Deal alert / The Smiths: The Queen Is Dead / 3CD+DVD box

Insane price right now on Amazon UK for the recent 3CD+DVD box set of The Smiths’ 1986 album The Queen Is Dead.

This box set, which features the remastered album, demos, B-sides, a live concert and a DVD with hi-res stereo and film is just £14.99 right now. Worth noting that the 5LP vinyl edition of this same box set is just £32.99 right now (check the vinyl deals post for more bargains)

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The Smiths

The Queen Is Dead (2017 Master) [Deluxe Edition]


Compare prices and pre-order

The Smiths

The Queen Is Dead (2017 Master) [Deluxe Edition] [VINYL]


Disc One: Original Album – 2017 Remaster
1.   “The Queen Is Dead”
2.   “Frankly, Mr. Shankly”
3.   “I Know It’s Over”
4.   “Never Had No One Ever”
5.   “Cemetry Gates”
6.   “Bigmouth Strikes Again”
7.   “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side”
8.   “Vicar In A Tutu”
9.   “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”
10. “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others”

Disc Two: Additional Recordings
1.   “The Queen Is Dead” (Full Version)
2.   “Frankly, Mr. Shankly” (Demo)
3.   “I Know It’s Over” (Demo)
4.   “Never Had No One Ever” (Demo)
5.   “Cemetry Gates” (Demo)
6.   “Bigmouth Strikes Again” (Demo)
7.   “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others” (Demo)
8.   “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side” (Demo Mix)
9.   “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” (Take 1)
10. “Rubber Ring” (B-side)
11. “Asleep” (B-side)
12. “Money Changes Everything” (B-side)
13. “Unloveable” (B-side)

Tracks 1-7 and 9 are previously unreleased.
Track 8 was released on 7″ for Record Store Day.
Tracks 10 and 11 are 2017 masters of  b-sides from The Boy With The Thorn In His Side.
Tracks 12 and 13 are 2017 masters of  b-sides from Bigmouth Strikes Again.

Disc Three: Live In Boston (Previously Unreleased)
1.   “How Soon Is Now?”
2.   “Hand In Glove”
3.   “I Want The One I Can’t Have”
4.   “Never Had No One Ever”
5.   “Stretch Out And Wait”
6.   “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side”
7.   “Cemetry Gates”
8.   “Rubber Ring/What She Said/Rubber Ring”
9.   “Is It Really So Strange?”
10. “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”
11. “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore”
12. “The Queen Is Dead”
13. “I Know It’s Over”

Recorded at the Great Woods Center For The Performing Arts on August 5, 1986.


The Queen Is Dead on 96kHz / 24-bit PCM stereo
The Queen is Dead – A Film by Derek Jarman

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Isn’t it great when you buy a collectors box like this, only to find out a month or so later, that its worth half of what you paid for it?
The great rock’n roll swindle…

Kevin Galliford

Is anyone else having problems with Amazon delivery? For the last 3 months l’ve been having problems with either very late or non existant deliveries, To be fair Amazon customer service have been very good resending stuff & refunding postage but that’s not the point, their courier service has gone way downhill to the extent that I consider them no longer reliable!


I have had a complete noghtmare with amazon deliveries this week. I got an email from them on thursday stating item was delivered to my house in person (funny, as i was out at work all day), when i got home, a card had been put thru door saying left in wheelie bin. When i checked, nothing was there (and bin was full to top of rubbish anyway).
I was fobbed off on live chat who said the card was wrong and the parcel would arrive within another 24 hours. Didn’t turn up so iwent back on the live chat. They said to wait another 24 hours for an update. I got an email later saying was delivered to resident at my address (??) i got back on live chat saying what bull***t this was, and after half an hour or so wasted on messages they finslly refunded the £50 order.
I will never trust amazon couriers again.


not sure where to put this but


REM Automatic for the people Deluxe Cd edition just dropped mEGA from about pounds 75 to 47


Had a bit of a Morrissey esque quoting moan at Amazon for these two combined sets nearly £50 cheaper than my pre order from July 2017 and they rather kindly allowed me to return my originals for a full refund and allowed me to order them again at the lower price – even sent me the postage return labels for free ! No wonder they have taken over the world


‘The Queen is Dead’ box, the Donald Fagen box, and the yet to be released Miles Davis Bootleg Series, Vol. 6 all for less than £49.00, with the additional BigThanks £10.00 discount. A bargain!

Many thanks for the tip off!

Peter Muscutt

Agree with the other comments – too good a price to say no, really. I was holding on to see what the vinyl box set did price-wise, but the convenience of playing this in the car as well as the extra DVD swung it. Can anyone confirm if the Derek Jarman film is a documentary or is just a music video he directed?


That’s me sorted. Got standard version in French 3×2 and vinyl SDE last week and now this which I was hovering around at the £24 mark so all good and my own little SDE


I ordered this from Amazon.co.uk but looking at the tracking info on my Amazon account, it’s actually being sent from Italy!

