Deal alert: Sting: Studio Collection Vol 2

Very good price today for The Studio Collection: Volume II, a five-LP box set that complements Sting‘s original Studio Collection.

The Studio Collection Volume II contains his three Deutsche Grammophon albums – Songs From The Labyrinth (2006), If On A Winter’s Night… (2009) and Symphonicities (2010) – and his last album 57th & 9th. There is “a placeholder for all of the original set” which means space for his eight A&M albums reissued a year ago in the Studio Collection vinyl box. The Studio Collection Volume II is just £38 at the time of writing. Excellent value!!

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Sting - The Studio Collection: Volume II [VINYL]


The Studio Collection Vol II box set contains

  1. Songs From The Labyrinth
  2. If On A Winters Night
  3. Symphonicities
  4. 57th & 9th

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Worth double the price just for the cover. Is it a David Brent tribute or has his eyebrow come unstuck?

David B

Gone already. Back to £54.89


Thanks for the latest update Paul. Don’t know if I’m getting more cynical (or just spending too much..) but unless a release is strictly limited, eg the coloured vinyl Belinda Carlisle collection (received today funnily enough) or you’re a diehard fan, then more often than not it really does pay to hold out awhile. There does seem to of been a glut of releases in the wake of the vinyl upsurge (though not restricted to vinyl) and perhaps the average music enthusiast is getting wise… Great as it is to snap up a bargain of this nature, I can’t help but have a feeling that as artists of a certain age diminish, so will the demand for physical releases of this nature, though I’ve no doubt plenty will snap up Ed Sheeran deluxe box sets in the not too distant future. Perhaps deluxe editions are only luxury items if you pay the initial asking price. Perhaps I’m analysing too much… is there a doctor in the house???

Tony Orwell

missed it! up to £43.13, still a great price

Neil McL

Symphonicities Is £42 itself!!! Thanks Paul

Paul E.

“Symphonicities” is still something I enjoy listening to. I purchased the Best Buy version with an exclusive 13th track “Strait To My Heart”- one the best reinterpretations on the album. Another reminder of the exclusives BB used to offer…and the only remaining reason I shopped for music there in the first place. Amazon owns the majority of my spend now.