Deal alert / The Who: My Generation super deluxe edition box set

Superb price in the UK right now for the recent super deluxe edition box set of The Who‘s 1965 album My Generation.

The five-disc set delivers a wealth of material, including unreleased songs, recently discovered album demos and new stereo mixes. The discs are packaged in an 80-page book which features new notes from Pete Townshend. This slots into an outer slipcase. It’s just less than £40 which is an almost half the original price!

CD1: Original album (mono mixes)  

  1. Out In The Street
  2. I Don’t Mind
  3. The Good’s Gone
  4. La-La-La Lies
  5. Much Too Much
  6. My Generation
  7. The Kids Are Alright
  8. Please, Please, Please
  9. It’s Not True
  10. I’m A Man
  11. A Legal Matter
  12. The Ox
  • Originally released 1965
  • Re-mastered 2016

CD2: Original album (new stereo mixes)

  1. Out In The Street
  2. I Don’t Mind
  3. The Good’s Gone
  4. La-La-La Lies
  5. Much Too Much
  6. My Generation
  7. The Kids Are Alright
  8. Please, Please, Please
  9. It’s Not True
  10. I’m A Man
  11. A Legal Matter
  12. The Ox

Previously unreleased on CD or vinyl. Released on iTunes 2014.

Remixed by the band in 2014 – Pete used exactly the same guitars and amps as the original album, Roger used same type of microphone.

Recorded at Pete’s home studio and Yellowfish Studio.

CD3: Mono mixes – bonus tracks

  1. I Can’t Explain
  2. Bald Headed Woman
  3. Daddy Rolling Stone
  4. Leaving Here
  5. Lubie, Come Back Home
  6. Shout And Shimmy
  7. (Love Is Like A) Heatwave
  8. Motoring
  9. Anytime You Want Me
  10. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
  11. Instant Party Mixture
  12. Circles
  13. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (French EP Mix)
  14. Out In the Street (Alt guitar break)
  15. Out In the Street (Alt early vocal)
  16. I Don’t Mind (Full Length)
  17. The Good’s Gone (Full Length)
  18. My Generation (Alt version)
  19. I’m A Man (V2 – Early vocal)
  20. Daddy Rolling Stone (alt. take)
  21. Lubie (Alt Mix)
  22. Shout And Shimmy (Alt mix)
  23. Circles (Alt Mix)
  •  Tracks 1–12 originally released 1965-1966. Reissued 2002.
  • Tracks 13-23 remixed in 2000, previously unreleased
  • Re-mastered 2016

CD4: Stereo mixes – bonus tracks

  1. Out In The Street (Alt – Take 1)
  2. I Don’t Mind (Full Length Version)
  3. The Good’s Gone (Full Length Version)
  4. My Generation (Instrumental Version)
  5. The Kids Are Alright (Alt – Take 1)
  6. I Can’t Explain
  7. Bald Headed Woman
  8. Daddy Rolling Stone
  9. Daddy Rolling Stone (Alt version)
  10. Leaving Here
  11. Lubie, Come Back Home
  12. Shout And Shimmy
  13. (Love Is Like A) Heatwave
  14. Motoring
  15. Anytime You Want Me
  16. Instant Party Mixture
  17. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
  18. Circles (New Mix)
  19. Daddy Rolling Stone (Alt Take B – New Mix)
  20. Out In The Street (Alt Take 2)
  21. I’m A Man (Alt – New Mix)
  • Tracks 1-17 previously unreleased on CD or vinyl. Released on iTunes 2014.
  • Tracks 18-21 previously unreleased.
  • Re-mastered 2016

CD5: The Demos

  1. My Generation (V 3)
  2. My Generation (V 2 – fragment)
  3. The Girls I Could’ve Had
  4. It’s Not True
  5. As Children We Grew
  6. Legal Matter
  7. Sunrise (V 1)
  8. Much Too Much
  9. My Own Love
  10. La-La-La- Lies
  11. The Good’s Gone

CD5: The Demos  

  • Track 1 previously released as 45 rpm flexi-disc with ‘Maximum R&B’ book (re-mastered 2016)
  • Tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, & 11 previously unreleased demo versions
  • Tracks 3, 5, & 9 previously unreleased songs – ‘The Girls I Could Have Had’, ‘As Children We Grew’, ‘My Own Love’
  • Track 10 previously released on ‘Scoop’ (re-mastered 2016)

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£72.98 on Amazon UK. 25th September – not “just less than £40”! I’d probably buy it if it was less than £40, but not £73 for a 50+ years old album (that’s not the Beatles!!)


Cheers Paul

Nigel Croft

Got this puppy in the post yesterday – 51 bucks including postage! Thanks for the heads up Paul.

Noel Fitzsimons

Thanks ever so much for this alert. Another great bargain.

Still thrilled with the Human League – Anthology. I find as I did with the recent Marc Almond & Bowie box sets on Amazon – if you get in right at the start before the actual release – one can make considerable savings.

But its all thanks & high praise to SDE : Deal Alert !!

N Fitz

Leo Wubbolt

I ordered this Cd-box about a month ago at an earlier Deal Alert. There is only one big thing wrong with this box, which is the sound quality. Awful sounding pressings, blurry, noisy with no musical detail. A pity, the contents are musts-to-have. I regret I bought it. I should mention that in my possesion already were the ‘My Generation SACD” and their ”My Generation SHM-CD UICY-93533/4 pressed in Japan. Comparing these releases with this new 5-CD box arises the question : Why couldn’t Universal get the job done ?

Robert Styles

Thanks muchlyPaul. I have just ordered a copy from Amazon U.K.

John Ireland

Thanks. I just had to bag this


Thank you I was waiting for this drop for months. Now if it drops again don’t tell me! Apart from the double deluxe, I treasure the Virgin LP I bought in 1981

Andy S

Thanks Paul! This somewhat makes up for me missing the Rush super deluxe deal the other day…


Got one cheers Paul


Can;t beat this – still 111 dollars in Amazon USA – only 52 dollars shipped on Amazon UK!! Thank You


If this was a Roger and Pete scheme to intercept Sgt Pepper dollars, well…IT’S BRILLIANT AND IT ABSOLUTELY WORKED.

Smoking deal, in for one.


Thanks. Just got the deal.

Paolo Meccano

Still too pricey for me. I already have the mono CD and the unadulterated stereo mixes of the previous deluxe edition, so I can’t justify spending fifty-odd quid for three discs. Let me know if it drops another twenty pounds…

eric slangen

ordered, thanks Paul.

The Lou Reed vinyl box 1 is also just 68 euro.

Kai Karkkainen

Couldn’t resist this… Thank you Paul!

Dave H

Also a good price on Amazon Italy is the Bob Dylan 1966 live box set. Around £72 at time of writing 1:28pm GMT 17/2/17.

Graham Gardner

Grabbed! Cheers for the heads up Paul.

Mark W

Went for the triple vinyl edition that came out this month, as it had all I wanted (apart from the book). It has the mono album, assorted mono tracks (singles, b sides etc) on disc two, and Pet’s demos on disc three. I didn’t want the stereo mixes with them adding overdubs 50 years later!


Bought the set through Amazon Italy using the log in details to my UK account. £59.80 including postage, a bargain!