Deal alert / R.E.M. Automatic For The People / 4-disc super deluxe edition

Massive price-drop this morning for last year’s R.E.M. Automatic For The People super deluxe edition box set.

The large-format box set which includes a 60-page hardcover book, the album remastered, a disc of demos, a live disc (Greenpeace benefit concert at Athens, Georgia’s 40 Watt Club) and a brand new Dolby Atmos surround sound mix on blu-ray audio is just £47 right now! A very, very good deal, since this set was over £80 and has never been lower than £70 since it was issued back in November last year!

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Automatic For The People 4-disc super deluxe edition


R.E.M. Automatic For The People 25th anniversary reissue - 4-disc super deluxe edition

Automatic For The People / 4-disc super deluxe

CD1 – Automatic For The People (2017 remaster)

1. Drive
2. Try Not To Breathe
3. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
4. Everybody Hurts
5. New Orleans Instrumental No. 1
6. Sweetness Follows
7. Monty Got A Raw Deal
8. Ignoreland
9. Star Me Kitten
10. Man On The Moon
11. Nightswimming
12. Find The River


1. Drive (Live At The 40 Watt Club / 11/19/92)
2. Monty Got A Raw Deal (Live At The 40 Watt Club / 11/19/92)
3. Everybody Hurts (Live At The 40 Watt Club / 11/19/92)
4. Man On The Moon (Live At The 40 Watt Club / 11/19/92)
5. Losing My Religion (Live At The 40 Watt Club / 11/19/92)
6. Country Feedback (Live At The 40 Watt Club / 11/19/92)
7. Begin The Begin (Live At The 40 Watt Club / 11/19/92)
8. Fall On Me (Live At The 40 Watt Club / 11/19/92)
9. Me In Honey (Live At The 40 Watt Club / 11/19/92)
10. Finest Worksong (Live At The 40 Watt Club / 11/19/92)
11. Love Is All Around (Live At The 40 Watt Club / 11/19/92)
12. Funtime (Live At The 40 Watt Club / 11/19/92)
13. Radio Free Europe (Live At The 40 Watt Club / 11/19/92)

CD 3

1. Drive (Demo)
2. Wake Her Up (Demo) (The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite)
3. Mike’s Pop Song (Demo)
4. C To D Slide 13 (Demo) (Man On The Moon)
5. Cello Scud (Demo) (Sweetness Follows)
6. 10K Minimal (Demo) (Find The River)
7. Peter’s New Song (Demo)
8. Eastern 93111 (Demo)
9. Bill’s Acoustic (Demo)
10. Arabic Feedback (Demo) (Fruity Organ)
11. Howler Monkey (Demo) (Ignoreland)
12. Pakiderm (Demo)
13. Afterthought (Demo)
14. Bazouki Song (Demo) (Monty Got A Raw Deal)
15. Photograph (Demo)
16. Michael’s Organ (Demo) (Everybody Hurts)
17. Pete’s Acoustic Idea (Demo)
18. 6-8 Passion & Voc (Demo) (Try Not To Breathe)
19 . Hey Love (Mike Voc / Demo) (Star Me Kitten)
20. Devil Rides Backwards (Demo) (Big Talk)

1. Drive (Dolby Atmos Mix)
2. Try Not To Breathe (Dolby Atmos Mix)
3. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite (Dolby Atmos Mix)
4. Everybody Hurts (Dolby Atmos Mix)
5. New Orleans Instrumental No. 1 (Dolby Atmos Mix)
6. Sweetness Follows (Dolby Atmos Mix)
7. Monty Got A Raw Deal (Dolby Atmos Mix)
8. Ignoreland (Dolby Atmos Mix)
9. Star Me Kitten (Dolby Atmos Mix)
10. Man On The Moon (Dolby Atmos Mix)
11. Nightswimming (Dolby Atmos Mix)
12. Find The River (Dolby Atmos Mix)
13. Photograph (Dolby Atmos Mix)
14. Drive (hi-res stereo)
15. Try Not To Breathe (hi-res stereo)
16. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite (hi-res stereo)
17. Everybody Hurts (hi-res stereo)
18. New Orleans Instrumental No. 1 (hi-res stereo)
19. Sweetness Follows (hi-res stereo)
20. Monty Got A Raw Deal (hi-res stereo)
21. Ignoreland (hi-res stereo)
22. Star Me Kitten (hi-res stereo)
23. Man On The Moon (hi-res stereo)
24. Nightswimming (hi-res stereo)
25. Find The River (hi-res stereo)
26. Photograph (hi-res stereo)

