Deal alert / Roxy Music super deluxe

The deal you’ve been waiting for has arrived!

Amazing price for last year’s Roxy Music super deluxe edition right now in the UK!

Yes, here’s the deal that many of you are waiting for and even predicted. The 3CD+DVD set, which includes the album, demos, outtakes, BBC sessions, Steven Wilson 5.1 mix and a superb 136-page hardcover book which has constantly stayed around the £130 mark, is now just £55 via Amazon UK, which is at least £50 cheaper than it has been anywhere in Britain. I don’t know how long this is going to last, so get in while you can!



  • Re-Make/Re-Model
  • Ladytron
  • If There Is Something
  • Virginia Plain
  • 2 H.B.
  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Chance Meeting
  • Would You Believe?
  • Sea Breezes
  • Bitters End



EARLY DEMOS April/May 71

  • Ladytron
  • 2 HB
  • Chance Meeting
  • The Bob (Medley)


  • Instrumental
  • Re-Make/Re-Model
  • Ladytron
  • If There Is Something
  • 2 H.B.
  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Chance Meeting
  • Sea Breezes
  • Bitters End
  • Virginia Plain

DISC THREE (disc two on the 2CD deluxe)



  • If There Is Something
  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Would You Believe?
  • Sea Breezes
  • Re-Make/Re-Model


  • 2 HB
  • Ladytron
  • Chance Meeting


  • Virginia Plain
  • If There Is Something


  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Sea Breezes
  • Virginia Plain
  • Chance Meeting
  • Re-Make/Re-Model


The full album remixed in 5.1 by Steven Wilson


  • Re-Make/Re-Model – The Royal College Of Art, 6/6/72
  • Ladytron – The Old Grey Whistle Test, 20/6/72
  • Virginia Plain – Top Of The Pops, 24/8/72
  • Re-Make/Re-Model – Full House, 25/11/72
  • Ladytron Full House, 25/11/72

French TV, Bataclan, Paris, 26/11/72:

  • Would You Believe
  • If There Is Something
  • Sea Breezes
  • Virginia Plain

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Hans lindskog

Hello,, i have just played the 5,1 mix ( on an Playstation with Lg soundbar). I must say , this is a very special album. Especcially down to the playing By eno and mackay. Can not really be compared to any other album, excerpt maybe Bowie . I Will return to it over the coming days. This is Highly recommended. I Hope for more super deluxe editions by Roxy Music , would really see something Done with Avalon , a totalt different roxy , yet still extremely good. Best regards, hans


The Amazon UK “May” box set offer has now finished.
Avalon had a well-received 5.1 release on SACD 15 years ago – but that’s now a rarity with prices approaching the cost of the Roxy SDE box.

Thomas Kemmer

Mine arrived today – thanks Paul, you made my day!!!


Mine arrived damaged. Not in the post as the outer box was bashed about but OK – the damage was obviously already there when it was packed. Sometimes I really hate amazon. Hopefully getting a pristine one today.


Indeed it can be a real lottery with Amazon. Some things I just would not trust them with – I’d rather pay the extra and know that I am going to get something in decent condition.

However, I have taken the risk with the Roxy SDE (due to the much reduced price). Waiting to see what sort of condition mine will arrive in…


This is true, but it’s a pain when they replace something and the replacement is damaged as well. I sent the Kate Bush live CD back umpteen times, pleading each time that they package it in such a way that the spine wouldn’t get crushed. They just couldn’t seem to do it, obviously nothing I said got back to the warehouse. They gave up in the end and forced me to have a refund rather than having to actually do something sensible themselves.

Steve Carr

I have just had this delivered. Hugely impressed by the quality of the book. The price of £55 is high, but jI don’t feel ripped off as so much thought has gone into it. It’s a very well put together package.
Interestingly, Spotify no longer has the entire third disc available to stream – just a couple of tracks. So buying the box set looking an even better buy.


Steve, does the shrink wrap have an info/hype sticker on the front? And is the back cover printed on the cover itself, or is it a sheet of paper? One of the photos on Amazon indicates that it’s a sheet of paper. If so, what is on the back cover underneath the sheet of paper? Thanks so much.


Yes there is a sticker on the front shrink wrap. And yes there is a piece of paper stuck on with that sticky hard stuff to the back of the box. And the back of the box proper is Kari-Ann’s legs.


And the book is as gorgeous as everyone says.


