inside (Demo Vocal Version) 3:08
7. Get Down, Make Love (Early Take) 4:02
8. Sleeping On The Sidewalk (Live in the USA, 1977) 3:49
9. Who Needs You (Acoustic Take) 2:46
10. It’s Late (Alternative Version) 6:44
11. My Melancholy Blues (Original Rough Mix) 3:36

1. Feelings Feelings (Take 10, July 1977) 1:55
2. We Will Rock You (BBC Session) 1:36
3. We Will Rock You (Fast) (BBC Session) 2:52
4. Spread Your Wings (BBC Session) 5:33
5. It’s Late (BBC Session) 6:39
6. My Melancholy Blues (BBC Session) 3:13
7. We Will Rock You (Backing Track) 2:03
8. We Are The Champions (Backing Track) 2:59
9. Spread Your Wings (Instrumental) 4:23
10. Fight From The Inside (Instrumental) 3:02
11. Get Down, Make Love (Instrumental) 3:49
12. It’s Late (USA Radio Edit 1978) 3:52
13. Sheer Heart Attack (Live in Paris 1979) 3:35
14. We Will Rock You (Live in Tokyo 1982) 2:55
15. My Melancholy Blues (Live in Houston 1977) 3:48
16. Get Down, Make Love (Live in Montreal 1981) 4:35
17. Spread Your Wings (Live in Europe 1979) 5:20
18. We Will Rock You (Live at the MK Bowl 1982) 2:08
19. We Are The Champions (Live at the MK Bowl 1982) 3:32


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Amazon.es cancelled my order… :-(
They still have it on sale for Prime members, but you need a Spanish address for that.


In Spanien bestellt und eben die Stornierung bekommen. Amazon kannnichtn liefern.

Stevie B

When I was a kid back in Glasgow in 1982 I wrote to Brian May and he responded with a letter and hand drawn instructions on how he made the ‘Red Special’. This (NOTW) was the first Queen album I bought, and it is a superb album, the RAW sessions are also super.

Wish this box set had included the ‘We Will Rock You/We are the Champions’ 12” and the Die-cut Picture Disc of the album released last year.

Still if you don’t want to Splash the cash on this boxset, there’s always the standard CD or downloads.

I’d also recommend ‘Somebody to Love’ a 2017 biography of Freddie Mercury. When I get the bus I pass the flat where Bohemian Rhapsody was written as well as the flat a few members of Smile shared, Freddie’s last house, and (not a Queen fact), the lights where Tara Browne ‘blew his mind out in a car’.

Mike the Fish



Someone really needs to pass on Ian Anderson’s phone number (and Steven Wilson’s, while they’re at it) to Brian and Roger….

Mike the Fish

Justin Shirley Smith is great for Queen remixing. No need to get SW involved.


Amazon Spain ! Very unusual – I am on Spanish Amazon Prime, but end up having to buy from other Amazon sites because Spanish Amazon is almost always more expensive, even taking postage into account. What is annoying is paying postage from UK, Italy etc and having the order delivered from Amazon’s Spanish warehouse.


Whoever created this box set made a hash of it.Most of the bonus tracks are available on the BBC compilation and on live at Milton Keynes and on Rock Montreal.
Can’t see why there wasn’t a standard deluxe issue with the Raw Sessions as the bonus cd.The only bonus tracks worth having are feelings…rock you live from Tokyo and Melancholy Blues live from Houston.
The BBC boxset was terrible as well with three pointless CDs of interviews instead of the live CD as a bonus alongside the studio sessions.
Whoever is in charge of these is doing a terrible job.


Can’t agree more.


Can’t resist at that price….:-)
Thank you Paul!!


Interesting thought,are we approaching peak box?
I ask because i bought the air box set. Then thinking
where am i going to store it ?Will i listen to it? Promptly
cancelled it. Same with the queen box . Looked at the mountain of stuff
i bought over the last 2 years and thought i am never going to be able to listen to it all.


I’ve more or less stopped buying them, although there are occasional exceptions. Demos, live tracks and unreleased material is not the sort of stuff I ever have on heavy rotation and I can’t get over-excited about remastering, 5.1 mixes, booklets and stupid things like postcards and posters.

