Deal alert / The Jam: 1977 box set

Best price to date for the forthcoming The Jam 1977 five-disc box set…

The package includes two remastered albums (In The City and This Is The Modern World) along with a plethora of demos, live performances and a DVD packed with promos and TV appearances. It’s £37 in the UK right now (and in fact is a shade less in France).

The Jam / 1977 is due to be released on 20 October 2017

Disc 1 – ‘In The City’ (original album remastered)
1. Art School
2. I’ve Changed My Address
3. Slow Down
4. I Got By In Time
5. Away From The Numbers
6. Batman Theme
7. In The City
8. Sounds From The Street
9. Non-Stop Dancing
10. Time For Truth
11. Takin’ My Love
12. Bricks & Mortar

+ single & B-side extras
13. All Around The World
14. Carnaby Street

Disc 2 – ‘The Polydor Demos: February 1977’
1. Art School (demo)*
2. In The City (demo)
3. I Got By In Time (demo)*
4. I’ve Changed My Address (demo)*
5. Time For Truth (demo)
6. Sounds From The Street (demo)
7. Non Stop Dancing (demo)*
8. Bricks And Mortar (demo)*
9. Takin’ My Love (demo)
10. So Sad About Us (demo)
11. Slowdown (demo)*

Disc 3 – ‘This Is The Modern World’ (original album remastered)
1. The Modern World
2. London Traffic
3. Standards
4. Life From A Window
5. The Combine
6. Don’t Tell Them You’re Sane
7. In The Street Today
8. London Girl
9. I Need You (For Someone)
10. Here Comes The Weekend
11. Tonight At Noon
12. In The Midnight Hour

Disc 4 – ‘Live 1977’
John Peel sessions
1. In The City
2. Art School
3. I’ve Changed My Address
4. The Modern World
Recorded 26.4.1977 – Transmitted 2.5.1977

5. All Around The World
6. London Girl
7. Bricks & Mortar
8. Carnaby Street
Recorded 19.7.1977 – Transmitted 25.7.1977

Live at the ‘Nashville’ – September 10th 1977 (previously unreleased)
9. Carnaby Street
10. The Modern World
11. Time For Truth
12. So Sad About Us
13. London Girl
14. In the Street Today
15. All Around The World
16. London Traffic
17. Sweet Soul Music
18. Bricks & Mortar
19. In The City
20. Art School
21. In The Midnight Hour
22. Sounds From The Street
23. Slowdown

Disc 5 – DVD
1. In The City (Polydor promo – 1977)
2. Art School (Polydor promo – 1977)
3. In The City (‘Top Of The Pops’ – 19 May 1977)
4. All Around The World (‘Top Of The Pops’ – 18 August 1977)
5. All Around The World (‘Marc’ – 24 August 1977 )
6. The Modern World (‘Top Of The Pops’ – 3 November 1977)
7. In The City (‘So It Goes’ – 20 November 1977)
8. Bricks and Mortar (‘So It Goes’ – 20 November 1977)
9. Carnaby Street (‘So It Goes’ – 20 November 1977)
10. Slowdown (‘So It Goes’ – 20 November 1977)
11. All Around The World (‘So It Goes’ – 20 November 1977)

* Previously unreleased

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Finally got around to picking this up. It’s an excellent boxset. Extremely well put together. A totally unnecessary and absolutely wonderful purchase.

True, its a dream mixed with nostalgia…

Dave H

The DVD also includes one unreleased track from ‘So It Goes’ which isn’t on ‘The Complete Jam’ DVD. All Around The World is on the DVD for the first time. During Sky Arts rebroadcasts from 2015 six tracks were broadcast by The Jam, ‘Takin’ My Love’ was broadcast with end credits.

The Jam performed ‘In The City’ and ‘Tonight At Noon’ for American TV which were released on a video called ‘Rock Revolution’.

There’s also live footage of The Jam performing at the 100 club which was released on the DVD ‘Punk In London’. I don’t know how much of the gig was filmed but there may be some outtakes. A pity this wasn’t included on the DVD as it’s more interesting to see than the mimed material.


After 40 years…, I still jump around to Art School and I remember putting I Need You on a mix tape for my first girlfriend!

I learnt more from Weller than my teachers….

Phil Lloyd

Everything here including the DVD has previously been officially available. Only the Nashville set is unreleased. Having said that I would have gone for this if it was complete and included the single edit of the modern world and the live B-sides of that single. I do like the alternate album sleeves.


As indicated, six of the demos are also previously unreleased, and I don’t think the “Top of the Pops” appearances have been officially released on DVD before (they were not on the “Complete Jam” DVD).

William K

The TOTP footage of ‘The Modern World’ from 3/11/77 is on Paul Weller’s Hit Parade DVD. A different TOTP performance of ‘All Around the World’ from 21/7/77 is also on Hit Parade.

Phil Lloyd

You are right Chucky. I stand corrected. The lesson here is don’t post in haste.

Martin Power

It always looked way over priced – This needs to be £30 max. I am a massive fan from my teens but the Weller/Jam reissues are becoming a joke in terms of the variance in pricing which is a shame


Thanks for the heads up Paul. Had it on order, so obviously will get the pre-order guarantee. If anyone is interested the Fire & Skill Box Set is available from Amazon Japan (Amazon.jp and not their marketplace). Only a couple left so I would hurry if you missed out the first time around. Not cheap, but at least not ridiculous in price.


How much was the Fire & Skill box

andrew r

actually Paul its £113 because they factor in duty .
Still cheaper than nearly anywhere else £150-£189
is the range on ebay discogs etc

Marshall Gooch

Same here, Nigel Croft. £34.63 delivered to US! Love that no-VAT part. That comes to $44.93 USD. This is the modern world!

Nigel Croft

Yup, saves me getting it sent to my brother’s gaff and then getting him to send it on as cattle fodder, which has no tax in the UK ;)

Trump`s got the Hump!

If Chris above is right, I maybe cancelling this order*.

*It has to go down another £8 for me not to cancel.

Ben Williams

Trump`s got the Hump! – if you have Direction Reaction Creation and Jam at the BBC compilation then apart from the Nashville gig (in full) and the DVD then there’s not too much point getting this set unless you like everything-Weller and/or like the package.

Trump`s saved £37, that`s another Cruise dumped on Pyongyang, prangggggggga!

Thanks Ben, I can do without that gig. that Kim Jong is gonna go with a Bong! (Bang won`t rhyme!)


As near as I can tell, if you’ve got _Direction Reaction Creation_, you’ve got discs 1 & 3, but *not* discs 2 & 4 (or the DVD, obviously). Correct?


Nice one Paul, as ever!

Nigel Croft

£34.63 delivered to US!!

Thanks Paul!

Alan B

Always think it’s great non EU citizens can get the VAT back. Pity it is not reciprocated by countries like the US where we have to pay sales tax on everything with no rebate.

Trump`s got the Hump!

And extortionate shipping fees.

And a rip off charge from the Post Office.

And Customs VAT charges.

Paul E.

@Alan B…this is certainly accurate. As someone that resides in the U.S. perhaps it’s just mere consolation for not having such incredible native talent the likes of The Jam, The Clash, Pistols, etc. My music collection is very biased towards non-U.S. acts, so much so, I still tend to question why I was born on this side of the pond sometimes :)