Deal alert / Suede Coming Up deluxe

Lowest price to date for Suede‘s 20th anniversary deluxe of Coming Up with the exclusive 3-track ten-inch vinyl single.

This is the Amazon UK exclusive edition – so it’s not available anywhere else – which is the generous 4CD+DVD deluxe set, plus the 10-inch vinyl which includes the tracks Together, Asda Town and Bentswood Boys. It’s just £37 at the time of writing (4pm GMT, 8/1/17).


CD 1:


  • 1. Trash
  • 2. Filmstar
  • 3. Lazy
  • 4. By The Sea
  • 5. She
  • 6. Beautiful Ones
  • 7. Starcrazy
  • 8. Picnic By The Motorway
  • 9. The Chemistry Between Us
  • 10. Saturday Night

Bonus tracks

  • 11. Europe Is Our Playground [‘Sci-Fi Lullabies’ version]
  • 12. Trash [‘Singles’ version]

CD 2:


  • 1. Europe Is Our Playground [original version]
  • 2. Have You Ever Been This Low?
  • 3. Another No One
  • 4. Every Monday Morning Comes
  • 5. The Sound Of The Streets
  • 6. Young Men
  • 7. Sam
  • 8. Money
  • 9. This Time
  • 10. WSD
  • 11. Jumble Sale Mums
  • 12. These Are The Sad Songs
  • 13. Feel
  • 14. Sadie
  • 15. Digging A Hole
  • 16. Graffiti Women
  • 17. Duchess

CD 3
1. Trash [early take]
2. Filmstar [monitor mix]
3. Lazy [first demo]
4. By The Sea [studio demo]
5. She [early monitor mix]
6. Beautiful Ones [early monitor mix]
7. Starcrazy [first demo]
8. Picnic By The Motorway [demo]
9. The Chemistry Between Us [different version]
10. Saturday Night [monitor mix 2]
11. Electric Cakes [Together] [demo take 4]
12. Wedgie [This Time] [demo take 2]
13. Waltz
14. Sombre Bongos [Europe Is Our Playground] [demo]
15. Owly [The Sound Of the Streets] [rehearsal]
16. Every Monday Morning Comes [demo]
17. Soundgarden [Have You Ever Been This Low] [different version]
18. She [strings]
19. The Chemistry Between Us [strings]

CD 4
1. Intro: ‘She’ strings – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
2. Filmstar – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
3. Trash – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
4. Heroine – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
5. She – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
6. Lazy – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
7. By The Sea – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
8. Starcrazy – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
9. Animal Nitrate – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
10. The Wild Ones – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
11. Saturday Night – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
12. So Young – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
13. New Generation – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
14. Beautiful Ones – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
15. Europe Is Our Playground – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam




  • 1. Trash [26.7.96]
  • 2. Trash [9.8.96]
  • 3. Beautiful Ones [25.10.96]
  • 4. Saturday Night [24.1.97]
  • 5. Filmstar [22.8.97]

LATER [14.12.96]

  • 1. Trash
  • 2. Saturday Night
  • 3. Lazy

MERCURY MUSIC PRIZE 1997 [28.8.97]

  • 1. By The Sea


Brett Anderson, Richard Oakes, Neil Codling, Mat Osman and producer Ed Buller discuss “Coming Up”, track-by-track, with Pete Paphides

Bonus 10″ on limited version

  • Asda Town
  • Together
  • Bentswood Boys

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steve p

Did anyone who ordered this get the 10″ single ? Mine arrived without it and instead of having to wait for the refund it was almost instant , by the time I got back from the post office I had an email saying it was refunded …. now the listing has been put under review and is unavailable to order


They must have finished the remaining stock with this discount sale. You didn’t lose anything by not getting the 10″, believe me.


Im not sure why this is getting such negative reviews. I think the packaging is fine. Its not as nice as Dog Man Star but what you get is a good deal.


Ok, read through the Amazon customers review out of curiosity and seems like Edsel did it again. Do they fuck only with Suede stuff or are used to deliver cheap packaging for all artists they manage? I have the 2011 deluxe sets and they are simply awful, packaging-wise. As I said already in the past, it feels so sad that Edsel have exploited that way Suede’s back catalogue. But I guess Brett Anderson is ok with it.

Heinz Schweizer

Why were the 2011 sets “simply awful, packaging wise” ???
They were fine and done in a way like many deluxe sets are done, packaging wise.
And besides, they had a good price and the contents were truly great.


The 2011 deluxe sets were awful packaging-wise because they were made of ultra-cheap, flimsy cardboard. That’s why all copies had spines damaged. And that’s why they were so loose, with discs that tend to fall out from their plastic trays, and the plastic trays themselves to unglue from the cardboard. There are dozens similar sets which are packaged in better, thicker cardboard/digipack. They could have simply added clear plastic slipcases to avoid such damages, but no. And what’s even more annoying is that Edsel did a far batter packaging for other reissue campains. I think were Bananarama or Belinda Carlisle (or both) who had reissues in neat and fancy bookcases? I mean, Bananarama and Belinda Carlisle and not Suede, WTF?


Packaging is fine, don’t know what the problem is. Standard DVD sized bookset, with plastic trays holding the discs. Better than the 2011 Edsel deluxes anyway, those creased spines always irritated me. Packaging isn’t as lavish as the DMS set but it wouldn’t be for this price. Don’t let amazon reviews put you off!

Heinz Schweizer

You’re absolutely right, Rory!!


Demos and live definitely not worth the purchase, for what they are you might as well download them separetely without buying ‘Coming Up’ for the millionth time.

Seems like this exclusive edition didn’t sell particularly well if they have to discount it after almost four months from release. Honestly that 10″ with three NON-‘Coming Up’ tracks, with the most unimaginative packaging ever, wasn’t the best incentive.

Gonna wait for this set (I mean the standard version, without the useless 10″) to reach £9.99, and I’ll buy it together with the ‘Dog Man Star’ 20th anniversary box for a total of £29.99, shipping included.

*** sarcastic mode now off ***


Had to do it, though I’ve tried to scale back. $43 USD after shipping was great for 6 discs. Hoping the demos and live are worth it since I have everything else already.


Reviews on Amazon have put me off – already have 3 copies – -pink Floyd at £136,,,,,aaarghh !!!!!


Great Paul!

Phil Wilson

As a long time Suede fan (was number 111 in the fan club), this is still too much, the packaging is shoddy. £19.99 would be acceptable, anything more feels too much


Cheers Paul, just ordered. Was looking forward to this when it came out but thought the price was a bit steep for what it was, especially after owning the 2011 edsel 2CD+DVD version so was going to wait for a price drop.
Good price for this though, and the Amazon 10″ is a bonus, wasn’t sure they’d still be available by the time I got my hands on a set.


On an unrelated note, Pink Floyd The Early Years box set appeared on Amazon UK lightning deals last night for £136.07. Unfortunately I missed it! Sold out by the time I came across it

Chris Squires

Still hovering over the button, the user reviews are not very kind, if not of the actual material but certainly the packaging.

I might have to let this pass, I have enough CDs falling out of their Deluxe packaging…

Andy K

So has anyone got this already? I’m tempted but not sure it’s really worth it, even at the current price. Willing to be persuaded, though!


Great Paul – Straight in will complement my vinyl version cheers for the heads up. Bargain at £36.99