Deal alert / T. Rex: Albums Collection

Edsel’s T. Rex The Albums Collection CD box is now available on Amazon UK at an amazing price.

The 10-CD box and contains all eight original T. Rex studio albums, plus two bonus CD of non-album tracks along with a 16-page booklet. It’s less than £20 at the time of writing which is superb value.

Edsel’s Ian Dury CD box is also similarly cheap!


CD Box track listing


  • 1. The Children Of Rarn
  • 2. Jewel
  • 3. The Visit
  • 4. Childe
  • 5. The Time Of Love Is Now
  • 6. Diamond Meadows
  • 7. Root Of Star
  • 8. Beltane Walk
  • 9. Is It Love?
  • 10. One Inch Rock
  • 11. Summer Deep
  • 12. Seagull Woman
  • 13. Suneye
  • 14. The Wizard
  • 15. The Children Of Rarn


  • 1. Mambo Sun
  • 2. Cosmic Dancer
  • 3. Jeepster
  • 4. Monolith
  • 5. Lean Woman Blues
  • 6. Get It On
  • 7. Planet Queen
  • 8. Girl
  • 9. The Motivator
  • 10. Life’s A Gas
  • 11. Rip Off


  • 1. Metal Guru
  • 2. Mystic Lady
  • 3. Rock On
  • 4. The Slider
  • 5. Baby Boomerang
  • 6. Spaceball Ricochet
  • 7. Buick MacKane
  • 8. Telegram Sam
  • 9. Rabbit Fighter
  • 10. Baby Strange
  • 11. Ballrooms Of Mars
  • 12. Chariot Choogle
  • 13. Main Man


  • 1. Tenement Lady
  • 2. Rapids
  • 3. Mister Mister
  • 4. Broken Hearted Blues
  • 5. Shock Rock
  • 6. Country Honey
  • 7. Electric Slim And The Factory Hen
  • 8. Mad Donna
  • 9. Born To Boogie
  • 10. Life Is Strange
  • 11. The Street And Babe Shadow
  • 12. Highway Knees
  • 13. Left Hand Luke And The Beggar Boys


  • 1. Venus Loon
  • 2. Sound Pit
  • 3. Explosive Mouth
  • 4. Galaxy
  • 5. Change
  • 6. Nameless Wildness
  • 7. Teenage Dream
  • 8. Liquid Gang
  • 9. Carsmile Smith & The Old One
  • 10. You Got To Jive To Stay Alive – Spanish Midnight
  • 11. Interstellar Soul
  • 12. Painless Persuasion v. The Meathawk Immaculate
  • 13. The Avengers (Superbad)
  • 14. The Leopards Featuring Gardenia & The Mighty Slug


  • 1. Light Of Love
  • 2. Solid Baby
  • 3. Precious Star
  • 4. Token Of My Love
  • 5. Space Boss
  • 6. Think Zinc
  • 7. Till Dawn
  • 8. Girl In The Thunderbolt Suit
  • 9. I Really Love You Babe
  • 10. Golden Belt
  • 11. Zip Gun Boogie


  • 1. Futuristic Dragon (Introduction)
  • 2. Jupiter Liar
  • 3. Chrome Sitar
  • 4. All Alone
  • 5. New York City
  • 6. My Little Baby
  • 7. Calling All Destroyers
  • 8. Theme For A Dragon (Instrumental)
  • 9. Sensation Boulevard
  • 10. Ride My Wheels
  • 11. Dreamy Lady
  • 12. Dawn Storm
  • 13. Casual Agent


  • 1. Dandy In The Underworld
  • 2. Crimson Moon
  • 3. Universe
  • 4. I’m A Fool To Love You Girl
  • 5. I Love To Boogie
  • 6. Visions Of Domino
  • 7. Jason B. Sad
  • 8. Groove A Little
  • 9. The Soul Of My Suit
  • 10. Hang-Ups
  • 11. Pain & Love
  • 12. Teen Riot Structure


  • 1. Cadilac
  • 2. Thunderwing
  • 3. Lady
  • 4. Children Of The Revolution
  • 5. Jitterbug Love
  • 6. Sunken Rags
  • 7. Solid Gold Easy Action
  • 8. Xmas Riff
  • 9. 20th Century Boy
  • 10. Free Angel
  • 11. The Groover
  • 12. Midnight
  • 13. Truck On (Tyke)
  • 14. Sitting Here
  • 15. Satisfaction Pony