So you’ve got a pristine copy today?


Yes Klaus, new copy!! :) All marvellous!

Steve Benson

Is it posible to remove the sheet without damaging the legs, er, box?


I couldn’t stop the sheet from coming away a bit creased but the box is fine.


Not part of this promotion, but The Who – Maximum As & Bs singles CD set is back down to £24.99 on Amazon UK this week. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Maximum-As-Bs-Who/dp/B073W74CKR

[…] may have been alerted to the spectacularly discounted Roxy Music super deluxe, but there are other great deals in the UK right now for music box sets, […]


This boxset is indeed a beautiful object and does full justice to the music on the album, which of course is superlative. A discussion on price and the set’s real worth will always entail a subjective element and the personal circumstances of each individual: how much you want it and like the music (and the related literature) represented on the boxset and how much you can afford to pay for it. Music publishers and artists make their own calculations when deciding how to price a release, but utlimately no one is forcing anyone to buy it. I think the discounted price of this set is fantastic and I am happy for all the music lovers and collectors that decided to wait for such a deal to come up. I am sure that both they and the ones that bought it at the original (more than double) price will be enjoying this set in equal measure. I don’t think there is any point trying to put people down for paying either price level.


Chris Squires and Paul, I wish I had your patience. I simply cannot be bothered to get into a conversation with someone who expects everything to be the same price as a bag of chips.
Roxy Music took great care with their album sleeves, did anyone who knows anything about them really think that they would release this package with a crappy book?
I buy high end books and they are expensive to produce, hence the price tag.
I have come to the conclusion that most music fans are just plain tight fisted, hanging around the bargain bins of Amazon, and then wondering why everything they want to buy isn’t in there.
They are no different to the people who ask how on earth can a restaurant charge £20 or whatever for a steak when I can buy one in the supermarket for £3.

To anyone reading this thread and sitting on the fence, this package is a thing of beauty and easily worth your £55. Buy with confidence.


@Bob – I kind of have to agree with you (although I think ‘tight-fisted’ might be a bit harsh). It does seem that a lot of of people seem to want to pay next to nothing for what is, ultimately, someone’s work.

I’ll never forget queuing up to get Thomas Dolby to sign some of his albums one of which (The Flat Earth) I had bought from Our Price Records (anyone remember them) in a sale for £1.99. I had left the sticker on and when Mr Dolby saw it he was very crestfallen. He made a comment along the lines of “I put a lot of hard work into that album and that’s what it is valued at!”.

I haven’t seen the deluxe box yet but I’m sure it will be worth the £55.


talking of food . . .
saw a program last night on the restaurant industry in the uk – a lot of the high end restaurants cook the food a few days in advance (even things like poached egg they cook and then reheat) then reheat it to serve to the customer & the chain restaurants ship the stuff in from large outsourced companies & it’s often microwaved (this is apparently to insure the food is the same standard from one chain site to another). all so that the customer gets their food is shipshape time – all in the name of “the experience”. it’s the packaging/experience of the restaurant you are getting – all you cheapskates that can actually be bothered to put the same effort in when preparing food at home are going to ruin the restaurant industry i tell’s ye!

don’t look behind the curtain dorothy – he’s not a real wizard!

then they discussed cocktails – what people thought they were getting as content in their drinks and what they were actually getting. let’s just say they seemed a lot happier with the deal before they found out the actual alcohol content. pick this box set apart and your left with a similar bad taste in your mouth.

one more thing, why exactly is justifying the price based on “the money it costs to make” acceptable, but discussing the money it costs to buy it off limits? these people who produced it should be doing it for free – sullying this great work of art with a bill for their involvement is just insulting.

for anyone reading this thread and sitting on the fence, this will become cheaper. for the rest of you – go and buy 10 copies and see what you get for them on ebay in a months time if they are easily worth it. the amazon deal scalpers don’t seem to think it’s the case – otherwise it would have sold out yesterday


This is a rare example on this site of a dedicated troll. I actually wouldn’t have published this as it is just another desperate attempt to rubbish a product that he hasn’t even bought. Also with the ridiculous comparison with poached eggs he is just embarrassing himself.


Maybe he’s (or she’s) a troll (knowing that not everybody who happens to have another opinion than me therefore automatically must be one), but at least an entertaining one.


