Deal alert / T. Rex 3LP remix set

Great deal + preview a full-length remix

The limited red vinyl edition may have sold out in a nanosecond, but the 3LP black vinyl edition of the forthcoming T. Rex Remixes set is now outstanding value on Amazon in the UK.

The triple vinyl set which features 28 remixes of classic T. Rex tracks is a shade over £20 right now which is less than you might pay for a single vinyl reissue (hello, The Style Council).

Especially for SDE readers, scroll down for an exclusive preview of the Jaxon Franks mix of Children Of The Revolution…

T. Rex Remixes will be released on 1 September 2017.


  • 1. Children Of The Revolution [The Reflex Revision] 5.07
  • 2. 20th Century Boy [STOOF Remix] 4.41
  • 3. Metal Guru [Book Remix] 2.58
  • 4. Cadilac [Bil Bless Remix] 3.53


  • 1. Light of Love [The Reflex Revision] 6.26
  • 2. Precious Star [We Are Dark Angels Remix] 3.01
  • 3. Telegram Sam [Kent Rockafeller Mix] 3.19
  • 4. New York City [Ra Ra Riot Remix] 3.23



  • 1. Children Of The Revolution [Jaxon Frank Remix] 3.36
  • 2. Calling All Destroyers [Infuze Remix] 2.31
  • 3. Teenage Dream [Castleman Remix] 2.52
  • 4. Children Of The Revolution [Joywave Remix] 3.59


  • 1. Light Of Love [Dr Smith Remix] 3.45
  • 2. Born To Boogie [Wye Oak Remix] 2.12
  • 3. Solid Gold Easy Action [DJ Sae One Remix] 2.57
  • 4. 20th Century Boy [X. Ert Remix] 2.55



  • 1. 20th Century Boy [STOOF Remix – Instrumental] 4.41
  • 2. Cadilac [Bil Bless Remix – Instrumental] 3.57
  • 3. Precious Star [We Are Dark Angels Remix – Instrumental] 3.00
  • 4. Telegram Sam [Kent Rockafeller Mix – Instrumental] 3.19
  • 5. New York City [Ra Ra Riot Remix – Instrumental] 3.24
  • 6. Children Of The Revolution [Jaxon Frank Remix – Instrumental] 3.36


  • 1. Teenage Dream [Castleman Remix – Instrumental] 2.52
  • 2. Children Of The Revolution [Joywave Remix – Instrumental] 3.59
  • 3. Light Of Love [Dr Smith Remix – Instrumental] 3.45
  • 4. Born To Boogie [Wye Oak Remix – Instrumental] 2.13
  • 5. Solid Gold Easy Action [DJ Sae One Remix – Instrumental] 2.57
  • 6. 20th Century Boy [X. Ert Club Mix] 5.17

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Barc Molan

This is a pretty easy cash grab for Demon. Get a bunch of remixers in with not much of a profile, pay them sod all for the remixes (trust me, the going rate for remixes has gone down so much) and put them out. What I’ve heard so far apart from the Reflex remixes are appalling.


Sounds a bit like 80’s era Bryan Ferry / Roxy Music – no bad thing.

Chris F



Pass. This remix spoils the mood. Be suspect of all Bolan releases and inspect carefully.
A nice addition to the Bolan discography would be the release of Thunderwing Productions LTD. shelved compilation that was to have featured the original 1975 versions of “Billy Super Duper” and “Depth Charge”… without the 1982 overdubs.

David Regan

Nope this is not going in my T.Rex Collection.. I thought the Bob Marley Legend Remix album was bad..I avoided that..I don’t mind Reissues of His released 60’s & 70’s Records But this is a No..No


No reason the limited edition should have sold out so quickly. Seriously pathetic.


Yea they’ll be on e bay for £80 on day of release. I’m sure eBay must fund these projects


My only issue with this release is the number of repeats. I think the remix is pretty good.


Not a fan of T Rex but I like that Jaxon Frank remix so I reckon I’ll leave that red vinyl pre-order in place. I imagine it’s people like me who have no retrospective attachment to the originals that are the market for this remix project.

David Dean

I have avoided all the post death releases where almost every low fi demo recording unearthed has been rehashed and repackaged. If Marc had wanted that stuff out there surely he’d have done it in his lifetime. However, this is 2017. I think the Jaxon Frank Remix sounds pretty good and almost poignant. I reserve judgement on the rest but it’s making me think. For the record, so to speak, I bought every T Rex single and album on day of release from Ride A White Swan (with the exception of Hot Love, where I had to wait a week for my Dad to get it for me) through to Dandy In The World. I’d say that makes me reasonably upstanding

Mark Kirk

I was twelve years old when my older brother brought home Electric Warrior and The Slider – sometime in ’72 anyway – and I was hooked then and there. I remember that I thought it was Mary Pickford on the cover of Slider when I first saw it (I know, I was a weird kid I guess).

The first T. Rex album I bought with my own money two years later was the first T. Rex album… and I still recall Kory (the older brother) saying “It all sounds the same to me”. Nevertheless, I loved it and played it to death, and continued buying Bolan to this day. So of course I pre-ordered Remixes as soon as I received the SDE Newsletter that mentioned it, without a second thought.
And now, hearing the Jason Frank Remix of ‘Children of the Revolution’, I’m looking forward to it even more. My hat is off to you Mr. Sinclair, and thanks for bringing this release – and all the others – to our attention.

David Cornyn

Yep, this is a bizarre one for me, too. Who is interested in buying this? Certainly not any fine, upstanding T-Rex fan.


Listening to the exclusive remix has made my mind up. NO THANK YOU


O M G please leave the Marc Bolan Heritage in P E A C E .. this is a NO GO for me

Dennis Yardley

But it’s not T. Rex……..I’ll stick to my originals however much of a ‘bargain’ it is……glad I heard this first!