Deal alert / Roxy Music super deluxe

The Roxy Music four-disc super deluxe edition has been reduced in price dramatically on Amazon in the US.

This set is down to $72, which equates to something like £52. Shipped to the UK with import duty paid (via Amazon) the total cost is about £71, a saving of about £60 on the UK price.

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Roxy Music

Roxy Music - four disc super deluxe




  • Re-Make/Re-Model
  • Ladytron
  • If There Is Something
  • Virginia Plain
  • 2 H.B.
  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Chance Meeting
  • Would You Believe?
  • Sea Breezes
  • Bitters End



EARLY DEMOS April/May 71

  • Ladytron
  • 2 HB
  • Chance Meeting
  • The Bob (Medley)


  • Instrumental
  • Re-Make/Re-Model
  • Ladytron
  • If There Is Something
  • 2 H.B.
  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Chance Meeting
  • Sea Breezes
  • Bitters End
  • Virginia Plain

DISC THREE (disc two on the 2CD deluxe)



  • If There Is Something
  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Would You Believe?
  • Sea Breezes
  • Re-Make/Re-Model


  • 2 HB
  • Ladytron
  • Chance Meeting


  • Virginia Plain
  • If There Is Something


  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Sea Breezes
  • Virginia Plain
  • Chance Meeting
  • Re-Make/Re-Model


The full album remixed in 5.1 by Steven Wilson


  • Re-Make/Re-Model – The Royal College Of Art, 6/6/72
  • Ladytron – The Old Grey Whistle Test, 20/6/72
  • Virginia Plain – Top Of The Pops, 24/8/72
  • Re-Make/Re-Model – Full House, 25/11/72
  • Ladytron Full House, 25/11/72

French TV, Bataclan, Paris, 26/11/72:

  • Would You Believe
  • If There Is Something
  • Sea Breezes
  • Virginia Plain


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Super price! Waiting for another bargain like this!!!

Jim Breeds

Currently $65.11! Which with shipping and import duty is £63.89.


Wow, back down to only US$65,11.


Paul Thomson

I’m waiting until its sub-£50.


Back to US$72.35

Martin Soulstew

I just got a confirmation from Amazon US that they’ve got a delivery date now. My order was on hold since the day i ordered. So it seems i will be lucky after all…


did anyone receive this? I didn’t, but they also didn’t cancel my order, so I’m thinking they just never re-stocked them….

Mathew Lauren

Now only $64.36 @Amazon.com, but temporarily out of stock. Wow! I’d like to see Rush’s “AFTK” SW 5.1 SDE drop this precipitously.


I just ordered for £63 Inc delivery and import duty.

John Moore

The Roxy Music four-disc super deluxe edition has been reduced in price dramatically on Amazon in the US – why because the the makers got the price wrong from the beginning- We should not be surprised at all that this has come down as most big sets have done so over the last couple of years. It is the afordable ones that hold their initial prices well. It says alot and obviously to see the drop despite all the fanfare sends a huge message- it hasn’t sold- so what are we learning- don’t buy when the announcements are made-simple!

The Golden Age Of SDE

I got this on import from the US (£77 all inc.) and if anyone thinks that this will drop below £40 in price in Europe have high hopes*. Yes it`s only 3CDs & 1DVD but you can see where the costs have gone when you get hold of the outer-case and pull out the book. I have bought a couple of hundred box sets up to now and feel able to acknowledge when care & creativity has been taken in producing a quality box set. So what do we want as consumers? An 8CD set for £30 re: Rory Gallagher Irish Tour `74… for £30 where fans complained about the flimsy packaging!** Or this Roxy Box where fans are complaining about the cost of the overall box (packaging and no Bluray disc). The obvious answer is a lot of both for a decent price, we are able to vote with our money which is the only way the record companies will take notice. This argument will go on and on and…

*I know, never say never. I`d have been happy to pay the Amazon US price without the add-ons but if you want something what do you do? I can`t really see the Amazons EU price dropping below £50 but I hope it does.

**My `flimsy`packaging is holding up very well after a lot of use.


OK. 3 x CD 1 x DVD and a book. Still me thinks – too much!


Am I the only one who thinks a 4 CD set for £80 is a bit steep


Paul ref the import fees i locked mine down on amazon ca
months ago at approx £65 it ended up costing over £100
because they sent it DHL signed so i paid import duty and tax.
This needs taking in to account whenever using usa or ca Amazon.