So I pulled the trigger. In all honesty, given what’s missing from the set – the SW stereo mix (with the extended tracks), the B-side, the hi-res 5.1 …. I almost passed. But for £55 I figured what was included in the set was just about worth it.


I do wish Roxy has followed the Tull route of a bookcase style ‘box’ – admittedly with a simplified book, but packed to the rafters with bonus material. If they’d done that and charged maybe £35 for a DVD-set (and £40 for a blu-ray version) people would have lapped it up…

Maybe for the other albums? Then in a few years the can repackage the debut in a bookstyle case to match (hey, it happened with Aqualung :)

phil Burford

…and of course we may have the 50th anniversary box set version in 2022 to look forward too -what else may be found in the archives by then (he! he ! wink ,wink)


Actually I was going by the price shown in the widget on this page (which shows it as being £115.87 at the time of writing). However if you actually click through to the Amazon page it is listed as £55.

Not my favourite Roxy album by any stretch but at that price I decided to give it a go (as it is a landmark album in many ways) and easily worth the price of a meal for two :-)

Many thanks for the info Paul.

Tony Orwell

The Frankie and Paul Conversation is very interesting with regards to pricing. You woulds hope that when they try to work out the RRP they are taking into account the work that has gone into production remastering etc etc but my gut feeling says they are just trying to work out what the market will stand and this is largely dependent on the ‘quality’ of the artists involved.
if we break down this particular set they physical production costs i would imagine are somewhere around the £20 mark, that leaves about £100 per unit to share between the sellers, producers and rights holders. The fact that it is now available at £55 would suggest that this is still more than it costs to produce. The same set for an artist with less collectible features and a smaller fan base would be much less than £130. I have no doubt Paul will have more idea about the production costs than I do but would love to be a fly on the wall when they sit down to discuss price points.

Larry Davis

Well, 55 pounds is converted to $75US, which IS a bit better than the $89US that Barnes & Noble is charging… But their price is still decent, and better than Amazon’s current price…and being that these prices are always fluctuating, having an $89US default price is nice to have and know that it’s there when I am ready to buy it…I did hold it in my hands and I agree with Paul in that it’s a REALLY nice piece for the collection…I just wonder (and hope) they are doing matching-size sets for the other Roxy albums?!?!? Having blown up boxes with those other stylish covers would be amazing…


Oh my…. I just can’t decide. I would love the book and the box but the missing BBC tracks, the version of the 1st CD and the reports of the DVD being iffy are putting me off. I foresee that I shall do my usual trick of dithering until the price goes up again and then wish I’d taken the plunge :(

Peter Stanton

Well EW99, I too dithered and hovered over the button until just before midnight when I thought it might go up and, like you I would regret it. So I bought it (and Fresh Cream at £24.99 as well, just for good measure).
Now it is just getting time to listen to all the box sets I’ve bought since finding SDE!


It’s really not worth it. £55 should have been it’s RRP, and then it would be worth picking up for about £30-£35 at the most and even at that price you’d have to say the book is worth £20 of that value. It’s not like it was written by Nabokov. With the content they had available it really should have just been a 2cd set with a bonus dvd for a “deluxe version” and it should have been £14.99 or something … even then, you still don’t even get the best digital version of the album currently available (which would be the one from the roxy albums box set).


If labels like Rhino can release large remastered cd box sets at around £20-£30 mark then the musical content on this is probably worth less than £15, to be honest – obviously the presentation it much better here, but the cost to remaster etc must be much less than it is for those box sets. Also, look at what they offer for the price of the other edition – surely that gives a very good indication of price of supplying the music. I’m not that interested in 5.1 mixes myself, so I can’t say how much I’d pay for that, but the rest of it isn’t worth much at all.


Should also say, I don’t actually think the book is worth £20….If I stuck a hard cover on a Mojo or Uncut Magazine Roxy Music special and improved the paper stock it would have more content, but I’d be very surprised if people didn’t think bumping the price up to £20 was a rip off.


I wouldn’t pay £3.50 for a cappuccino either, I’d normally wait til I got home. Which is really the same as saying I already have a better digital version of the album – so I’m not the sort of person who wouldn’t just buy the music again because it’s presented better. Cuppuccino is nice cafe environment (well packaged/presented box set) Vs Better Cappuccino drunk at home (older less fancy edition)


OK, the beer analogy has won me over :) Job done.

Bit weird that I can’t post this reply to Paul’s beer comment itself.