27. Drive
28. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
29. Everybody Hurts
30. Man On The Moon
31. Nightswimming (British Version)
32. Find The River
33. Nightswimming (R Version)
34. Automatic For The People Press Kit

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Mathew Lauren

Attention: ATMOS mix of “Ignoreland” missing guitar parts starting with a most crucial interlude @29:28+ on ATMOS Blu-ray Disc. This guitar part exists on ALL OTHER MIXES! 2.0 Blu, DVD-A 2.0, 5.1, cd, YouTube MP-3. What a total f-up!


Just ordered from Amazon Italy – £32.23 including shipping to the UK


I am aware that the centerpiece of this set is the Dolby Atmos disk. With that said, I for one don’t understand why the entirety of the “Automatic Box” issue back in the day was not included on this release. Mostly because the AB was a German-only release, and fairly limited. It would’ve raised the total disc count of this set by 1, and it would’ve made this set absolutely comprehensive from that period in R.E.M.


I was waiting till it got under £50 so I bought this. Thanks Paul.
It’s a great package. Ideally it would’ve been in a much smaller package a la the Prince set and therefore much cheaper but I would imagine they are trying to recoup the cost of producing the Dolby Atmos mix.
There is a 96Khz high resolution stereo mix on the bluray which sounds really good on first listen. I’ll have to compare it to the 2005 DVD-A at the weekend.
The only real downside is that it doesn’t fit on the shelf alongside the other IRS deluxe editions released over the years.

Brad Breault

Quick question for those you able to play the blu-ray disc in this 4 disc set: I have a 5.1 set up and a blu-ray/sacd combo player, but have yet to buy a new TV with HDMI inputs to watch blu-ray (mainly got a great deal on the player so jumped on it and old tube television is still going strong hooked up to the amp & receiver). Minus the video content, is the “atmos” mix worth it? I’m guessing the hi-res stereo mix will be very similar to SACD which is fine with me just wondering about this new format. I borrowed the 2CD version from a local library and really liked the live disc so might just go the 4CD route on a purchase, but hoping I’d get good repeat listens from all 4 discs in a set like this.


I understand it will default to Dolby True HD 5.1 if you can’t decode Atmos.

Mathew Lauren

The default is to: Dolby TrueHD 7.1 @48khz, actually.


He doesn’t have 7.1, actually……. I was talking about his likely scenario for downmixed status.

Mathew Lauren

Yes, it is “worth” it. There are many 2017 – holdover ‘18 DSD, ATMOS, and X capable AVR’s on sale, right now in the U.S. As well, 2017 4K HDR TVs are on clearance now, as well. There are some great models at every price point on Amazon.com & Best Buy is currently offering 6-12 mos, 0% financing (if qualified). Maybe it’s time — and p/u “Kick” 30e ATMOS while you’re at it!


$66.39 USD at Amazon US RIGHT NOW! I still think it is too much $, but $8 less that what Paul says above.

Stefan Roberts

There was a request near the top of the thread regarding the quality of the recent releases, so I’ll chime in. I bought the Automatic for the People 3CD + blu-ray set back in November for around Cdn$80 and it’s brilliant. The CDs sound great, the surround-sound mix on the blu-ray sounds even better (plenty of music in the surround channels, like mandolins or acoustic guitars, without being overbearing). Crystal-clear vocals in the front centre channel (almost a little too clear – I had to turn the centre channel down a bit). Plus a nice live recording and an interesting book, all in a tidy box. Very well done.

Now, as for the vinyl release… I was so impressed by the CD/blu-ray box that I bought the AFTP LP at a brick & mortar shop about two weeks later. I was keen to hear what it would sound like on vinyl, seeing as how it had been almost impossible to find since 1992. And the truth is – my copy is the worst new vinyl record I’ve ever bought (and I’ve got hundreds)!!

