Deal alert / Queen: Studio Collection 18LP coloured vinyl box set


Brilliant price right now in the UK for Queen‘s vinyl box Studio Collection, which contains all 15 studio albums pressed across 18 coloured vinyl LPs.

At the time of writing (10.30 9/11/16) this is ‘just’ £239 which is as cheap as it has been in the UK. Once VAT is deducted that’s around $250 plus shipping for US fans, which is at least HALF the price it costs in America.


Compare prices and pre-order


Queen Studio Collection [VINYL]




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Larry Davis

Nice set and killer price indeed…may get one sooner than I thought…here’s another killer deal I just came across today…that Edsel 18 disc Lisa Stansfield box is now only 40 pounds on Amazon UK…that’s a steal and almost bought it from a 3rd party seller for like 45 pounds but seller wouldn’t ship to the US…I’m glad now!!

Larry Davis

I saw it…figured you would follow up accordingly :)…Now only if I could get that Complete Leonard Cohen albums box…studio and live…for less than $300, that would be nice…too bad I didn’t know about your NYC excursion before you came over…enjoy Berlin though…and weird that no one is stocking the Lou Reed box either at any store…have to wait for a deal alert on that…cheers mate!!


Thank you SO much, Paul.

I could not afford this, but I couldn’t resist it at this price, having waited so long. Feel for those who payed full price originally but so grateful to have the chance to get this. Excited.

Kenneth Tilley

Rip Off They called the first issue “Limited Edition” then reissued it exactly the same, i agree with the message that said this issue should have been black vinyl. This issue should be called the bump up my pension fund edition


199 is what came up for me when the vat was taken out of the equation and it was 2 or 3 pounds for postage to Australia. Crazy but lovin’ it.

Paul Murphy

Roll on May 2019 then. Although our veg and petrol will be so expensive by then that we won’t be able to afford any not-in-EU-now discounts.

Chris Squires

How did you get it for £199, it still shows £239 even if I click it into my basket it still shows £239?

Do tell how you shaved £40 off that….

Paul Murphy

£199 – OK, now I am livid!


Personally just glad Rog & Brian still show an interest in us. I don’t lap up everything they have to offer, but keep it coming. Queen forever indeed.

As far as this set, just a bit less limited than it used to be. Will be out of print soon enough…until it isn’t…and so on. Que sera sera.

Paul Elliott

Price has dropped again! Just picked mine up from Amazon UK for 199 pounds!

Paul English

This was a bargain alert on Amazon Italy a couple of months ago – I got one then. It’s well worth it – lovely looking set and great sound. The booklet is gorgeous and it’s great to have the full version of Made In Heaven. Comes with 320kbps MP3 downloads too.

As far as I am aware there are two pressings. The second lot emerged in April / May of this year.


Got mine from “WHAT RECORDS” last year for £255…still chuffed with it a year on


I got mine off amazon Italy last year for about £260. It’s well worth it.

Paul Murphy

Livid no, but peeved yes. Not so much that others are getting such excellent music at a great price [well, maybe gritted teeth that Hugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew et al are getting it so cheap], but at Roger and Brian trumpeting this [see what I did there] as such a Limited Edition, then shoving out a gazillion more at the drop of a tax bill. Vegetarian or not, I might just go out and kick a badger tonight.

Andrew Mogford

I’m not livid as I’m pleased that others are getting a great deal and a great set. However, what I would have liked to see is the original so called limited edition that I bought be the only one with coloured vinyl, and subsequent repressing being just black vinyl.

It is very naughty of them to say something is limited and then repress multiple times – but as a queen fan, sadly these days being treated with contempt and getting ripped off is the norm.

I’ve just got used to bending over for Roger and Brian to take turns I guess.

DJ Control

So much for this being a limited edition. I bet the punters that paid top dollar for this from the Queen on line web store are livid!

Keith Slatter

Top tip-off! Just purchased, at bargain price! Well worth waiting a few months for the hype to die down. Many Thanks Paul

Chris Squires

Bought, all I need now is a decent price on Who can I be now? and I think I am done this year.