The “do you own this set?” is just a “do you have children?” logic.

Chris Squires

Once you can ONLY see something for pounds, shillings and pence then the world of music is absolutely lost.
To only see something as beautiful as this (and it is beautiful) as the paper stock and burned CDs and labels then I can’t see the point in anything other than a spotify subscription or hanging around the £2 discount bins at Tescos, maybe that’s where the moniker comes from?

Not only is there a lot of hard work in this there is also romance, memories, talent, childhood, hope, love, respect and so on. It’s like it the film Ratatouille where a critic only loved the sound of his own words and nothing much was worth anything anymore other than to argue with, belittle and feel superior to people working hard at what they love. But then something hits him and rushes him back to his childhood and all of the love and memories that that entailed. In that case it was food and in this case it is music.

I can understand when money enters the fray, it does for all of us, it certainly is for me at the moment, but when that is ALL it becomes about and you lose the love then you just become Anton Ego arguing about the hate not about the passion.

If you can dismiss one of the greatest debuts, indeed one of the great albums of all time by one of the most respected group of artists ever formed and say that a beautifully presented piece of work is worth no more than £35 (you do argue they are worth less than that) then you are lost and I really don’t think your words here are worth the pixels they are formed upon.

Once you get to the point that you plainly are at and have no love for music or it’s presentation then it is a mystery to me why you would want to be here at all?

A place dedicated specifically to that purpose. It can only lead to an obvious conclusion which I shall leave others to work out.

Music is about reaching for the stars, moving people, making things better if you will, not hanging around the bins looking for cheap cast-offs at Tescos. So I will go with Frankie to Hollywood where music makes things better and has value and you can progressively move down to the Poundshop via Aldi and Lidl where it is ONLY about the pennies and romance is dead.

Larry Davis

My take on them using the 1999 remaster instead of doing it again is that the 1999 remaster was really well done that it was no point in doing it again…except our master Steven Wilson and his 5.1 surround mix…weird that his stereo mix was not included tho…I wonder if he did 5.1 surrounds for the others??


There’s a London florist selling bundles of sticks for £18, at the moment – saw it on some website or other. I’ll let everyone know when they’re having a half price sell!


Also, it’s worth saying about the bundle of sticks – if you’ve ever had to pay for a tree surgeon to prune or pollard, you’d know what an expense growing trees can be!

phil Burford

I thought it was done again for the “Complete Studio Recordings ” Box set from 2012 . As you mention the absence of Steven Wilson’s stereo mix is weird -perhaps being held back for a stand alone release /further rerelease (hey look at that recently announced YES vinyl box ) . I love this album originally bought it the week it first came out ,still love it -wish a bit more care had been taken on a box for this iconic and important recording and associated material . In my book just about worth £55 with its faults and plus points


Another thing worth saying about this price drop – regarding physical music disappearing etc.. – aren’t the label shooting themselves in the foot with over-pricing and then the massive drop? Who in their right mind if going to buy a For Your Pleasure Deluxe Edition for £129 when everyone knows it’ll be £55 a few months later. They are architects of their own destruction.
Also, just got a copy of Forever Changes 50th Box Set through the post. 4cds + 1dvd + Vinyl + Hardback Cover & Book Content – all for £31 and it’s £42 normal price on amazon uk. They must have used slave labour to make this set! Or else they are running their business as a charity and giving it away at a loss.


Chris Squires – does what you say therefore mean that the original album release without the book & bonus material have less artistic & cultural worth than this new box set? Will people in 40 years time be saying that the book included is some high water mark in music journalism? A thing which inspired countless youngsters to get into music journalism or literature. Does the 1999 remaster, which you can pick up for about £3, have more artistic worth when it sits next to a hardback book?
I’ve got a better physical version of the album already – I won’t be giving that away any time soon – even though I could sell it and buy a whole raft of music down Poundland, and in your analogy I would have already done that.
By packing the set with needless ephemera – to bump the price up – it’s the label that are making it about money – not me. Compare the 2 disc edition price and then this – both versions include the album, which is the real work of art, not the bows & bells placed around it.


This has been reduced to a really fantastic offer and people are still moaning.why not just leave it alone and not buy it.it…..I wish I could get a box that’s this well put together for £35 from rhino .do you know of any paul ?