When I pulled the record from the sleeve, it was like dragging it through a gravel courtyard. The sleeve was full of tiny black grit! I did what I could to blow out the sleeve and clean up the record. Anti-static brush, microfibre cloths, record-cleaning solution – I even broke out the Dyson and (carefully) vacuumed the damn thing!. But the scratches and grit remnants make the first track on each side unlistenable. Which is a shame, since “Drive” is my favourite R.E.M. song.

So, if you’re in the market for one of the new AFTP vinyl pressings, I hope you get a cleaner copy than I did!


Thanks for the reply Stegan.
One of my local record stores has taken AFTP-vinyl out from their catalogue, so maybe there were some problems with the pressings then. That’s really unfortunate as I would like to have it also on vinyl, well luckily bad ones can be exchanged for replacements.
I think I might get the boxset instead just to be sure that I can get pristine pressings, be it on cd I know, but they are equal format to vinyl.
Have to wait and see if the prices go around..


I’ve had this on cd since the day it was released..
So, if anybody can shed a bit light for me and help, I would appreciate it alot:

Anyways, I’ve been interested about both “Automatic For The People” and “Out Of Time” boxsets but also vinyl-editions. OOT vinyl has also been released 3lp-edition which features the demo-versions, unfornately for AFTP we only got the basic-album on vinyl.
Are there different pressings done for US and Europe? Are the vinyl-editions good for these 2 items?
I’ve read some crossing reviews on discogs so Im always alarmed by vinyl-reissues in fear of inferior pressing quality and sound.
What do you think, is it better to get only the reissued vinyl or shall buy boxsets aswell? Im not sure if all the demo and live-stuff will provide me too many listening times. Are they really essential for you?
I’ve double-dipped crossformats at the same time couple times before but now I can’t think of justifying all the stuff. Maybe I could buy the vinyl-editions and then buy the rest songs from digital-downloads?

Im also curious, as I have the Spotify-subscription and have access to both boxsets (minus the live-session on OOT-box) would I better to forget about buying to boxsets at all?
For example, how does AFTP sound on the new cd compared to original issue?

Those that have bought some or any editions of these 2 R.E.M. albums please help me here.

Dean Taylor

Just read some of the **** about missed deals. Come on guys what more can Paul do?
Basically if you snooze you lose.


I’m happy with the vinyl, but if it were to drop down to £35 I’d snap this up.


Americans have no excuse. It was this price ($66) on Amazon.com almost the entire month of December.

Mic Smith

I had the 2 disc edition for Xmas (which was £16) so £47 for the extra material still seems like a lot to me. The live CD is killer though for anyone who hasn’t bought either edition. The live version of Drive makes the 2CD edition worth it just for that track to be honest. Just ordered Out of Time at the knock down price – again mainly because of the live disc.

richard john

Ironically the Out of time box is 20 quid on great offer store, but 23.95 on amazon. when you add the shipping for great offer store, they equal out. think i’ll go amazon on that one to get the quicker delivery.


Still too high!!

william mckinley

Nice price, but like a lot of people, I’ll wait until it drops further.


Offering items at low prices for a few hours is bloody pointless because people (most I would have thought, unless they have no life) have other things to do apart from browsing Amazon all day long.


I do not walk around with my mobile phone all day. In fact, mine is off most of the day and not even on me because unlike many people these days I have better things to be doing in the day than texting and browsing the internet. Also where I live, which is very remote, my mobile does not get a strong enough signal to log on to the internet even if I wanted to and anyway, not all people such as myself, have smartphones crammed with pointless APS, games and crap. As long as I can talk to someone when really needing to, as I prefer to do it in person face to face, that is all my mobile phone get used for, otherwise it is in its case on a shelf in the house and not attached to me like some form of extra body part. So, deal alerts are pointless to some.

Chris Squires

I have arranged for Paul to send me a carrier pigeon whenever there is a deal alert.

If I see little Speckled Jim I know something good is in the offing….


Dear Paul, do not let these few unappreciative people who reference your website discourage you from the commentary and special deal alerts you bring for the rest of us who enjoy collecting recorded music. My brother and I met Michael Stipe in person in Atlanta in 1991 at one of my art exhibits, and had a personal discussion with Michael and the vice president of Warner Brothers records about what would become “Automatic For the People”. We were both amazed and flattered that creative ideas about the album were shared with us. You too have important contacts, insight, and good business acumen about what you are doing with the SDE website. Please, please stay the course. The rest of us love you.

Mathew Lauren

I second that, Paul!