Kevin Galliford

Brilliant purchase for the price. The 3rd time of buying this only cost me £12.49 after my VAT got taken off. I can remember laughing out loud at some of the lyrics listening to it walking back to school after buying the cassette of it & it’s still amazing all these years later. The only problem with all these amazing boxsets is having the time to digest all the content!! I’m still working my way through the “Urban Hymns” one I bought myself before Christmas.

Justin Isbell

Thanks Paul. Ordered the Smiths set, plus The Fall 3xCD Singles set, the Skids Virgin Years box set and the new First Aid Kit CD… all for just under £52 (and with a pound off for no rush postage). I’ve been after the Skids set for over a year but didn’t want to part with £20 but the £10 off made it very easy :-)

Justin Isbell

Just realised I’ve ordered 14 discs… and I’ve still not opened all of my Christmas sets. I must start hiding them from my wife or she might think my buying is getting compulsive :-)

Tony Orwell

just to balance the amazon bashing i had a delivery today of 8 items, all mint and perfect, the two smiths box sets has their own bespoke packaging and all the others came in the amazon oversize mailers. I have spent at least £2k a-hem (The wife might be reading this) with amazon on records in the last year and never had anything arrive without any packaging at all so i might be lucky! Thanks for the £10 voucher as well, out three dogs amazon accounts have just been dusted off.


I’ve always received well packaged items from Amazon – no damage. Of course I’ve cursed it now! I’m very sorry for all the people who have been disappointed with battered items, I’ve been reading the stories with horror. These box sets ain’t cheap and you expect them to arrive undamaged. Sounds like we’ve both been lucky!

Robert Atkin

I just had the first two Residents reissues delivered today from Amazon. Both loose and still in the cellophane. Luckily no damage. I rang them to say received as was advised delivered two days ago on the tracking. I got 50% of the money back. First time no packaging. I suspect delivered to a neighbou and they binned the packaging and posted to my door. Worse, delivered by the Royal Mail “as is”. I shall have deliveries to a collection point in the future.


Just brought the LP set last week, at this price had to order the CD set too
Thanks for the heads up


Likewise Giovanni. Happy days :-)

Neil Kelly

Yes i’m another who couldn’t pass this up. Silly money. So what price did it launch at?


Promotional code applies to music preorders too if anyone wondered about that.

Just ordered the Marillion “Brave” and Jethro Tull “Heavy Horses” cd-sets for GBP 49 (including GBP 3 for p&p to Germany) or less because the pre-order price guarantee seems to be valid for this too.


Amazing stuff! Thanks Paul, such a great price!!


Meant to add I also got the Joshua Tree boxset (as well as Queen is Dead CD/DVD box set) plus the £10 Amazon discount you told us about. I’m a happy bunny! Thanks.

Jeff G.

Couldn’t pass this one up.


Ordering from Canada? The price falls to £12.49 (+£3.08 postage + £1.90 Import Fees Deposit) = £17.47 total.

Andrew L

Actually it’s over £50

Andrew L

There’s £10 off orders £50 or over on Amazon today only !


I’m going to see a Smiths tribute band on Saturday, so felt obliged to buy this given the price!

Gary C

which one?


The Smyths.


I first saw them about 10 years ago. A really well-drilled band who perfectly nail the sound of The Smiths

Gary C

oh yes, saw them in camden a few years back. I saw the Jones’s last year, lot of fun and a great atmosphere….bit chaotic music wise but charming nonetheless

Marr's Plectrum

Cheers! Ordered! Don’t tell the wife!


This month has taught me one thing, not to buy things on release, wait a few months and it’ll be reduced. I’m expecting to nab Queen’s ‘News of the World 40th’ box for less than £60 by the summer!


Problem is you never know if it will get rare or sitting in the shelves.

Kevin M


Certainly still sitting on HMV shelves that I see, including today, despite being in their markdown sale for weeks now. It doesn’t seem to be shifting even with a price slash. I hope the companies see that with stuff like this, and the also price slashed quickly Bowie box, they’re gonna have to do better.

Even people with a decent disposable income have standards and principals, and many I think, want better deluxes than these stiffs, and the forthcoming Roxy Music shambles. Sorry to be a grump, but I do really think that.

eric slangen

Just ordered, thanks


Wow! What a bargain! Had to grab it

Bob Preston

Thanks Paul, grabbed it at that price .

Neil McL

Cheers Paul will go with the vinyl box I got yesterday


Proof you can’t flog any old rubbish to the faithful any more. Take heed!

Kevin M

Not rubbish, but not good enough, according to many Smiths collectors I’ve read discussing it.


Yes, I was unduly sharp in my language there, I accept that. The material itself is, inevitably, very good but it’s deliberately incomplete and the DVD is ridiculous. If they’d packaged it like the “Purple Rain” reissue and charged the same price, they’d have got away with it. Such as it is, they’re having to sell it off at less than half the original price. Money changes everything indeed…