Deal alert / Star Wars 11-disc box set


CRAZY ‘flash’ deal right now on Amazon Germany for the 10CD+DVD Star Wars Ultimate Soundtrack Collection box set.

It’s just £20 (€24) at the moment which is madness for so much music. The six soundtracks (episodes I to VI)) are on nine CDs and packaged in mini-LP CD album jackets and there is a bonus CD featuring a new audio interview with Harrison Ford and an interview with John Williams, plus a DVD with “Star Wars: A Musical Journey” featuring over an hour of content. The deal will end at 3pm GMT today (or sooner, if they sell out!)




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Neil Kelly

£25 right now…


This item arrived this morning and it is very nice. Pleasant covers on the discs – though there are 3 SW prints which can only be described as anaemic.

Thanks again for the deal alert Paul. Here’s to more for us all in 2017. Live long and prosper* … err, may the force be with you, I mean.

* though I do hope you live long and prosper too!

Jean-Paul Wissink

Sh*t… Too late. Normally these alerts are not my taste but this one would be great to have! Let’s hope it happens again any time soon

adam shaw

Got for £25 , still a great price .
Happy New Year Paul and team .

Bruce Nicholson

Amazing deal. Thank you for the great work, Paul. Looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings us on the site.

eric slangen


there are still two marketplace dealers who offer it at 22 euros.

steve p

@mr x

on Amazon france it’s still 21.00 euros through nagiry and dodax (3.42pm)

mr x

looked at SDE as soon as I could (which was 10 minutes ag0)

bloody missed it :(

how come Amazon UK NEVER do deals like this?

I blame brexit!


Thanks Paul. And we are off for 2017!

Happy new year to you and yours Paul, by the way. Thanks again for all the work on this fantastic website.

Christopher Coyne

Hey are you the real Horslips ? If you are , then I raise my hoof to you in a horsey salute ! Slainte !


Hi Christopher – nothing to do with the band, I’m afraid, but just a fan from way back. It the age of the ballroom craze in southern Ireland, they were one of the only bands bringing “real” music to the small towns. Still love them over 40 years on.

It was the thrill of a lifetime to see them get back together in 2009 (and got to see a rehearsal show in a pub in Dundalk too!).

Yani P

Mad price – thats another thing ordered :)

Rob Puricelli

Nice one Paul! My Star Wars mad son is made up and has just spent his Xmas money on this :-)

Ralph MacGillivray

The Force is with us! Cheers Paul!

Phil G.

Cheers Paul. The Force is with this deal!