I thought I said earlier – Forever Changes 50th Anniversary Box Set. Got it for £31 – includes a 180gram vinyl too, I’d say that balances out the difference in amount of content of the book you get with the Roxy Music set; although to be fair the mastering & bonus material of Forever Changes is significantly better.


“The 1999 CD is one product and the box set is another. Back in 1999 that CD and a jewel case was probably around the £10 mark, arguably worse value than this four-disc £55 box/book-set.” – I’d say the price drop from £129 down to £55 within a couple of months is significantly worse than a drop from £10 for a cd in 1999 down to about £3 or £4 – at the price you can get it for now.
This £55 only seems good when judging it alongside the £129 original price – take that out of the equation and it doesn’t seem half as sweet.


I have the love forever changes set and in no way does it compare to the roxy box set.the music on forever changes is great but the package can’t compare


“I have the love forever changes set and in no way does it compare to the roxy box set.the music on forever changes is great but the package can’t compare.” What bit doesn’t compare? The vinyl? What does a standalone vinyl copy of Forever Changes set you back? (surely that alone is a good indication of quality & value for money – and it’s a fantastic pressing to boot) Or is it the fact that you get a mono mix (although it is a fold-down) as well as a stereo mix?
Basically it’s a hardback book isn’t it – The brainless beautiful eye-candy of the reissue world! Lovely to look at for 20 minutes and then you start to wonder what attracted you to it.
Also, it’s still not sold out at £55 and it’s been that for over a day … that’s not exactly concrete proof of it’s superior intrinsic value now is it? I’m sure you’ve been witness to lightening deals on here which sell out in minutes – this clearly isn’t one of them.


Ok. I pulled the trigger. Now I wait for delivery.


Was not planning to get this, but at that price I could not resist. Thanks Paul

DJ Salinger

Deal is back on now. Just bagged one.


23:19, and it’s £54.99, wonderful.


Just delivered from Amazon, brilliant turnaround.

Just to add the box set us a work of art, as good as any others I have, easily worth £55 and probably a bit more

Larry Davis

Well, it turns out, I saw the box at a NYC Barnes and Noble for $89US…regular price!! I am saving for 2 trips this year, soooo, being that is B&N’s regular price, no rush, I will buy it eventually, from B&N…

Darren linklater

Deal still on. Amazon must have a shed full left. It’s a great box, I got it from the US a few weeks ago when they had a deal on. If It had been sold at this price from the start it would have been a sell out.

steve edwards

So much more than one of the finest debut albums, we saw them in a tiny hall in Northwich about a week after this came out.
Most bands were sporting double denim, but not Roxy. The stage lights hit the band and they launched into music, a look/attitude that would change my musical landscape forever.
Saw them again for free at a Granada TV recording & then with The New York Dolls as support. Can only begin to imagine the cat fight over the mascara.
My vinyl copy was 50p, 2nd hand and has seen better days.
Cant wait for this edition to hit the disc spinners.


Amazon must be in leagure with you. Selling it “cheap” after your booklets go out of print!! Need a new, non-signed edition for us cheapskates!


so know you’re talking hahahaha great deal just ordered a few thanks Paul


Damn missed it – its now at £115!


It’s a good deal but it should have been the starting price when released.

I was tempted but with £3.69 shipping costs to France, the total is €69.45 for me so I’ll pass this time.
As I said when it was released, the correct price for me is approx €50. 10% more or 10% less. Don’t want to pay more than €55 for that box. I guess I’ll take my chances and wait for a better deal.

Gary Steaggles

Thank you
I’ve been waiting for this
Very pleased

Chris Merritt

Ordered – thank you! (But the Interviews booklet is sold out :( Any chance of 1 or 2 still lying around? )

Chris Merritt

Thanks Paul! Much appreciated.


Thanks Paul-I went to buy a booklet also, count me in for a sale if you reprint.


And we’re off! Very pleased to start my Deluxe Roxy Music collection. Bring on the others – at a sensible price of course. Cheers for the alert, Paul.

steve edwards

Amex had a deal going where I used up some points & it ended up costing £20.51.
Now that’s a deal Paul ;-)
Anyone beat that?

Leslie Hanagan

Has the track listing been altered?

Tony Sandell

That’s two bargains from Amazon in the past week, The Rolling Stones box set for £179 and now the Roxy Music box set for £45.
Happy days!


Which set for The Rolling Stones?


