Deal alert / The Rolling Stones: Blue & Lonesome deluxe box set


Amazing price right now for the just released deluxe box version of The Rolling Stones’ acclaimed Blue & Lonesome album…

This set – which features a 75-page mini-book about the making of the album and band postcard prints – was £35 up until this point, but is now just £10! That’s about US $11 with the VAT deducted, massively cheaper than Amazon US are charging. Don’t hang around at this price!!

Update. The price for this as an individual item, has now gone back up to £34.99, however if you buy THREE copies, you get three for £20 in the promotion, which still works. That’s a saving of £85!


Compare prices and pre-order

The Rolling Stones

Blue & Lonesome deluxe edition




1. Just Your Fool
(Original written and recorded in 1960 by Little Walter)

2.  Commit A Crime
(Original written and recorded in 1966 by Howlin’ Wolf – Chester Burnett)

3. Blue And Lonesome
(Original written and recorded in 1959 by Little Walter)

4. All Of Your Love
(Original written and recorded in 1967 by Magic Sam – Samuel Maghett)

5. I Gotta Go
(Original written and recorded in 1955 by Little Walter)

6. *Everybody Knows About My Good Thing
(Original recorded in 1971 by Little Johnny Taylor, composed by Miles Grayson & Lermon Horton)

7. Ride ‘Em On Down
(Original written and recorded in 1955 by Eddie Taylor)

8. Hate To See You Go
(Original written and recorded in 1955 by Little Walter)

9. **Hoo Doo Blues
(Original recorded in 1958 by Lightnin’ Slim, composed by Otis Hicks & Jerry West)

10. Little Rain
(Original recorded in 1957 by Jimmy Reed, composed by Ewart.G.Abner Jr. and Jimmy Reed)

11. Just Like I Treat You
(Original written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Howlin’ Wolf in December 1961)

12. *I Can’t Quit You Baby
(Original written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Otis Rush in 1956)

*Eric Clapton: Guitar
**Jim Keltner: Percussion


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Neil Kelly

Mine arrived today also! Couldn’t see the deal now out of curiousity is it still running?


Another stunning deal, my 3 copies arrived today :-) one for me, two excellent Christmas presents. Thanks Paul for this wonderful site, I bought my first ever Who album via here, the Live at Leeds, awesome now I need to look into more Who stuff.

[…] & Lonesome shifted over 100,000 units in it’s first week. I’m sure SDE readers buying three copies each, had nothing to do with […]

Jan Van

I think the offer is not there anymore, just tried, and it looks like my card is gonna be charged three tims 35 … I cancel this order…


Ordered 3 for £20 using free delivery – arrived yesterday!


Although it looks very nice, the box is massively over sized. it is bigger than the U2 Joshua Tree box but half of the box is just an empty filler. I don’t think it is very far off the volume of the entire Rolling Stones in Mono box! it is not the cost of these box sets that will do for me (apart from Pink Floyd which I’ve managed to resist) but the larger house I’ll need to fit them into.

being sad, I measured them. the Blue box is 16oo cm3 and the Rolling Stones in Mono is 2025 cm3. so the mono box is 26% larger but holds 15 times as many discs.

I’ll stop now.


unfortunately i elected to order 1 copy on the basis that Amazon wouldn’t honour it!
Well they did and what a lovely thing it is probably not worth £35 but at £10 bargain of the month. Lovely book ,photo’s in a wallet Just wish i bought more as christmas presents!
Thanks Paul for the heads up on this deal as i would never have even looked at
it without SDE

Nicholas Dawson

Finally delivered today, two days late, but not sure if it would have been delivered had I not had another order with Amazon


Delivery tracking says that my order of 3 stones-copies shall arrive today in Germany. Got the first one i ordered on wednesday.
So they really seem to honour this deal.

John Madden

Thanks, received two Stones boxes and Elvis CD for £20. This is a great site!

Simon F

Got my Stones box today. Should have arrived yesterday but driver could not find my address. Not the first time this has happened…. Yes, a good album and certainly to my ears the most satisfying Stones album since Tattoo You. Interesting to note that I have not heard a single note from this collection on the radio. Must be listening to the wrong stations? Or are they terrified of/can’t understand the blues

Nick Preece

My £10 copy arrived today!


Order placed on 6 December. Three box sets for £20.00. Still not been dispatched. Supposedly arriving between 10 – 13 December.


The deal is gone no cd in amazon stock. My 3 copies arrived today they look great!

David Harold

Got to say I feel much better about this having got it cheap! Not worth £35. I’d have said £16.99 would have been a fairer RRP.


What a good find – got my three copies yesterday, knocked two straight out on eBay (at a good price for the buyers) and kept my ‘free’ copy with an extra tenner beer money. Result!

David Harold

Mine arrived today! 3 copies, two will be Xmas presents.


Took me ages to figure the deal out. The reason was I was originally going to get 2 for xmas gifts and something else, but it wouldn’t give the discount, turned out once I had read the qualifying terms and conditions is they have to all be on same delivery dispatch time. Ordered 3 copies for friends xmas presents, fingers crossed giving me the 15th for dispatch.


I took standard edition because they don’t ship to italian islands. I’m from Sicily


My 3 copies arrived today!


My order of 3 copies where shipped this morning, $33.17 in total. Ordered another couple along with the Beatles DVD, but waiting on that order. That’s a few Xmas presents sorted. Thanks Paul (and Steve for the link)!

