Deal alert / Saturday Night Fever box set

Update 17 Feb 2018: Now down to $33!

Incredible deal for the recent 40th anniversary super deluxe edition box set of Saturday Night Fever on Amazon in the USA right now.

The package includes double vinyl, a two-CD edition (including four new mixes by Serban Ghenea), the 4K-restored 40th anniversary ‘Director’s Cut’ of the film on Blu-ray, a 24-page book (with new essays by Barry Gibb, Bill Oakes, John Badham, and David Shire), five art prints, a movie poster and turntable mat! It’s just $43 right now which with the pound currently relatively strong is about £32. The same box set is £116 in the UK!

You don’t even have to worry about import duty, because the price shipped with Amazon’s ‘import fees deposit’ is £46 – still a £70 saving.

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Order today for just …. 44.80 euro incl. shipping to Holland ( $ 53.51 )

Thanks Paul a real Bargain

Mathew Lauren

This is one of those soundtracks I mentioned (under the LotR’s soundtrack RE posts) that would have really benefited from a well-considered, discrete, surround-sound presentation. I, for one, would buy many more Movie/TV soundtracks if they JUST received, proper, surround-sound presentations along with all the other non-surround, SDE customaries included in these box sets.

BREXIT was supposed to ease your tax burden on goods from overseas.



Guess not – yet…


Showing $39 in my basket now…£41 inc import duty …,be quick !

Paul Thomson

Hmmm, I think I may have a problem. I neither needed, nor particularly wanted, this set, but I’ve ended up buying it for £35 (inc. postage etc.).

First step to dealing with a problem is recognition they say… welp, this purchase has brought a realisation that I seem to be addicted to box-sets. Is there some sort of twelve step recovery programme I can enrol on?


Purchased the item just a mont ago for $54.88 also from amazon.com.
Just sent them an email if they would be so kind to refund me the $ 22.01 price difference (the item is at this moment offered for only $32.87).
Let’s see what happens…

Douglas Deacy

It came to £33.41. Cheers Paul.


NTSC BLURAY i presume?


its now back down to $ 41.92 ., so keep checking guys its up and down like a yo yo . i got mine for the $32,87


Already back to $74.61…


Currently $39.51.


It says $32.88 but once it’s in the cart the price changes to about $75 … bummer.


£35 inc import tax to the UK thanks Paul !!!!


Down to $33 now

Chris Squires

My copy has just arrived, superbly packed with not so much as a ding or a squished corner and 6 days ahead of their original schedule, they plainly gave themselves a lot of wriggle room. It is a beautiful set and well worth the £45 I paid in total inclusive of postage and tax, not sure it’s remotely worth the £116 that is still being asked across Europe, I can’t see how they would even sell one at that cost. But sub-£45 is something I can live with. I was going to give this a miss but glad I didn’t now


About buyers from Europe: is there an option to select so that you include import fees in the order costs?


The system does it automatically if you order with an European adress.


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the replies about my import tax duty. I will now also checkout releases on Amazon US when they appear.

Tony Orwell

Amazon and ebays global shipping program both have deals to charge the buyer the import duty in advance and then pay it directly to the authorities. I shudder to think how low a deal they get to take the admin away from the government but i bet its lower than half what you would normally pay. less hassle for the buyer and the tax receiver and a nice slice going to the seller


Is the blue ray region free? Otherwise we do not see the movie…


My principle is that I don’t buy this box because it doesn’t include the original period 12″es and there is no 5.1., nor enough rare or previously unreleased stuff.
Do I ever cave in and let go of previous very strict principles after one of Paul’s Deal Alerts? All the time. I bought Flowers In The Dirt even though I don’t like the music, the downloads and the price. And that’s just one example.
So I don’t want to jump on this….or do I? Someone stop me!! Hello, principles….


Just wondering what people mean by the import duty tax deposit. Does it mean no paying the extra to the post office to pay them the tax ? Is this always the case with Amazon US orders.

Chris Squires

PLUS (and here’s the biggie) you don’t get Parcelforce adding their £8 or £13.50 on top of the tax due….. it’s all done in advance and parcelforce is cut out of the loop.

I had never used am.US before but this system makes it feel just a little bit safer.

I am not sure what to do if something goes wrong yet but will cross that bridge when it arrives.

stephen king

Don’t know how much the fees being added by Amazon USA for import to the UK are, but for this expenditure the VAT would be charged at 20% (as it costs over £15). Import duty is not due as it is below £135. If Amazon USA add more than the VAT and the cost charged by someone like Parcelforce, etc. then you are paying too much. In this case the VAT would be £6.40 for a £32 purchase plus the £11.25 quoted on the Parcelforce website (plus anything extra that they decide to charge you for “storage” if they have it for more than 10 days….!) for the collection of the VAT, i.e. £17.65 in total. Avoiding having to deal with Parcleforce might be worth a bit extra anyway!

elliott buckingham

I recently brought the bee gees extended ep that contains all the Saturday night fever I require

Darren Briscoe

Damn you Paul!!! Lol! Have been watching this price drop all week….wife said I could order when it hits $40 or below…….price now started rising…..grrrrrrrrrr

Mr David Barker

Ordered Paul,thank you for all these great deals that you keep finding for all of us.Cheers


Really disappointed with the content in this SDE so even the low price isn’t moving me to purchase. Is the 4K restoration of the film available as a standalone?


Thanks, ordered! Despite owning the new 2CD (picked up in the FR deal like Dom; the remixes are better than expected) and the 2LP, it’s *just* about worth it for the other stuff. To this sad Bee Gees obsessive it is anyway.


Ordered it from Amazon USA last month for $66 shipping costs and import fees included. It arrived within 10 days.
Worth the purchase at that price. Not perfect, like most box sets (eg the Blu Ray comes in a simple cardboard sleeve) but include enough material to justify the price as it is now on Amazon USA, not on the Amazon European sites.

Neil McL

Ordered Thanks Paul


Virtually free at that price.
Never a necessity but you have it when in bargain territory.
Cheers Paul .


Ordered. Thanks for the heads up. Never worth the original asking price and the omission of various extended mixes is farcical, but for this price well worth it. The frustrating thing is that I only bought the 2cd version in the recent Amazon France 4 CD deal, ‘c’est la vie’ I suppose

Chris Squires

£44.96 delivered and taxed to the UK, which although this set is the archetypal “missed opportunity” it is still a decent bargain at that price and I can’t see it ever going lower new and sealed.


We’ll wait and see. I definitely expect this one to be available for an even lower price in the near future. Therefor at this moment I pass.


Just checked for buyers from Euro-Europe: About 50 Euro incl. p&p and import fees deposit.


…and there might even be a chance that they send it to you from a European warehouse.

Paul Mac

…which should mean you aren’t charged import fees at all, I would think, but I don’t know will Amazon refund them altogether in that scenario.