Deal alert: RUSH vinyl box set

rush_deal copy

Unbelievable DEAL for Universal Music’s ReDISCovered vinyl box set of RUSH‘s debut album on Amazon UK at the moment.

The box set which includes family tree, photos, poster, download card and 180g virgin vinyl pressing (newly remastered from the original quarter-inch tapes) in a sturdy lift-off lid box is just £12.99!! Be quick because this won’t be around for long.

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Managed to nab a copy of this at 12.99 to give to my Rush-crazy girlfriend, Amazon honoured the order despite not being in stock at the time, and delivered it today. I am now in said girlfriend’s good books to say the least! So thanks, SDE.

Alan Fenwick

I now have a confirmed delivery date for mine, so that’s worked out ok in the end.

Paul Wren

The box set arrived this morning – super quick result. I don’t know how Super Deluxe Editions operates or covers its costs etc, but as a new subscriber who has now purchased The Beatles BBC and Rush box sets for the grand total of about £30 to my door, I am absolutely delighted. Keep it up, please!!

Jimmy Agates

I wouldn’t be so sure it will get honoured…Amazon have been known to send out emails basically saying sorry bad luck!


Ordered and confirmed so will be OK I guess.

Alan Fenwick

Wow, been away from the internet for half a day and stuff like this happens…..

Just managed to get an order in, showing out of stock but it will still get honored.

Cheers Paul

Fat Old Bloke

I was at my local music store yesterday, they were flogging CDs/box sets 3 for $10. Walked out with way too much!
Is 2015 the start of the decline of retail music for good?


Ordered. Thanks for the heads up.

Paul Mac

Showing out of stock now, but can still be ordered at that price, hope it lasts until I get home and lob that voucher I got for Christmas into Amazon!!

Paul Wren

Got my order in at 16.05 – just in time before it disappeared off Amazon. Thanks for the tip off.


That’s less than HALF of the cost price to normal retailers . . . either something dodgy is going on, or they are so massively overstocked on it they can’t move . . what premium warehouse space eh Amazon?
Drone drone drone . . back in the day you trained to become a buyer and you could damn near estimate a pre-release without overstocking on crap . . of course all this changed when everyone decided computers could do a better job . . . drone drone drone . . .


just ordered my copy – thanks Paul

Rob Puricelli

Bagged and tagged! Cheers Paul :-)

Mark Hutchinson

Ordered – and so have a few mates too! Thanks!


Done… Thanks Paul..


Done… Thanks Paul..