Thanks Paul. We’re making progress but I’m not biting yet


Great! I didn’t hesitate this time. I doubt it will come down any further at this point – might become out of print soon, so I better secured one. Thanks as always Paul!


Thanks for the heads up Paul, grabbed one at what is at last a sensible price!

Mathew Lauren

Thanks Paul! I was actually awake and was able to grab this deal in time.

Andy V

Ah ha, got there quick this time :-) cheers as always Sir

eric Slangen

Great ordered for 72 euro’s to The Netherlands.


Cheers just ordered!


It’s back down to 79.45 on Amazon US.


I MUST SPEAK!!!!!!!!!
I got this yesterday and it is worth EVERY PENNY! (Or quid or whatever)……This box is lacquered in film as is the inner book just as the original album was – that had to be an expense i production! AND of course Bryan would not release this unless it was perfect. The book is great, the sound is great – and let’s face it – as faras I am concerned ROXY MUSIC were the greatest rock band of all time. Demos are amazing, Peel sessions amazing ….. I cannot wait to see FOR YOUR PLEASURE with cover model AMANDA LEAR! This is truly an objet de art!


Mine arrived in the UK yesterday from the deal a couple of weeks ago – one day later than promised, so Amazon are going to refund the postage costs :). I would agree it’s just about worth it at (around) £75 – but I wouldn’t describe it as perfect, having almost immediately spotted an error in the book’s 1972 tour listing!

Malcolm Jackson

Just a warning that on top of the US/Canada price, you will have to pay a further £26 import tax. I guess that’s still over a £30 saving on the UK price.

Martin York

Thanks for the alert Paul, grabbed for an amazing £77.38 (including just over £12 estimate for import duty). @MalcolmJackson I’ve included Amazon’s import duty fees option so I’m not expecting to be charged any extra. Did you choose this too and if so did you follow it up to find out why you paid duty twice, or wasn’t it an option on the order?


Just received the box today.
There’s NO signed print although it’s on the bill.
The Cd’s give some trouble… stopping in the middle of a song and besides that, the dvd content is really not acceptable, couldn’t they remastered the clips… they look awful
… and for only 190 Euro’s


Hi Yuri,

The pront comes separately.


My signed print arrived in a cardboard tube in the same box as the album.


The price point of $ 80-100 seems more realistic to me given the deluxe booklet and the content HOWEVER I still have no idea why they’ve not include certain tracks. They could easily have thrown some of the other BBC content on to the DVD or at the end of the outtakes CD. I suspect that this was Bryan’s idea and he was given how much he could release before increasing the cost even more. Part of the large cost here is the book–I personally think that they should have sold it separately or in a super duper deluxe with the vinyl there along with all the CDs and DVD as well as some additional things such as the reproduction of the ad for the original album signed by all four surviving members of the band (Ferry, MacKay, Manzanera and Thompson). I hope they think out For Your Pleasure better and, I’d love either Blu-ray releases (or DVD) for the rest of the albums with audio-visual content as well as outtakes, BBC sessions, concerts, etc.

In the meantime, Bryan and Virgin/Universal, why don’t we do a complete boxed set for the live albums plus unreleased performances?

We could start with:
At least one for each year from 1972-1976
There are plenty of broadcasts for 1979-1983 add those in plus Viva, The High Road and the 2002 SACD release of the reunion tour.

That could give us up to a fifteen disc set. Those early years are poorly documented on CD/vinyl (either because of poor sounding sources or because they are not readily available/missing in action)

The Roxy train could be so much better.


Any idea how close For Your Pleasure is for release?
Hopefully not years!


Got my copy this morning. Thanks for the heads up Paul!

Doug Carey

Uhh, don’t know if I misread this or something, but when I clicked the Amazon US link, it still shows the $159 U.S. price.

Am I missing something?

Doug Carey

Ah! And upon closer reading, that I am ; )

Will wait patiently for $80 or so to become the average price of this set. : )


Now, am I the only one who is very disappointed with the 5.1 mix?
I was hoping for great things, especially with Re-make/Re-model & The Bob…
but has to be the poorest 5.1 mix i’ve ever heard.

Mike the Fish

Thanks for this info. I’ve been disappointed with 5.1 mixes before and I’d rather not fork out £80-130 for the privilege of owning another I don’t like!

Nass Khan

£130 for one studio album ( regardless of extras ) is a rip off.

The Ramones & Fleetwood mac box sets were better priced.

