Deal alert / Simple Minds: The Vinyl Collection: 7LP box set


Excellent price for the Simple Minds 7LP Vinyl Collection at the moment…

This was released at the end of October and includes the first six albums housed in a rigid board outer slipcase. Remastered at Abbey Road and pressed on 180g vinyl. You get an MP3 download card too. All that lot for less than £55 on Amazon UK at the time of writing. A similarly good deal is available for those in the USA (see price comparison widget).


In the box:

  • Life In A Day
  • Real To Real Cacophony
  • Empires and Dance
  • Sons and Fascination
  • Sister Feelings Call
  • New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
  • Sparkle In The Rain

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Elliott Smith

I’ve been a massive Simple Minds fan from the very early 80’s and still ongoing and have seen them many times with great memories. I am a little upset they haven’t shown any light on Once Upon A Time, which perfectly superceded Sparkle In The Rain. It should’ve definitely been included in this heavy weight remastered vinyl box, though of course I’m still going to buy it. Keep up the great work to both Jim and Charlie.

Paul M

Ordered this the last time SDE issued a deal alert. Delivery was from Amazon and packing was appalling. Simply covered the box in cling film and nothing else. Corners bashed to smithereens to the extent that the ‘rigid board outer sleeve’ is unusable and LP covers corners all creased. Good deal (thanks Paul) but bad delivery.

Mark R

Thanks. Just ordered although with trepidation as I’m not that familiar with their early stuff though I do like a bit of early 80s synth pop (Human League/Duran/Japan/DM). I already have NGD on vinyl which I really like but it’s a little knackered. Hope I enjoy this!

Gary C

Finally had a chance to look at mine properly. Outer box and covers were fine, but the first three LP’s I opened were scratched. Send ye back!


I ordered mine as soon as the price dropped. I have a price alert set up. They arrived today, sent from within Australia, so Amazon must hold local stock. Dissapointingly the box set is not packaged in foam like many others, but was simply thrown in a cardboard mailing box with some packing paper on top, like that’s supposed to help. Anyway, thankfully not too much damage to the box, that I couldn’t live without. So that’s a minor quibble. The second issue I have is the vinyl records themselves. Why can’t Universal use simple anti static inner vinyl sleeves? Why is the record in a paper inner sleeve and gets scratched on first removal? Is this really so difficult?


The trick is to lightly open the inner sleeve and blow in it, which will expand it. Then you can tip it and roll it out.


Sent it back today – asked for a replacement but currently looking like mid-May…


Mine arrived today – the way it was sent was a total disgrace to be frank.

All they did was attach a postage label to the boxset – mine has arrived scratched to pieces after being thrown around in the back of a delivery van !!!!


That is tragic. Send it back, for sure. Amazing they would ever think that was acceptable.
I did manage to get my download code and can confirm these are exactly the 2003 remasters, no brand new remastering here.


Thanks for the information Paul and Scott.


thanks for the alert.

have been waiting.



Is the sleeve of Real To Real embossed blue cardboard with silver printing like the original or did they go for the cheap Virgin re-release which was just white cardboard printed with blue and silver ink and no embossing?


It is a textured sleeve whereas all the others are smooth.


Definitely NOT remastered. Same exact tweaks that were done on the 2003 CD remasters are on this vinyl set. The term “remastered” is being misleading because often times it is now simply meaning that the previously mastered tracks are “newly remastered” to vinyl. I even had one of the vinyl specialty labels confirm recently that they master from existing digital files provided by the original label, yet they advertise on the LP “Remastered”.

Also, I had to go through a couple copies of this set before I got one that wasn’t damaged and neither had download cards.

Graham Piazza

Thanks Paul – great price. Including freight to Australia, the box came to A$95.28. That’s A$13.50 per album. I hope they sound good.

Donal O'Connell

Thanks Paul. Too good a price too turn down particularly with the Euro rising against sterling at the moment.

All we need next is a good price drop on the Metallica sets.


Thanks again, Paul. I, too, have been waiting for a price drop since it first appeared.


Ordered! At £55 this was too good to miss, even if it’s only a week before my wallet suffers on RSD! Many thanks Paul.

Ronny Pudding

With VAT subtracted it’s $68 shipped to the US! Less than $10 a rec. Thanks.


Thank you.

Just purchased. As others I too have been waiting for the price to come down a little.


Not remastered as far as I am aware, CD versions copied to vinyl. Buyer beware.


Ok, I stand corrected.


Brilliant, thx, sorted


Wow, just $71.83 mailed to the USA!


Great alert Paul. Like others, I have been waiting for the price drop on this box set. Happy days!

Alan Jones

Purchased at full price when it was released and all the albums sound superb. I should know, I’ve been a massive fan and collector for over 38 years. Buy with confidence!

matt harper

Cheers paul, Got it. I’ve been waiting to get this at a good price for a while !!