Deal alert / T’Pau: The Virgin Anthology

Fantastic price right now in the UK for the recent T’Pau The Virgin Anthology four-CD deluxe book set.

This set was issued in March and brings together rare single edits and remixes from the band’s heyday, demo versions and remastered and expanded versions of albums Rage and The Promise. It comes with a 52-page book, with intro from Carol Decker and notes by Sylvia Patterson.

It’s just £24 at the time of writing, which is tremendous value.

CD 1

1 Heart And Soul (Single Version)
2 China In Your Hand (Single Version)
3 Valentine
4 Sex Talk (Live / Scottish Centre, UK / 1987)
5 I Will Be With You
6 Bridge Of Spies (US Single Edit)
7 Secret Garden
8 Road To Our Dream (Edit)
9 Only The Lonely (Guitar Remix)
10 Whenever You Need Me (Single Version)
11 Walk On Air
12 Soul Destruction (Remix / Edit)
13 Only A Heartbeat (Single Edit)

CD 2
1 Bridge Of Spies (AOR Mix)
2 Arms Of Love (Canadian Remix)
3 Running Away (Canadian Remix)
4 Island (Canadian Remix)
5 Only The Lonely (Nightmare Mix)
6 Whenever You Need Me (Extended)
7 Whenever You Need Me (Requiem Mix)
8 Soul Destruction (Remix)
9 Soul Destruction (Heavy Bliss Mix)
10 Heart And Soul (Demo)
11 I Will Be With You (Demo)
12 Soul Destruction (Demo)
13 Whenever You Need Me (Demo)
14 Only A Heartbeat (Demo)
15 The Promise (Demo)

CD 3 – Rage (expanded)
1 Arms Of Love
2 Only The Lonely
3 Running Away
4 Between The Lines
5 Road To Our Dream
6 Island
7 Heaven
8 Taking Time Out
9 Secret Garden
10 Time Will Tell
11 This Girl

Bonus tracks

12 Time Of Our Lives (Live)
13 Call Me
14 Road To Our Dream (Instrumental)
15 Crying
16 You Never Notice Me (Live)
17 Downtown (Live)

CD 4 – The Promise (expanded)
1 Soul Destruction
2 Whenever You Need Me
3 Walk On Air
4 Made Of Money
5 Hold On To Love
6 Strange Place
7 One Direction
8 Only A Heartbeat
9 The Promise
10 A Place In My Heart
11 Man And Woman
12 Purity

Bonus tracks

13 All The Love
14 Dirty Town
15 Hold On To Love (Acoustic Version)

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Bought a sealed copy today for € 10,00 at a Dutch Record Fair.

Tom M Hans

Mine was delivered a few days back in the US. Listened to the first disc so far…. BRICKWALLED to death. Atrocious. Anyone else unhappy?


Well i have only one Tpau CD. Maybe its time to buy this anthology


I think defending Amazon is the undefensible personally…


I bought that T’pau and even though it was sealed when i received it two of the discs had big scratches on them. Regarding HMV i would rather use them over Amazon but they are seriously bad for not having preorders compared to Amazon and also lately i have noticed their delivery times have got worse where before i was getting new releases on their release date on a Friday in the post now they are not appearing till the Monday or the Tuesday the following week.

John Archbell

Fantastic bargain! Ordered

Paul English

Thanks Paul – I appreciate the heads-up. Ordered to my Parcel Motel account (Northern Ireland address) so that circumvents the no overseas shipping.


Can’t be sent to France,shame…
Lucky uk people


Great – it drops in price after I have already bought it pre-order. AGH!

Mike the Fish

That’s a bit disingenuous to put down HMV when Amazon’s own direct price is the same.

Mike the Fish

You could have said it was double the Amazon direct price. Please forgive me if I’m wrong, I just get a bit cynical as I suspect you’re on associate status with Amazon, and we so rarely see notification of deals from HMV, who as far as I’m aware are not according hundreds of millions of pounds in tax. But I could be wrong.

Mike the Fish


Mike the Fish

Fair enough. Thanks for discussing this more civilly than maybe I was.


“Sorry, this Seller doesn’t deliver to Australia”


But Amazon occasionally price-match ‘3rd party’ sellers, so fingers crossed for this one!

DJ Control

Not shipping O/S unfortunately…

Rob Iles

£23 with postage – Now we are talking!
Thanks Paul, I now have this ordered to add with last years Bridge of Spies!

For those confused because Amazon showing as £39.99 …. if you click underneath on New from £22.73 (or on mobile Other New/Used – you will see this fantastic price!