Noel Fitzsimons

The follow up of the FOR YOUR PLEASURE must be in the can. Can anyone expand on this?

Mark Carroll

Let’s hope so because this album’s ABSOLUTE CRAP..Just played it (1999 Re-master) & had to switch it off, BLOODY AWFUL. The next three Roxy albums (For Your Pleasure, Stranded & Country Life) are MILES BETTER…


I would disagree with you about the first album. It helped change the musical landscape at the time now did they improve, become more sophisticated with time? Absolutely. My favorites are from For Your Pleasure to Siren with Country Life and Stranded really high up there with their second album.


My order says “On The Way” so it looks like I got it. I wonder what the deal is with these 1 hr long Deal Alerts from Amazon. Is it to create interest in the product? Is it a mistake? Is it a long term strategy to lure people to Amazon to keep checking prices and then buy other stuff you don’t need?
I have to say this entire pricing thing makes me curious. It would be interesting Paul to do an investigative article, like the legendary article you did on the Robert Palmer Edsel reissues. Who determines the price of a box set, the label or the artist? And which label tends to follow what pricing strategy and why? And what is Amazon’s strategy with these 1 hr pop-up Deal Alerts? All very interesting to know for us box set buyers.


As far as I can tell, this particular deal was available for between three and four hours altogether! It seems too soon for Amazon or the reord company to be “testing the water” with alternative pricing strategies, so my guess is this was some sort of automated price-matching “error” – and the sudden spike in orders following the SDE Deal Alert post/email will have alerted Amazon to fix it.


That is quite possible Kevin. Thanks for your thoughts.

Stephen Davison

Having received my copy, I feel it is an exceptionally solid, well-designed item. Unlike some other box sets I bought that turned out to be rather flimsy, this is built to last. Have to say, it would have taken little effort to widen the cover and include at least a double vinyl of material or maybe a picture disc.

Not Available

Has no one else realized that $80.00 for a 4-disc reissue of a 40-year-old album isn’t really all that cheap?


I did……:-)
You are right, but it is better than 160,-

Mathew Lauren

I logged on as soon as I awoke and the deal was GONE! I called them and reminded them there are many customers on Pacific time! Oh, well.

Mathew Lauren

To be honest, I’m kinda pissed. I go on about overpriced and/or substandard format, SURROUND-SOUND SDE’s and yet I missed another one, while SLEEPING! I just don’t know how I could have fixed that otherwise, so I give in…

I have finally signed up for SDE-text alerts and I’ve decided to sleep with my phone on, esp. when I’ve got 5.1 SDE’s in my AMAZON.com queue, that I won’t buy till the price drops!


Damn, and here I thought I was lucky when Amazon Canada didn’t cancel my pre-order. On a positive note they DID let me know that I saved an extra $0.28 by pre-ordering. Hmmm.


Back up to $160. I wonder if that was a mistake or what. I jumped on it so I hope they will honor it.

eric slangen

Too late but it will go down again I’m sure.

Brian m

Back to $159 now. I tried to get amazon to honor their price guarantee but it only is good until the order is shipped. I got it for $89 when they had that first price drop so I can’t complain too much but would be pissed if I had paid the $159


I started listening to the set today, so far I’ve been through the Demos & Outtakes disc. What a fantastic listen! As usual with demos, the sound is less polished and lets you hear more into the recording and appreciate the individual instruments. This must be some of the most positively weird and wonderful music ever committed to tape on a rock album. Leaving aside the pricing issue, this set will be a strong contender for “best reissue of the year”, in my book.


I ordered mine on amazon usa then got a email to say order confirmation.then 10 mins later a message.your order has been successfully cancelled.I didnt cancel it.gutted and disgusted


In the words of Lloyd Cole this price seems to be “gone gone gone pretty gone.” Price back up to $159.99

Steve j

Within an hour give or take $160 it’s a joke makes you think is it worth checking out what’s the point


How absurd. Is this a wind up?
The SDE article on ‘luxury items’ – then within 5 minutes a HUGE reduction of Roxy Music in USA..



Are there still customs charges and vat on optical media valued over £17 or whatever, when importing from usa to uk?

Glenn Schryver

Damn. $160 now.

Ringo Funk

Already up to 159.99 deal is over….luckily I bought it for same price 80.99 mid december on Amazon

Don in Ohio

Ha. Once I put it in my cart the price magically changed from $80.55 to $159.99 USD.

Danny G

And which now “values” the signed print in the super deluxe version about $120 – yikes. I should have waited for this day!