  • 1. Blackjack
  • 2. Squint Eye Mangle
  • 3. Do You Wanna Dance?
  • 4. Dock Of The Bay
  • 5. London Boys
  • 6. Laser Love
  • 7. Life’s An Elevator
  • 8. To Know You Is To Love You (To Know Him Is To Love Him)
  • 9. City Port
  • 10. Dandy In The Underworld (Single Version)
  • 11. Tame My Tiger
  • 12. Celebrate Summer

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John Blutarski

Ordered both, T-rex was 2-4 weeks for delivery and ’till 2 days ago Amazon said it would arrive in time on August 2th. Then even the delivery date is pending: “You’ll get an email as soon as we can provide you with a delivery estimate. ”
Ian Dury arrived after a couple of weeks, though.


You are totally correct. Just between Slider & Dandy there are 40 extra tracks. I hope someone can compare sound quality between the 2. If the new one isn’t amazing then I will not be needing this. Unless there is something revelatory on the bonus discs. Does anyone know if the bonus discs have something unavailable elsewhere?


Just bought both. Thanks, Paul.


Thanks Again Paul

Jim Edwards

Thank you Paul. I bought the coloured vinyl edition a couple of years ago and have waited for the cd set to lower in price, and then… Ta da! Excellent work Paul. By the way, any news on your amazing David Bowie diary Part 4?


All the T.Rex and Marc Bolan Deluxe Editions are so much better!

Robert Fitzpatrick

thanks Paul !

Dave Gilmour's Cat

Any idea what the packaging is like? Is this worth buying of you already have the main albums as separate CDs? thanks.

Wayne Klein

It’s a clamshell box its min cardboard LP styled packaging.

Paul Murphy

At the price it is well worth it, but be aware that the sleeves are not the best quality. Also, some classic tracks are still awol, despite the two Bonus Discs [no ‘Hot Love’ for instance, believe it or not].

ian s

As well as ”Ride A White Swan”

Paul Ward

Thanks for the heads up…great value on the T.Rex box.

Erik van der Scheer
Simon S

Went Dury, a risk on T Rex would havd been one too many. Well for tonight anyway. Love these deal alerts allows me to take ‘a risk’ keep up the great work Monsieur Sinclair


Picked them both up as well. Thanks Paul for the tip. Much cheaper than Amazon US. Ian Dury out of stock so hope that comes in.

Neil McL

Got Both great Paul Cheers

andrew R

2-4 weeks for delivery, does that mean it doesn’t actually exist or is limited stock?
Had this happen recently and amazon kept moving the date until magically it was cancelled.

Sean Rogers

Unless you in the UK. shipping take awhile, unless you pay extra for priority shipping. I’m in Canada and it says it won’t arrive until early August.

Sean Rogers

Do you know if and when these were remastered?


I must admit, I haven’t heard many songs by T-Rex (or Ian Dury) – but I like what I’ve heard, so these prices are the perfect opportunity to explore and discover.

Thanks Paul S and SDE for another awesome deal alert. *thumbs up!* Without you and your blog, I’d miss out on so much great stuff!

Michael G

Thank you, Paul. Got one!

Steven C

At last! I finally clicked the “grab the deal” and the price was the same. With the dropped value of the pound, this is cheap to the US. Yesterday, I picked up another copy of “The Queen Is Dead” (2012 UK pressing) on vinyl for 10 pounds! They delete VAT and shipped to my door in San Francisco for $15 US! I didn’t really “need” it but my favorite album of all time and I can preserve my copy in the massive Super Deluxe Edition…


Totally Brexit worthy – shipping to Detroit for $25.

For those that like this sort of stuff, the Sinatra “A voice on the Air” dropped to 14.99 pounds, and goes Statewide for just over $20


Thanks for the Sinatra tip off BritinDetroit. Been after that one for ages. Cheers!


Howie – I have been stalking the Sinatra since last November so I was really glad to see the price crash on Thursday and knock it down for $20

It seems Amazon UK are making plays around 8:00 pm EST so well worth loading and checking your basket at that time

Glad you got the Frank, it’s supposed to be fab