PS. The standard versions is now in that 3 for 20 quid offer but, most importantly, the deluxe version is still listed right now (and still works).


Given there’s no actual musical content extra, I’m not sure I can get an excited as others over this “deal”. Basically it was originally priced way over the top – £10 is about right……

Nicholas Dawson

And here we go, E mail this morning, delay in delivery for today, three days time if not arrived replacement, if no replacement then they refund. my betting this will transpire and yet again Amazon fail to honour not for the first time as well. watch this space, still showing as out for delivery


It has just let me order 3 copies with a dispatch date of the 15th December for the £20. Hope it comes as its going to be one hell of a surprise xmas presents for 3 friends.

Neil Kelly

As i stated below all 3 for £20 arrived today Sunday, 11/12/16. Result!!


Missed the original offer but took advantage of the 3 for 2 deal as The Beatles were also included. Thanks Paul and for The Who Live At Leeds tip recently. Really appreciated.


Thanks Paul. Stones arrived this morning


Thanks to Steve for the link to the 3 for 20 offer.
I just ordered 3 more copies of the Stones, plus a second bundle, including the DVDs of the Beatles and Oasis and Phil Collins’ autobiography.
I even became a “30 days free”-member of Prime for the Oasis-DVD, because it is stated as “only available to Prime-members” now, which , to my surprise, worked out fine, although i live in Germany. No free delivery to Germany though, but i wasn’t expecting it in the first place.
So, one Stones-box for GBP 35, three of them for GBP 20 has to be about the craziest offer ever been made by Amazon, if they honour it.
My order from yesterday (Stones-box and Springsteen-Book) seems to be out for delivery now, according to my Amazon-account, so they obviously are honouring this for foreign addresses too. Keeping my fingers crossed for todays order, because then i’m gonna appear really generous to some Stones-afficionados at christmas eve :-) .


If someone get delivered today and can confirm proper version will be great


Great deal and already shipped. This version not available in Australia and at just under $23 only $3 more than the standard version.


Stones CD, Oasis DVD and Phil Collins book all for £20 – A bargain. Thanks for the info

Wayne Klein

The mastering on this set is awful–very very compressed. I guess the Stones must assume we are as deaf as they are!

David M

Aren’t we?


OMG! TY for that Paul… missed the one for a tenner, so I got the 3 for 20 offer!! And they are in the post!!!!! whoop! Almost as good as the Gillan vinyl boxset offer. Now there was a beauty. But seems like that’s gone 4 now.


The Stones deluxe is part of the 3 for 20 offer even now, so I figured I would bundle in the Beatles DVD and Phil Collins book. I suspect the Stones set is overpriced to begin with, but hey.


Having thought that I had missed out on this I have just placed an order for 3 copies of the box set and only been charged £20.00. A saving of £87.96 according to my invoice.

Items are not dispatched yet so we will see what happens.


Got 3 of them for £20! Thanks. Will probably sell the 2 others on Amazon again.


Yes I also ordered 3 , makes me look so generous at Christmas !!


Ordered! Thank you very much.


Mine has been dispatched too.
Now, when can they have a pricing glitch on the Floyd box?

Neil McL

Thanks Paul got 3 items for £20 have prime now dispatched so they are honouring it


3 for twenty link worked a treat – stones for me and the old man for xmas and a book for the wife too

Mark McKendrick

c. 26 quid for a bit of a book and a few post cards, tho’. Lol… they see ’em coming. Mwahhahaha..

Richard Bristow

Steve the genius!

If you click on that link and sort by price Blue and Lonesome is the only item over £10 so this is a strange one! We have all ordered along with many others and yet Amazon still have stock. With the Queen mis pricing they ran out of stock quickly.

My order has shipped.

Brian Scott

Huge thank you to Paul and the rest of our community. These deal alerts are amazing but not sure my bank balance agrees. Ordered two Stones and one Beatles. Am sure my Stones loving neighbour will be thrilled with my ‘spare’ copy as his Xmas present. Here’s hoping we all get the deluxe version delivered later this week.


Fantastic alert! Thanks Paul!


Hi Paul just got in from work. Offer still on & ordered. Many thanks Trev.


Got 3 copies at 12:30 for 29 euros on amazon.co.uk instead of 1 copy at 10 pounds.
Will sell 2 to my friends…


Thanks Steve for posting this. Couldn’t find the link so this has eased my FOMO. Plus a big thanks to SDE Paul for the original post. Picked up two Stones sets and Beatles DVD



David M

Thin pickings there. I have jut bought 48 copies of the Stones deluxe to sell on ebay *

* not really


Just had my confirmation email from Amazon to say that my copy has been dispatched as is arriving tomorrow :) Price honoured :)


thanks a lot!!! I just ordered 3 copies from Italy for € 30…fantastic!


the deal is gone…


Thanks Paul for posting the other 3 for 20 items. I ordered the Stones box plus the Elvis Presley and David Bowie cd’s. Totally not interested in the Bowie and Elvis cd’s (already have all the bowie stuff) but i can sell them on Ebay still sealed and end up paying maybe $15 for the Stones box. Greatest deal ever. If honored. It must definitely be a mistake. They probably meant to include the regular version iso the box. We’ll see what happens, as long as they don’t ship before telling they will charge the original price!!! Thanks for another great deal Paul!!!


Cheers Paul, one for me and two Xmas presents sorted out!

David M

Thanks! Somebody is getting the regular version for Christmas!