When I placed my order they charged me 45 pounds for it !
I also picked up the Fresh Cream box for 20
and Black Grape 2 cd set for 7-
what a steals


Nice surprise when i finally managed to spot a point in Egypt where i have W-LAN. It’s our last full day here before flying home to Germany tomorrow afternoon and this is going to be a nice welcome home gift (well, not exactly gift, but i’m sure you’re getting the point) for me. Thx Paul.

james Beresford-wylie

the original price was a shocking rip off , and out of principle I wouldn’t touch it . £55 , hey I’ll have that. Done

Thanks Paul

Just need led Zeppelin latest box to do same and I’ll be sorted


No big deal but I notice the actual track list is slightly different from the one shown on this page (which is from the original press release I guess).

Disc 2 has an extra track : Would You Believe? (alternate)
Disc 3 has lost a track : If There Is Something (from 18-7-1972)

Martin Tolcher


Thank you Paul – managed to get this earlier at that very decent price.

Now must do, as alerted by “Richard” below, an order for your interview booklet.

All of this may arrive at the same time as Oleta Adams (for Mrs T) from your shop…


Finally ordered a booklet (after getting the box for the similar US Amazon bargain price a few months ago).

According to the Amazon UK Movers & Shakers chart, sales of the box are up by 785950% today!

Chris Lancaster

It’s sales ranking is now up by over 900,000% today. That’s the biggest increase I think I’ve ever seen on the Amazon Movers & Shakers (ignoring the infinite increase shown by all new releases, obviously). I’m surprised the price has stayed this low all day; Amazon must have a warehouse full of copies that nobody was willing to pay over £100 for, and want the space back.


Had to get this I think it’s almost worth it for the book alone. Also ordered the SDE interview. Thanks for the info Paul and all you do. SDE is essential now.


WOW! One of my favourite albums, and has been for over 30 years. Couldn’t afford £129 but at £54, it’s a bargain. Thanks Paul.

Kevin M

Still hoping for an Eno Here Come the Warm Jets box set now this has been done and dusted. More so than any more Roxy to be honest. Warm Jets is surely one of the most important, bizarre and original post-Velvet Underground “rock” albums…

| Simon Heyworth 2004 master if not a new one, and NOT the recent half speed Abbey Road thing.
| the “Eno” short film made in 1973/4.
| replica Seven Deadly Finns 7” or CD single.
| Russell Mills artwork based around the lyrics of the album, and Eno’s commentary, from the 1986 More Dark Than Shark book.
| 1974 radio session
| Eno and the Winkies live recordings
| Accompanying words NOT by Paul Morley, unlike in the the Eno CD box sets from 15+ years ago.

Bliss! :)


I’m very tempted by this, but as a casual Roxy fan, it’s still a bit on the high side for me. I’m going to hold out for £35


I totally won’t regret it.


Just ordered for £54.99 at 10.48am. Thanks for the tip Paul!


Hurrah! Good things come to those who wait


Great Deal Paul, waiting on this one. And perfect time to grab your book too. Just ordered it as thank you for all your effords in this site and help as we can buy cheaper stuff in deals all around the year. You rock our budget. :-)


So glad that my patience has finally been rewarded. Hopefully For Your Pleasure will be next and be more sensibly priced to start with.


This is part of an ‘up to 60% off box sets’ promotion: https://www.amazon.co.uk/b/ref=gbps_tit_s-4_e1cd_0cf92ed4?node=14876189031&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_p=3217ff16-3fc8-46db-8c77-3f9b0b8ae1cd&pf_rd_s=slot-4&pf_rd_t=701&pf_rd_i=gb_main&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_r=SF329BWPVQB69P52YR12

It’s mostly classical but there are a few pop/rock titles in there … e.g. Steely Dan, Queen, Beatles, Bob Marley, Human League, Rush, Cream, Georgie Fame.


9:40am and just grabbed a copy. So soon after RSD too – my poor bank account! Thanks again, Paul.


9:30 am: showing as £54.99.

Does this price drop suggest it sold badly? I wonder if lessons have been learned…

Tim Ricketts

Great, thanks Paul and nabbed your book too


Thank you Paul. Wanted the box from first announcement but was unwilling to pay the ridiculous price. I’ve just ordered it, thanks to this brilliant deal.


nice one, Patience! Also been waiting for this so v much appreciate the heads up Paul. Looking forward to matching it with booklet I already ordered!


Deal back!