Deal alert / Steve Hackett 5CD box set


Incredible price for this forthcoming Steve Hackett box on Amazon Germany this morning…

Discovering Steve Hackett is an ‘original album collection’ five-CD box that contains the following long-players: Till We Have Faces (1984), Guitar Noir (1993), Darktown (1999), To Watch The Storms (2003) and Wild Orchids (2006).

It is less than £7 (€8) at the time of writing (9.30am BST, 10/8/16), significantly cheaper than elsewhere. Discovering Steve Hackett is released on 2 September 2016.



Disc: 1
1. What’s My Name
2. Rio Connection
3. Matilda Smith-Williams Home for the Aged
4. Let Me Count the Ways
5. Doll That’s Made in Japan
6. Duel
7. Myopia
8. Taking the Easy Way Out
9. Gulf
10. Stadiums of the Damned
11. When You Wish Upon a Star

Disc: 2
1. Sierra Quemada
2. Take These Pearls
3. There Are Many Sides To The Night
4. In The Heart Of The City
5. Dark As The Grave
6. Lost in Your Eyes
7. Little America
8. Like An Arrow
9. Theatre Of Sleep
10. Walking Away From Rainbows
11. Paint Your Picture
12. Vampire With A Healthy Appetite
13. Tristesse

Disc: 3
1. Omega Metallicus
2. Darktown
3. Man Overboard
4. The Golden Age Of Steam
5. Days Of Long Ago
6. Dreaming With Open Eyes
7. Twice Around The Sun
8. Rise Again
9. Jane Austen’s Door
10. Darktown Riot
11. In Memoriam

Disc: 4
1. Strutton Ground
2. Circus Of Becoming
3. The Devil Is An Englishman
4. Frozen Statues
5. Mechanical Bride
6. Wind, Sand And Stars
7. Brand New
8. This World
9. Rebecca
10. The Silk Road
11. Come Away
12. The Moon Under Water
13. Serpentine Song

Disc: 5
1. A Dark Night In Toytown
2. Waters Of The Wild
3. Set Your Compass
4. Down Street
5. A Girl Called Linda
6. To a Close
7. Ego And Id
8. Man In The Long Black Coat
9. Wolfwork
10. Why
11. She Moves In Memories
12. The Fundamentals Of Brainwashing
13. Howl

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Picked up a copy from Amazon.de and got it this past week. Too bad for the lacvk of bonus tracks….
He does have some of the ugliest album covers, IMuHO.

Florian M. Kranz

I got the mail now that it will be delivered tomorrow, at 7,99€ still. Cheap, very cheap!

Florian M. Kranz

My order seems to be still valid, at 7,99€.

Matt B

The email from Amazon says that my order has been cancelled but it still seems to be live on the Amazon.de site. The current price has gone up by 2 Euros but the release date is now earlier. I’ve placed a new order as requested by Amazon but who knows what will happen at the end of the month.

Tim D

Thanks for the continued great work Paul. Ordered at a great price, even with shipping to Canada. Sorry if you’ve discussed this before, but is there a way Burning Shed can be added to the widget?

Matt B

My order with Amazon.de has just been cancelled because they quoted an incorrect price.


Oh dear oh dear…. no extra tracks and hard to read sleeves! Sob sob. I don’t know these albums at all but I guess Steve Hackett put in a great deal of effort to make them over a long period of time. So for less than a couple of pounds per album, I’m happy to punt in a tenner and will look forward to listening to them. I pretty much stopped reading liner notes when I was 17. I’m now 55 and my eyes have gone a bit south so even the big writing on the LP’s can be challenging. But I can see enough to slot the cd’s in the player. And I believe the music is still what it’s all about yeah?! ;) Thanks for the heads up Paul.

Phil Morris

Maybe, but let’s not forget the focus of this particular website. For many (most?) of us, the packaging and things like sleevenotes – and extra music – is why we buy such things. We are collectors who have these albums probably innumerable times. I make no apologies nor explanation for having double digit copies of every Genesis album and the same for most of the solo output.

Jay Kranz

great price but disappointing that it is missing the bonus tracks on all but til we have faces.

wouldn’t mind getting this to get faces for cheap(still don’t own that on cd) but the rest there are more complete releases out there.


All in digi packaging, right? The absolute worse. Do they even have their original inserts, artwork, and liner note? Michael Jackson’s “The Collection” did not…

Steve Conway

Thanks for the deal alert,last week I took advantage of the forthcoming Graham Parker boxset at a great price and now Steve Hackett so much appreciated.

Phil Morris

I see the price must have rapidly increased- albeit by a solitary euro. However, I am bemused by the site’s assertion that it will deliver for free to the UK over a certain amount. Yet when I bulked up my order to over said level and tried to tick the relevant options postage charges were still applied.

Mark H

Hi Paul,
My first post, I love this site and catch up every day.
I’ve made several fine purchases thanks to you including this one. I’ve always leant more towards Genesis than Steve Hackett solo but this seems an excellent opportunity to make a start.
Could be “Orchids” rather than “Orchards” though. Thanks again and keep up the sterling work.


As Klaus mentioned, in Germany These “Original Album Series” are often sold for a bargain. Note that german retailer SATURN has a whole set of These “Original Album Series” for EUR 7.99 – so grab them while you can ! :)


there is also a JETHRO TULL Original Album Series Volume Two at the same price


Thanks Paul. At this price I was tempted to venture beyond his Genesis works.

Fat Old Bloke

Appreciate the deal alert.
I’m not a fan but this is a fantastic service. Thanks mate

Neil M

Great Deal thanks again Paul


Selling the “Original Album Series” for less than 10 Euro is not uncommon in Germany. Two big stationary retailers offer several titles of this series for that price from time to time and normally Amazon.de hops on the bandwagon as they are currently doing.
I bought the Hackett-box last week at one of the stationary retailers for that price, meaning they have this title already available at least since the beginning of last week.
Anyone who’s interested in other titles of the series: Scroll down on the Hackett-site and you can find several other titles for 8 to 10 Euro in the “Customers, who bought this…” section of the site.