Deal alert / Simon and Garfunkel 12-disc Complete Albums Collection

BEST EVER price in the UK right now for wonderful 12CD box set, Simon and Garfunkel: The Complete Albums Collection.

This set has excellent remastering (from from first generation analogue sources) and includes all studio albums, live releases and a first-time remaster of The Graduate. All for just £17.99 at the time of writing! Amazing deal (you might have to wait a few weeks for delivery).

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Simon & Garfunkel

The Complete Albums Collection



Albums included:
1. Wednesday Morning, 3AM
2. Sounds Of Silence
3. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
4. Bookends
5. Bridge Over Troubled Water
6. The Graduate
7. Greatest Hits
8. The Concert In Central Park (2 discs)
9. Old Friends
10. Live From New York City, 1967
11. Live 1969

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Has anyone successfully ordered this set with HMV? It says “Page not found” when I try to get on the site to order….. :((


It’s a mistake on the widget. I don’t think hmv have it in stock. It’s also showing the same on cd price comparison sites. One thing, keep an eye out on amazon, because if it comes back in stock I bet a pound to a penny it will be £10.99 – as they’ll price match the error. Whether it comes back in stock before the error is corrected is another matter.

Geoff D

Roxy box now down to $64 which equates to £64 delivered to the UK with import fees paid.


Great price for those who got it. The two 60s live albums are fantastic and it took me ages to get ‘1969’ as it was initially some kind of limited Starbucks only CD or something. It has some lovely early versions of the songs off of ‘Bridge…’ which the audiences had never heard before. I’d quite like the box but excepting the live CDs I’ve got multiple versions of the content already across vinyl and CD.

Ian Fry

i got the simon/garfunkel box for £18.57 or 34.90AUD all up. ’twas 10 hours ago, 11pm-ish adelaide time. ’tis/’twas a fantastic deal – thanks paul!


Got the Blancmange set and the Elvis Presley Boy From Tupelo set so not a bad day’s work! Should arrive tomorrow!

The Golden Age Of Record Collecting

Damn! I thought back up to full price, then I saw the message at the top of the page, ‘You purchased…TFFT! Its getting that bad these days with box sets, like many of you out there, I have that many (hundreds) I forget what I have. I blame you Paul Sinclair 8-))

Good luck to those who managed to get Zimmie’s live box for -£23, fantastic price, I hope the big river folk honour the deal.


The Creation “Creation Theory” box is still in the deal. Just grabbed it for £19.99, that is, half the next best price!!!


i posted this simon & garfunkel offer on hot uk deals earlier today, the price was live for at least a couple of hours that i know of
a dylan 1966 live recordings 36 cd boxset was also live for just £22.99 , that lasted a similar period i think , fingers crossed i get that

Phil Wilson

The Simon and Garfunkel one was live for a good few hours, from about 9am this morning, I think it sold out as soon as it reached number 2 on the movers and shakers chart.

Geoff D

Also at Amazon:

Blanc Tapes – £47:99

New Boots And Panties 5 Disc Anniversary Edition – £39:99

Steven Roberts

Back up to £37.

One day, I’ll actually click on a deal alert while the offer is still live….

Mark Higgins

I’ve only managed to get a real bargain once in time and even then got an email from Amazon saying it was a pricing mistake which they would not be able to honour or fulfil. Real bargains or clever attention grabbers???

Marc Wishart

Doesn’t seem to have been available at that price for very long. Share!e.

Bill Davis

DOH! Too late..


Already gone :-(

Kevin Barrett

Gone up already! Boooooo ….




I can’t see it for less that £37. although there is a link saying “new from £17.99” that goes to a list starting at £37.11


ouch, too late… it’s gone… :-(

Gary Hurley

All gone, now £37.11p


#37,11 at this moment…

Enrico G.

Gone in… 10 minutes!


Damn! Gone already!


gone …


Why are the deals so short lived? I got your notification at 12.36 Paul but when trying to order 10 minutes later it was back up to £36. Cruel.


This Amazon “Early Easter” deal price lasted around 12 hours – it’s often Paul’s alert email (going out to thousands of potential purchasers) that ends these deals as there is then a sudden rush of orders and stock runs out.

You have to be quick … or find the deals yourself before the alert mail arrives!

Jay Senese

… and it’s gone ….


Looks like I wasn’t quick enough ;-)

Barry de Foyle

Gone already – £36 now:(


Ordered – thank you very much Paul. Have been looking at the remasters for a while, and almost bought the The Collection a while back at c. £20, and this provides even more for even less.

Fingers crossed Automatic for the People box set makes their Early Easter Sale at some point too!

Andy P

It is listed in the Easter Sale section under Music category, so may be genuine. But as you say, currently not in stock.

Phil Wilson

It shot up to the top of the movers and shakers chart early doors this morning, and was already out of stock, but hopeful.


I ordered the dylan boxset for £22 but not holding out much hope of ever getting it as “temporarily out of stock”, however if its not out of print by the record company then you would think Amazon will get it in again and have to honour the order, here,s hoping.

Patrick Walker

It doubled in price between me reading the reviews and placing the bloody order. Hellfire!


It’s already gone back up to £36.00 was it the shortest deal ever?

Andy P

Great deal, pity I have it already! Same applies to the 36 disc Bob Dylan 1966 Live Recordings box, currently an amazing £22.99 on Amazon UK. Surely worth another ‘Deal Alert’?


Gone already

Douglas Deacy

Cheers.,A no brainier and glad Deal Alert concerns Amazon U.K.


In the same sale, the Bob Dylan 1966 box set (36 discs) would appear to be an astonishing £22.99!