Deal alert / The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds remastered mono vinyl LP


The recent 50th anniversary reissue of The Beach BoysPet Sounds mono vinyl  is a great price right now on Amazon UK.

The classic and influential 1966 album was reissued back in June and is less than £13 right now. This is the 2016 remastered reissue pressed on 180-gram vinyl. It comes with a download code.


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I stand corrected, you are right and it is only GBP 13.91 shipping to USA! That is amazing!!! Thank you!!!


Damn, missed the deal again. Will have to get email on my flip phone…


The works selling vinyl? I get loads of great music books from them so I will be happy with vinyl turning up – I never minded buying records from boots, WH Smith’s, Woolworths etc as a kid so why be snobby now – -anything to encourage physical ownership over streaming etc is good to me


“The Works” aren’t selling the latest Bowie album or the suchlike. There idea of vinyl are random collections of old out of copyright tracks under titles such as “Rock’N’Roll”


To me it’s obvious, “It comes with a download code” means that I can easily listen to it in the car. Vinyl doesn’t play well on the M6*

* although it’s not impossible, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0hRzEihsR4


:) I thought that was a pretty obvious reason for the download too Baward! Plus, hauling a turntable, amp and speakers on your back whilst out jogging really gets to be a grind. Especially when it is raining! My physiotherapist says I must quit doing that!

Strange, I never needed a physio until I started listening to vinyl whilst out for my daily run…..


Still £12.99 but currently OOS.

Andy Grey

Hello everyone. I’ve just been to HMV in Chelmsford and the mono version of Pet Sounds on vinyl is in there for £12.99 at the moment.



“It comes with a download code” says all there is to say about the “vinyl” revival.

Phil Lloyd

Does it Kenny? Pray how?


I think what he is saying is that if they are bundling lossy MP3’s with vinyl then quality sound reproduction isn’t uppermost in the minds of those behind such releases, nor those who such clearly opposite formats will appeal to.

While there is the group of vinyl enthusiasts who want the best sounding audio on that format to have the best listening experience they can, there is also a group who see vinyl as a ‘cool’ product and buy it to brag about buying it but will definitely use the MP3’s while the vinyl gathers dust.

Chris Squires

Personally, I have never, ever used a download code, wouldn’t want to or need to. The slips of paper can just sit there. I am sure it works for some, just not for me. It’s interesting to see how some people just really, really want Vinyl to die as if it is some kind of personal affront to their sensibilities. If I enjoy it what is wrong with that? It all helps the companies and artists, if they charge too much I won’t buy, but if it is reasonable, to me, I will. And it funds the next set of works.

I just don’t get why some take the Vinyl “revival” so personally as if it is some kind of threat. I understand if you don’t get it, I don’t get “Eastenders” but I don’t want it to disappear or take time on a TV Soaps site to slag it off. Live and let live….


When places like “The Works” are selling vinyl in a generic manner isn’t it time to take a step back and look at how genuine vinyl enthusiasts have had there interests hijacked. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s about the artists or the collectors, it’s about the music industries bottom line. Shellac, Vinyl, CD, Mp3, Mini Disc, Cassette & 8 Track all have their collectors. As god said above, a lot of vinyl is bought as an artefact. There are so many cheap and nasty record decks being sold (including by “The Works”) that it cannot possibly be about “the sound”

Ian Beale

Personally, I really enjoy walking into HMV now and seeing the vinyl racks growing week by week. They are CD’s older brother and make the shop feel all about music again rather than a bric-a brac store of pop culture items with music as an afterthought.

But, there is a difference between labels that are putting out quality vinyl with audio from the best sources to appeal to music lovers and the clear bandwagon jumping from others to appeal to a different section of society . Every music format is valid if there is a market and a consumer base it works for but I think there is a clear separation between the proper vinyl crowd who understand the format and the tech that goes with it and those confused trendy types who buy a turntable from Tesco with a USB built in so they can then buy vinyl and copy it to their iPod.

Some of the negativity for vinyl at the minute on this site specifically is because of the way it has become front and centre again but in the wrong way, as a prerequisite or unwanted add-on of CD box sets/deluxe editions for example or just a fad for the trendy crowd that we all hate to see whenever something is usurped for the wrong reasons. My own personal gripe is often getting lumbered with vinyl when I just want a 5.1 mix that’s in a deluxe set, but that’s not the fault of people who want vinyl.

I don’t think anybody who prefers CD’s or downloads/streaming has an issue with vinyl itself or it’s long-time enthusiasts/new adopters, we just find a section of the modern vinyl craze a bit disingenuous, shallow and invasive.


I don’t think anyone wants the vinyl revival to die it’s just that some people do question and wonder how often vinyl releases get listened to if at all. I think with hipsters jumping on the bandwagon it’s more of a show off thing. They think their Nick Drake vinyls look incredibly cool but they probably haven’t got a clue what he sounds like.


I agree with you Chris S. What is wrong with these MP3 listeners? Vinyl is not a threat.

I buy and have always bought vinyl for the superior sound quality, those who I know and there are many, who also buy vinyl, do so for the same reason – sound quality. I have yet to come across anyone from `the cool product` group and I do get out a lot.

Those naysayers on here are talking b@ll@cks and need to get a life.

I have hundreds of those bits of paper that come with my vinyl, all unused.


Oops! My name above should be richie.


SORRY! That link I mentioned above is for the MONO version. But it is still cheaper using the link – £12.83!


Wow! Now the price is £20.33! It just keeps going higher!


@Leemer – it’s still live, you have to select ‘Other Sellers on Amazon’ to the right of the page though where it’s still £12:99.


And at £18.40 that’s over.

Chris Squires

Ordered. I don’t have any copy of Pet Sounds at all and have never heard the album, but at £13 it’s worth a punt. it seems quite a few people do like it…..


any idea how does it compare to Analogue Productions’ AAA remaster?


If these LPs compare favaurably to the AA editions get in there. I have the A.A. Editions and they are superb.

ALERT – both the stereo & mono editions are still £12.99 or lower, the stereo when I looked was £12.83. To get the stereo version click on vinyl where the ‘other editions’ is located below where ‘product details’ are and the mono edition is still there as Geoff says below.

Mark R

Usually I prefer mono but to my ears this album sounds better in Stereo.