Darren L

Best way to keep an eye on the deals is to save all the box sets you want to your basket. Every time you log onto amazon just check the basket and it tells you what items have changed price. I’ve nabbed a few deals that way. Just wait for them to drop and pounce. It only takes seconds to check on your phone.


Play nice, boys. Francis isn’t complaining about SDE, he is complaining about Amazon offering deals for such a short amount of time. I agree with Francis. It is frustrating to find out about a deal only after the price has risen, but I appreciate Paul keeping tabs for me. These deals are a sort of lottery: one day I will get lucky!

By the way, Paul Young’s box set (all my sympathy, btw) is a steal on Amazon UK. In the U.S., it is priced at $50! I just purchased it.


Bugger, I missed it. Amazon certainly do not keep their offer prices available for very long. I will wait until it drops in price again or look elsewhere.

Matthew Mutch

Heads up for anyone still interested- you can this at Amazon CA any time for 53.90 . It’s only about 6 pounds higher, which is why I passed on the UK deal.


Just got out of bed, and the deal is over :-(

Gary Peach

Thanks for the scoop here. Like everyone else here £80 was a little steep for a lot of fans. But at £47 a bargain. Ordered!

Dean Taylor

Back up to £80… glad I jumped on board..


I got a like new 2005 DVDA deluxe edition of AFTP off eBay for £12 over Xmas. That is a bargain!


Did the same, and got the ‘Monster’ CD singles for the live tracks.


Checked it out but grabbed the Out Of Time SDE for GBP 23.95 instead, I’ll keep waiting on this one

Jason Brown

And bought…the fact an entirely unexpected cheque turned up as well means I’ve got this for a net £30. Result (thanks for the Amazon heads up a couple of day back, put that to good use).


I really like this album and have it first time round on CD and Vinyl. I still think this is a bit expensive. I would really expect this to be under £30 for me to consider buying it…but thats just one man’s opinion.

Oisin Conroy

Super! Was waiting for this to drop in price!

Thanks for the alert. Ordered.

Mike the Fish

This is still a little high, I think, or maybe that’s biased by the ill will generated by the record companies going far too high with the start prices.

Darren L

For once I got there even before you put the deal alert on. Have been waiting for this to drop ever since it came out. £80 really was a bit steep but at £47 it sounds a great deal for me.

Now if I be patient with that Roxy box set I might get it for £50 quid…….

Thanks Paul. Your site is great, keep up the good work.


Totally agree I’ve been waiting too! SDE is the best for me not the bank balance!


Great price! In the bag here! :-)

Dean Taylor

Great stuff . Only need the first Bowie box on cd and then I’m done on all the present boxes on my list. Still come march it starts all over again with the zepp reissue and then who can tell what else .
As usual Thank you Paul.


Love this album in the bag. Paul thanks


For total collectors a good price – But for me still a bit I’ve rrpuced and agree with Mark above and will wait it out and see how things pan out. But if you have been holding out this is a good price and yet another reason why this site is essential


Well, now there’s not really any excuses left not buying this one. I’m heading over to Amazon now! :)


I just bought the deluxe edition for £20 from Great Offer Store. I assume the only difference between them is the book which i wasn’t willing to pay an extra £28 for.


Am i missing something here because i bought this https://greatofferstore.com/*/Boxset/Out-Of-Time-25th-Anniversary-Deluxe-Edition/5A800GPJ000 and it includes the demo disc and the Blu-ray.


Shit it’s Automatic For The People i am literally away with the fairies i do apologise lol.


Paul – thank you! Along with an Amazon birthday voucher, I’ve just grabbed this for £32.00 – crazy, worth the wait, and impossible without you


Great saving. Unfortunately it still seems over- priced for anyone who bought the singles and doesn’t have dolby. All you’re getting is 2 unreleased live songs and a disc of demos for £50? I’ll wait for it coming down further, even if that means never getting it. This would’ve been released like the IRS deluxe sets, or Green, instead of trying to make it a super deluxe set like Out of Time, which was much better value for the R.E.M. collector.

David McCallum

I have to chime in for the packaging itself — tons of good photos, a good behind-the-music essay and (IMHO) a better cover than the original album.

A great Song Exploder episode was released for the Try Not To Breathe reissue as well: http://songexploder.net/rem