Deal alert / Star Wars: Return of the Jedi limited edition GOLD vinyl LP


Great price for John Williams soundtrack to Star Wars Return of the Jedi on limited edition GOLD vinyl…

This is just £9.99 right now (3pm, GMT 9/1/17) so grab it while you can.




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Black is a colour too, Steve! Best wishes :-)

José Antonio Nieto

Wrong, black is not a color but the absence of color.


Reading the reviews suggest many sound issues with this gold vinyl!

Steve Young

Bargain price but the reviews of the vinyl edition aren’t very complimentary, looks like the gold colouring on the vinyl has compromised the quality.
Always a good idea to avoid coloured vinyl editions, I have never bought one that I have been happy with.


Thanks for this Paul. Just need a good reduction on The Empire Strikes Back now to complete the trio of OSTs!

Mike the Fish

Hi Paul, could you lose that floating social media bar? It’s takes up quarter of the screen on Firefox for android, and when I only text I can see about a quarter of the screen!

Mike the Fish

It was at the bottom of my mobile screen.

Mr David Barker

Yes I get that from the bottom of my mobile phone,it’s a pain.


Paul, the social media bars take up half the screen when texting and about a third when viewing on a windows phone, its at the bottom.


I bought the 2 disc Star Wars A New Hope gold edition from HMV recently at the same price. RotJ was also 9.99 there.


This has been £9.99/£10 In HMV/Fopp for a while. Both they and Amazon had the gold Empire Strikes Back for £12.99 as well, although it seems to have crept back up to £19.99 ,on Amazon at least.