Mike the Fish

Hopefully those involved in producing and pricing this set will see that people are a whole lot less excited when the product is so blatantly overpriced to begin with. Style and price over substance isn’t really my thing as a buyer. You’ve got to include something *really good* to hit such a premium, and a large book with or without multiple errors in isn’t it. It could kill so many impulse or casually curious sales.

Chris Squires

As Andrew hints at above “Peak Box” (nice phrase…..)

I think from a personal level I am becoming much more discerning about what I buy. I don’t really factor in my time (whether or not I will be able to listen to it straight away) but with 39 years buying experience and 7 years back in the buying fold and 2 / 3 years on this site I think I am more able to spot a good ‘un and a bad ‘un.

Having read most posts on here in the last few years I think it’s become a game of cat and mouse. From jump-straight-in, a favourite act done brilliantly, if you are a dyed-in-the-wool Jethro Tull fan since day 1 then you are in hog-heaven. Down to…. I will leave it anything up to a year to see if there is a silly deal alert.
Amazon plays it’s part in the game with it’s ridiculous pricing structure and random price swings.

So “peak box?” for me, probably yes. I have bought many wonderful boxes of stuff by people I had never heard before or maybe never listened to bar the hits (John Foxx / Ian Dury / Sparks)…I have bought boxes of stuff by people I love that were brilliantly executed (Paul Young / TFF)…… and I have bought stuff that was basically only bought because the price was ridiculous and I thought I would give it a go (Saturday Night Fever £30 / Rolling Stones 45×45 @£60) and I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise. I am learning to let the dross pass me by. I haven’t bought The latest Queen effort, for example, but I would if it hit £35 to £40.

It’s becoming an interesting Game and for the first time I feel I have a real ability to win and say no until it suits me. Until something like the recent Belinda Carlisle Vinyl collection comes in at only 500 copies!

3,000 to 5,000 I can cope with and wait but 500 is really now or never.


I agree with your comments Chris as have also reached peak box set – due to lack of space, time to listen to my 30+ worth of collecting. So my answer is presently selling part of record collection in order to make space in storage & to ensure I will play them. My breaking point was the yeah yeah yeahs debut box set limited to 2000 copies (which was not reviewed on sde) its the classic large photo book to add weight & pointless stickers. Of course its now to released as a 2 vinyl edition.


No 5.1 mix

Adam Unger

A few of the multitracks from this album are lost, so you’re not going to see a 5.1 mix of this album.


Yes no 5.1 is VERY LAME!!!!


On a different subject.I received my bowie heroes replacement vinyl yesterday ir was warped because the envelope it came in had no protection.not only that they sent the copy with the vocal drop out .when I emailed them they said send it back and we will refund the value of the vinyl that you send back.joke rip off shambles


I still feel that this even if it was a bit of deal here, the price is too high given the contents.
With my ever growing and taking more space collection, I’ve come to the resolution that I will only add truly essential albums and boxsets from now on. This could have been really good boxset.
Thanks for informing about it Paul.


The sad thing is that the book is filled with errors such as incorrect tour dates and duplicates of pictures and pictures which have nothing to do with the News Of The World tour. The only interest of this box which i got for free is the raw sessions disc and the short documentary which could have been longer since there is much more footage shot. The extra tracks disc is an insult featuring tracks which have been already released in the years prior to this release. The press kit in this box features another error, the biographies of Roger, John and Freddie are missing. All in all this box is a bit of a hit and miss.


Totally agree with you.Queen missed a great opportunity to do a really great box set with one of their greatest albums.

John Orr

Having just bought a couple more boxsets, Saturday Night Fever and Air, recently, gonna have to reluctantly pass on this just now, though very tempting. Not much of a difference between Amazon uk and Spain, but still a half decent price. Like others, will keep an eye on this one too, thanks again Paul!

John Ireland

I’ve had two attempts at buying this set. On both occasions I had to send back due to scratched discs.
CD production standards really seem to have slipped in the last few years.
Good price thgough from Amazon Spain, cheers Paul