Deal alert / The Who: Live at Leeds 3LP

The Who / Live at Leeds 3LP deluxe vinyl – £22

The Who‘s celebrated gig at Leeds University on 14 Feb 1970. This half-speed mastered triple vinyl features the complete 33-track set in the order it was played on the night. Limited quantity available at this great price from the SDE shop.

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David Parker

Where does one find the download code in the packaging?

Alan Mitchell

Never got into this band. I have Tommy on cd i think. So anyway at this price i thought I’d take a punt, £22 for a triple LP is a bargain (Paisley Park take note yer robbing gits).


But it doesn’t have the original inserts! Original ephemera roolz!,

David Parker

Arrived today. Great service. Thanks.


I’ve got the original and a question to ask anybody that can help, I bought it in a small record shop in Southsea in 1991, it has the stamp with Track 2406 001 on the front on the inside fold printed is Track Record (logo), stereo record on mono details, then Designed by Graphreaks, Manufactured by Polydor Records Ltd London, Printed and made by MacNeill Press Ltd. London S.E.1
The question I have is from what I’ve seen is that there were three colour types (Black,Red and Blue) for this release but the one I have got is a deep Maroon, on the front cover and inside text. All the printed bits are with it and the record has A#1 and B#1 on the run outs.
I’ve tried looking online for this colour version but haven’t found anything, any answers would be very much appreciated. : )


Great price for a great album. I would have jumped on that deal but already have the Deluxe double CD and the original album on vinyl LP.

For people who don’t already own that album, go for it, it’s a must have and a superb deal. You won’t regret it.


This look good although for CD fans I believe it had nothing new waiting for the “Who’s Next? “Box wonder if we will see it next year?

Terry M

Many thanks for the notification Paul, just ordered it.

Neil Potter

I’ll admit this will be my first ever The Who vinyl and I’m the wrong side of 50!
There’s a first for everything and therefore hoping to be enlightened :)


Cheers for that. Wanted the full concert for a while. £22 was too good to pass.

Paul Mortimer

I have always considered the original album one of my two favourite live LPs of all time – the other one is the matchless ‘Too Late To Stop Now” by Van the Man.

Never owned Live at Leeds – ‘cos my (twin) bro was the one who collected the Who albums (just as I always got the Van LPs).

But I have nabbed a copy of this fabulous triple! Yesss! I know I will have a jealous brother. Time he grew up; it really is getting on for 50 years since he had this one over me!


Does it come with a download code, please?


Thanks Paul, have ordered a copy :-)

David Parker

Thanks for this…just ordered :)


Odd this “deluxe” version pretty much loses the entire bootleg vibe and doesn’t . But it’s a good price for a great pressing and proceeds go to a good cause (SDE).

If I didn’t already have one (us several other editions of this album), I’d jump on this offer!

Christopher Merritt

Ordered – great price (even if the shipping to US almost doubles it… But pretty sure this 3-LP version is Europe only, so…)


Wow, how could I resist? Thanks for this wonderful offer! ;)

Neil Bailey

Having had a battered original version of this album with no outer sleeve this grabbed my attention. And with all the extra tracks and packaging it has got to be a bargain. So ordered, and thanks for the deal


Ordered (together with the Flowers in the Dirt booklet :-)

Leo Lotti



Great album. Bought it late last year from my local indie shop. Cost a bit more than it does here but I don’t mind if it all goes to help real record shops survive. Highly recommended.

Ryan Frost

Completely unrelated, but I see retailers are taking orders for the second Def Leppard box set. Forgive me if I missed it, but I don’t recall the second box being mentioned on this site…?

Anyway, great work!

Kevin S

It’s a really good pressing….if I didn’t already have it I’d be in like a shot.


I always considered I had this absolute classic live album. Just checked my “original” bought in the 70’s to find though it has a whole load of fascinating facsimile paper and photos, BUT only 6 tracks (no Tommy) on just the one vinyl disc! Needless to say I’ve just dived in and bought this complete 33 track version and can’t wait to hear the full set for the first time ever. Thanks for the heads up Paul.